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  1. Yes, I've driven by the Heights on I-10 and I fail to see the appeal...
  2. I'm guessing that I wouldn't act favorably either if someone in a 3000 lb vehicle rolled their window down and tried to explained to me why they "thought" I was doing the wrong thing as they veered around on the road either. Over a beer...sure. I could explain why I think you're wrong about your example with the way to handle a red light, but I doubt I could do it in under a minute. You want to fly formation with me while I do it? Think the drivers behind you are going to like that? Think that's safe?
  3. Didn't we do this already? http://www.houstonarchitecture.com/haif/in...5&hl=modern
  4. Is there a map showing the density of lawyers?
  5. How about talking to the couple in the house with the community garden next to their house at about 16th and Yale? They're super-friendly...if you PM me I think I can get their names/contact info for you.
  6. Why does their trailer have New Mexico plates? Some kind of tax dodge?
  7. Where was the ladder originally? Did they have to break in and get it?
  8. What is a New Orleans style snowball? It's got alchohol in it?!
  9. Isn't marble kind of porous? Doesn't sound good for countertops. Slate is probably too soft/flaky.
  10. The second one. It has no alibi.
  11. It's listed on his website. Eeesh. Rethinking... My neighbor (a big "name" guy in the hood) had signs up for Ed and is listed on his website. Confusingly, he now has signs up in his yard for Maverick.
  12. Anyone seen the new construction on 8th, I think, a block W of Yale? Some builder I've never heard of, on a slab with weird dimensions. Plus it's built on a old boatyard that I heard the other developers in the area wouldn't touch beacuse of the soil test results.
  13. Do you have to have voted in the initial election to vote in the runoff? I, er, have a friend who, uh, didn't vote in the first round.
  14. I think the name is something like "The Drinkery" or something, and is supposed to be pub-ish. From the guys who opened The Corkscrew. Looking forward to it, too.
  15. FIFY. Seriously, though, sorry to hear you had another incident and I'm not trying to be flippant, just raising a possibility.
  16. Don't think you need a variance for that? I thought unless it was over 8 feet or masonry, you don't even need permits.
  17. Last news I heard onthe building that went in there. It's still closed last time I went by there: http://swamplot.com/available-soon-dashed-...aks/2009-02-18/
  18. I used to live on Waverly and have always thought that Swift&Company building is neat. I bet the view from the top is great. What kind of refining would they have done there? Sugar?
  19. Personally I'm not thrilled about the planned ramps
  20. Anyone seen crews working on this lately? I haven't notice any additions in the last few months. Even if the bridges are going to take awhile I wish they'd complete the other sections. I can live without the bollards and traffic control if they'd complete the E-W section between Yale and Waverly.
  21. Swamplot is blowing up on this one: http://swamplot.com/the-city-runaround-and...4-23/#more-8487
  22. We try to walk around when the weather is nice. Try escorting a 4 year olds across Yale anywhere between 14th and 19th during rush hour or on a Saturday. It can get pretty exciting...
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