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  1. It's annoying how the news cites everything from Richmond to 1960 as "The Heights". Thanks for the updates.
  2. I've never been motivated enough to go get my CHL, but thread-hijacking is a serious crime. I'm signing up.
  3. The news crawl on Fox yesterday morning had something about an attempted robbery with shots fired in the Heights, apparently a man in his driveway. I haven't heard anything about it, anyone know what happened?
  4. Confused. You want a Best Buy in the Kroger shopping center on 20th?
  5. Zombie Apocalypse plan is reinstated.
  6. I understand that they have this type of restaurant in Atlanta and that they're very successful.
  7. Another crew was working on 18th between Shepherd and Durham on Wednesday. Same film? In a related note, there was a ton of police activity that evening in the area....cruisers flying by and the helicopter. Anyone know what was going on?
  8. We went there for breakfast Sunday morning. They were working out some kinks and seemed a little overwhelmed, but I enjoyed the food and the atmosphere. I had a very good veggie omelette and helped out with some pancakes (wow, good pancakes).
  9. The strip center/house project won the Heights Association Commercial Community Improvement Award last Sunday. The guys from APD gave some interesting details on it and gave a touching tribute to a friend of theirs who was involved in the project and had passed away. Kind of shocking to find out tonite that they were probably talking about Carl Sims - if you knew him even as casually as I did you probably liked him, too.
  10. Are you referring to the Milroy House? http://farm1.static.flickr.com/245/455343732_155ab87675.jpg I seem to remember it being one of the 3 original Heights houses left or something (built in the first batch, not original homes to the lot).
  11. Dangit, there goes my plan for the Zombie Apocalypse (hole up in Jake's with fine wine and cheese).
  12. Well, dang, that was nice....for a day: http://swamplot.com/if-wishes-were-museums-dont-give-up-on-that-immanuel-lutheran-church-demolition-just-yet/2010-02-15/ Can someone arrange for some dozer time for the Board over there? I think they just want to smash something.
  13. Looked like they were filming at the house at 916 Arlington, the crew and equipment was gone yesterday afternoon...
  14. Saw the equipment on Arlington yesterday afternoon and a teaser on Fox Houston, but didn't see anything on their website. What are they filming there?
  15. It's gotta be on the S side. CBS Outdoors demo'd part of their building and rebuilt further away from the freeway in preparation for that, I think. Plus they can tie into the existing off-ramp at Taylor.
  16. There was talk of using it for commuter rail, but not light rail.
  17. Here's a pic from the tree when it was alive (from Google)
  18. In a sad conjunction with the happenings at Immanuel Lutheran, a huge pine tree at the opposite end of the block died this fall - I'm guessing it was some kind of combination of the dry conditions this past summer and pine beetles. They finally took the tree down in the last few weeks. If you get a chance, check out the poignant note someone wrote on the stump when you pass by. We were trying to figure out the age of the tree (the stump is probably 4' in diameter) by counting the rings. Towards the middle there are wide lighter rings with a wide dark ring, but towards the outer edge there is a wider light ring followed by an extremely narrow dark ring. Is the combination of the two one year or are they each distinct years? It looks like the tree was around 100 years old if it's the combination... Check it out if you get a chance, and admire the remaining pine tree in the middle of the block which is just as big. Hat tip to the builder/homeowner of that lot who built around the tree.
  19. Sorry, not trying to be pedantic, she's just fairly well known in the neighborhood and thought it might be a draw for some people. Do you have any pics from your childhood of the neighborhood, H2B? That would be interesting...
  20. We saw a bulbul at 20th and Harvard today. It seemed to get along with some sparrows in a jasmine plant. What's the implication of the "invasive" tag?
  21. Anne Sloan, I think. The book and a companion postcard set are available at Walgreen's on 20th.
  22. During the HHA meeting last night it was announced that the sale was completed that morning. The city is dedicating $50,000 in proceeds to the preservation of Immanuel Lutheran, if that can be arranged with the church.
  23. I know during the Home Tour this Sat a house caught on fire in the 800 block of Arlington - the docents called it into HFD. They smelled an "electrical smell" prior to spotting the smoke.
  24. I know the odds are slim, but if anyone knows a couple with the first names of Michael and Joy please PM me. I'm guessing Joy's car was broken into because some personal items of hers that I think she'd probably like returned were thrown into my yard.
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