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  1. I don't think so, WLN is a good idea but I think it started because all the Katrina refugees brought the idea over from NO. Seems like the Heights Street Festival was just as big, though my memory may be playing tricks. Totally different crowd, of course. The "old" part of 19th seems to have been relatively stable over the years with most of the growth coming from the "new" part west of Ashland.
  2. Went into Cricket's the other day, and it's been sold to a group including Scott Tycer from Kraftsmen. I talked to the new owner/manager and talked for awhile. He said they were looking into a bigger kitchen, more food options , and possibly staying open later.
  3. It looked like three lots to me, just starting construction on the first two.
  4. Saw a TABC notice in the window of the old Harold's in the Heights for "The Heights General Store". Anyone got any info?
  5. http://swamplot.com/selling-a-midblock-modern-blockade-in-the-heights/2012-07-13/#more-43595
  6. Sorry for the relatively fact-free content of this post, but I'm hoping someone with more knowledge on the topic will supply details. I've heard that the City is now denying almost all permits in the historic districts that alter the exterior and even just move interior walls. The company Nine Lights has done some very nice (IMHO) jobs nearby that have taken bungalows and removed almost all the interior walls (reinforcing the structure through the roof) and then adding large additions in the rear. From the street you almost can't tell they've been modified. I hear that the Board feels that these violate the spirit of the Preservation Ordinance and they're denying new permits.
  7. Tiko

    Ghost Tour

    Hmph. Saw the tour go by my house Saturday night: http://ghosttourstexas.com/locations/houston-height/ Take a chilling journey through poor spelling and factual errors if you dare to open....
  8. We've used Carlos Cruz at 713-256-7499 a couple of times. Highly recommended.
  9. Wow, it's going slllllloooooooooooooow.
  10. Still vacant, going on twenty years now? I'm resurrecting this thread in the hopes that one of you internet sleuths can shed some light.
  11. I'd be a little nervous about the bayou...how did it fare during Allison? Timbergrove got nailed just to the South...
  12. Switching carriers might help - I had the same situation with Sprint a few years ago and they let me have free roaming. I live a few blocks north of you. Later I think they upgraded the antennas on the building at 20th and the boulevard and my signal was rock-steady. Lately I switched over to T-Mobile (work phone) and it's a lot shakier.
  13. I don't really have a dog in this fight, but I do know from personal experience where I have seen Walmart pressure entice encourage its drivers to violate regulations or strongarm their suppliers into doing it for them. Just my opinion, but they wouldn't take action against a driver unless it could be traced back to them. I had assumed that their trucks would be taking the road further up the feeder on the West side and not crossing the bridge, but if they're coming from the ship channel area then I guess that doesn't make sense.
  14. So, I saw a flyer up in Jenni's Noodles about the city deeming the Yale Street bridge unsafe and demanding its replacement. Is this a sneak attack on Walmart? http://blog.chron.com/heights/2011/05/yale-bridge-demonstration-planned/
  15. Tiko


    Hey, I was just four years too early. Sad to see Phil's close, too.
  16. It's been a long time, but I used to work in cement construction. My guess is they botched the mix somehow and realized it and had to pull it all up.
  17. I've seen some of SC Design's work (www.scdesignllc.com) and been impressed, they don't list their renovation work on their website but they do it.
  18. So, what does this mean? http://blogs.har.com/774/17370/CITY-COUNCIL-REJECTS-RECOMMENDATION-TO-KEEP-HEIGHTS
  19. The bungalow just up the street just got reduced about 7% and has been for sale for at least six months. The sweet, elderly owner supposedly had a buyer until the yellow signs and Mr. Truxillo's victory flag appeared and the buyer got scared off. The seller is the kind of person who is really getting hurt in this.
  20. Just for reference, what residential area in Houston has better restaurants than the Heights? My recommendation is Calliope's at 2130 Jefferson
  21. There are builders who have learned to work with the HAHC, but now that you have removed the 90-day wait period the HAHC no longer has any incentive to work with them. In the past the HAHC approved a percentage of projects because they knew the builder/homeowner could just wait them out. I expect it to become exponentially more difficult to get approval for anything.
  22. It may have - there are reports that there was an explosion and fireball. If it was some kind of gas situation (and that house had gas lamps, fireplaces, and lots of gas appliances in the very large kitchen), the alarm wouldn't help until ignition.
  23. Bill Baldwin had an example of exactly that in his presentation a month or so ago. He got denied on the column switch.
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