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  1. The few times I've ever been in a Conn's, that's been my experience also.
  2. +1 to this also. As a motorcycle rider, I've had more than my fair share of close calls with people talking on cell phones while driving, including one with a co-worker less than a block from work. Yes, he got an earful when we got into the parking garage.
  3. For the most part, the landscaping is finished. They were painting the top parking surface earlier this morning. We received an email from building management yesterday saying we could start parking there on December 1st. It seems to be in it's finished state now. Too bad the giant grid was left off. It did look better.
  4. League City & Sharpstown are the two being closed here.
  5. He also pretended to be a latex salesman for Vandelay Industries. Vandelay Industries
  6. Lost?! Man, must have been a really tough contest. That Scream carving looks great.
  7. Importer\exporter & latex salesman.
  8. Kenny Bania - he's a time slot hit.
  9. "He's like a Svenjolly"
  10. My screen name references the fact that I've lived in Houston twice. I lived here in the 70s, moved shortly after I graduated in 1980. I lived in the old apartment building on the corner of Smith & Tuam. For those of you who were here back then, you may remember it being a ghost town compared to now. There was nothing across the street in either direction and only a Baby Giant next door. Beyond that, it was desolate headed into downtown. Plenty of boarded up buildings and empty lots. Once you did get downtown, there was nothing to do if it was after five. Truthfully, not much to do any time. After dark, it was all but shut down. I worked second shift, so I was home by 10:30 every night. I would ride my bicycle around downtown nearly every night. Not much to see other than the boarded up Rice Hotel or watching the presses printing the Chronicle. For a late night meal, I'd ride over to Shipley's on West Gray for chicken fried steak. Needless to say, living here now, the entire downtown area is unrecognizable from when I lived here before. Movies, restaurants, parks, bars, shopping, Minute Maid Park, Toyota Center, high rise apartments, light rail, etc. It's an amazing transformation. Even my old apartment building has been remodeled. I used to park my motorcycle inside the front door so that I didn't have to leave it outside. No front door now. ? I expect the development to slow down of course and these are going to be tough times financially for a while. However, I can't imagine a decline into the state it was in when I lived here before.
  11. He's competeing against Lloyd Braun. *ding* - just sold another computer!
  12. Yes, there will be a connection. I haven't been down in the basement floor in a while. It may be finished already.
  13. Interesting. I'm looking at it right now and only realized it was gone after you mentioned it. That grid piece wasn't up there very long. You're right, it would be better looking than the plain structure. There is already landscaping being done, so I assume the thing is near completion.
  14. We lost our Thursday night motorcycle hang-out. Maybe this will be a worthy replacement. I still ride out to Austin occasionally to see Fai and eat at the other Ming's.
  15. ESPN anchor Hannah Storm also spent a few years working in Houston.
  16. Westbury Square took a big hit during Ike. Interior sections that looked as though they had been boarded-up for several years are now exposed. It's tear-down for sure now (not that it wasn't already). The clock portion of the Westbury Centerette sign was blown off during Ike also.
  17. Yeah, that's some very poor Photoshop work on removing the streets.
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