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  1. I gotta take some better pics - some of you almost seem to like it. I'm not against modern architecture, but this building is horrid.
  2. OTH, it might be nice to see them add some more upscale shops to the 11th/Shepherd area.
  3. I heard that house was very popular. I haven't seen the inside of it, but I sure like it more than all the Tricon ones going up. Harry James, Ostlind Thomas, and Allegro also do some nice Victorian-exterior homes.
  4. Just west of Sage, I think, between Richmond and Westheimer is a "luxury" high-rise. No balconies....few windows. Me no likey.
  5. You might take a look at SC Designs (http://www.scdesignllc.com/). Most of their stuff lately has seemed a bit more mixed modern, but they have done some nice Victorians. One of their principals was involved with Sterling, who built a lot of nice looking Victorian reproductions in the early 90's.
  6. Here are some. I walked by it on Saturday with my kids - it made them cry but I managed to take some pictures. Sorry for the poor quality of my cellphone camera. Any possibility that this is some kind of garage? The dumpster parked out in front had a lot of carpet padding that appeared to be from the house on the left. Maybe some collector or hobbyist bought the house and wanted a big, cheap garage?
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