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  1. Used Neolt Architetto Drafting Table for $350 OBO. Size: 43.5"x 72" Drawing and office desk of modern style with easy inclination and vertical motions. Fully detachable. Color: white. With melamine faced board. Slight wear but in excellent condition. Brand new this table sells for $1,148.00. Neolt is the world's most renowned manufacturer of the drafting tables available today. These are Heavy-Duty tables made for professional use. Imported from Italy. Used by Draftsmen, Architects, Graphic/Interior Designers, Landscape Architects, Animators/Cartoonists, Photographers, Artists or all types. please contact ally @ adkates@yahoo.com
  2. All I can say is bring on The Counter! I used to stop in a one when I was working in Santa Monica... Premium build your own burgers (with price to match) but man they are good. Their sauce selections are outstanding, so I can't wait to go get one.. it might not be great for my waist line tho. The shakes are perfect and a word of warning... don't order fries per order...do it by the table. Going there with friends once we each ordered our own fries and ended up with a mountains worth. You can safely get an order per table hehe.
  3. I am with Sheeats on this one. Valet at a "neighborhood" bar? I live off Washington and kinda hoped to see the more laid back vibe places hit Washington and leave all the shmoopy places to midtown. No such luck I guess.
  4. My husband and I have been to Beavers quite often since the beginning. We have a love/hate relationship with them lately since they keep making poor decisions (just our opinion). It really started off with a bang and seems to just keep going downhill. For instance, prices go higher while servings seem to shrink. Also quality in some cases has deteriorated. Their sweet potato fries are almost always soggy these days. Not to mention for some reason one of their best brunch foods is now being served with Fritos instead of cornbread, the Beaver pie. I will say tho they do have some great dishes... hope they stay and don't ditch those off the menu too.
  5. Thank you all for the input! Next stop is a trip to the attic and see what we have I also have the long center wall So I'm sure that's what you're referring to.
  6. Does anyone here have any construction or remodeling experience with older homes with shiplap walls? I have an older home with internal walls like this and I am hoping to remove a section of wall to open my kitchen to another room but I wasn't sure if they were also considered load bearing. I am also worried since this particular section of wall is possibly and original external wall before the porch was made into a room. Mostly I am curious if it's possible to make adjsutments to these types of walls or if I am just stuck with the walls I have. I am definitely not a structural engineer and will most certainly have someone competent to do the actual work. This is more of just planning phases and curiosity. However if anyone also has recomendations on someone or a company that can deal with issues like this that would be helpful as well. Thanks in advance!
  7. Hope its not too late to offer a suggestion. After trying nearly everything under the sun from organic to chemical, I have found that Spectracide Triazicide Once & Done! Insect Killer Concentrate (http://www.spectracide.com/ProductCategories/OutdoorInsecticide/TriazicideSoilTurfConcentrates/) works the best. I live right by Buffalo Bayou and get tons of skeeters. When I spray it usually lasts a good 3 weeks of no mosquitoes, depending on the time of year. Sometimes only 2 weeks at the height of it.
  8. adkat

    Notsuoh Back

    Ya its unfortunate the smoking ban went into effect, otherwise I would frequent it to see the acts.
  9. I think the idea is great, cause you always get charged to park in the first place... so why pay again to get in and then again for food and drink when there are very few outlets for either on the strand. I'd rather just go elsewhere. (spoken from experience)
  10. Outstanding, I would love to continue giving it a chance
  11. Thanks for the tip! I am still learning Houston so forgive me
  12. I love the third ward, and if I had the money I would love to fix one of those houses up. Unfortunately they were all in my price range, but the repair costs would have rivaled the final sale.However this is my favorite, Does anyone know anything about what's up with this place?other image of it
  13. Darkhorse Tavern = great neighborhood bar
  14. I am not entirely sure what is being built there, or if what I heard about is the same thing. But I have heard speculation that the Merfish building that is currently being gutted out, is going to be used as a facade for a large living / retail space. I would love to know more about that.
  15. I often times frequent Galveston and Surfside as well (down 288 for those of you unfamiliar.) I personally prefer Surfside for lazy beach lounging and swimming. But regardless, it too gets its fair share of trash washing up. Every singe time we visit no matter where we go we always take a garbage bag and clean up the general area. Yes we hate the trash, but looking at it or avoiding it is not going to change it. Freaking pick it up! even if its not your's. You don't have to be in a beach adoption program to care for that which you enjoy
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