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  1. Outfield Dan's campaign of intimidation (I kid, I kid!) seems to be working already...took the kids there last night and no one was playing basketball, plus a police cruiser came by. Still some "shady types" hanging about. I actually take my kids there quite a bit and haven't had any problems other than occasional language drifting over from the courts and seen guys lighting them up in their cars. That being said, I'd be all for taking down the nets - I'd be annoyed if I lived in the immediate area about all the activity. My peeve is all the couples who go there to grope each other on the benches in front of the kids...really?
  2. No, it's at Harvard and around 23rdish - just to the NE of Hamilton. Hamilton still has its football field.
  3. HPD is at 713-884-3131. A call to the Heights Storefront is probably in order, too (during the day).
  4. If you go E on 11th and turn S on Maxroy you can get there by taking back streets.
  5. I plan on cleaning out my garage...trust me, that's major
  6. Guineas in Sunset Heights....
  7. http://swamplot.com/the-realtor-and-the-mi...03-06/#comments I guess she could still pursue a write-in candidacy? Ouch....
  8. Also, as to why the biker might be "in the middle of the road" - even when there is a dedicated bike lane the edge of the road is frequently full of debris and very dangerous hazards such as drainage grates. Nothing worse than dropping your front tire into an expansion joint. I'm happy to ride on the shoulder/edge but if the condition of the road warrants it then I'm moving out. Bike lanes need regular sweeping in order to be useable.
  9. I have it on good authority that it's going to be a pub. Based on the owner's other establishments, it should be very unpretentious.
  10. I like it too. Most importantly, it's BYOB - I don't think they even charged us a corkage fee the times we've been in there.
  11. Well, glad that works out for you RS, but I suspect you're the outlier here. Personally, I've never had a job that would get me home in 15 minutes - and I don't get off at 5 anyway.
  12. Does she really? Honest question - I'd always assumed it's just a matter of time until a good Hispanic candidate knocked her out.
  13. See above, just PM Heights Yankee
  14. It's a message board on Big Tent with mostly got stuff about play groups, schools, etc. but if you want on PM and I can get you the signup info.
  15. Doesn't the Chamber put on the events on 20th? I think they've coordinated with HPD on some issues in the past. I don' t have a dog in this fight, but they don't seem all bad.
  16. From the Heights Kids group: "We, along with my neighbors, were burglarized yesterday. Luckily, they didn't take much (probably because there isn't much to take
  17. 20th and Arlington. They do it onsite, I think.
  18. I just heard 14th and Alexander and their neighbors got robbed yesterday...
  19. 20thStDad doesn't use 20th St Discount Cleaners? Owner is super nice and they've worked with us on the occasional dry cleaning issues - which seem to be inevitable regardless of where I've been.
  20. That sounds like the story that was floating in the Heights Kids group that Heights Yankee was referencing (mom's house, 12th street...). I think that was a different guy. The guy we're looking for had an accomplice in a white SUV.
  21. I rode the trail from 26th down to Yale yesterday. I noticed that between around Waverly on the West and Yale on the east that they've graded the railroad bed and also a separate path across the ditch to the North. Are they planning on extending 7th street west from Yale?
  22. Anybody been to this one? http://www.chlhoustontx.com/Indoor_Range.html As far as Red Scare's neighbor, I'd always heard that he caters to LE-only...
  23. I highly recommend Cory Logan, http://www.corylogandds.com - his office is right across from the AIG building on Waugh.
  24. Sweet Temptations on Airline. Opened by some brothers that worked for the Mandola's. Anyone been here yet? http://www.houseintheheights.com/
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