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  1. We'll have to wait until next year to try the beers http://swamplot.com/east-downtowns-8th-wonder-of-the-craft-brewing-world/2011-07-28/
  2. I was just looking for some data for school, and I bumped into this website http://www.commonground.org/?page_id=18 This organization remodels old buildings in NYC and develops them into housing for homeless, seniors, and vets. Perhaps something like this could help to revamp some of the abandoned buildings in downtown Houston. What would you think?
  3. Thanks your all for your help. I wrote a very nice letter to my realtor and sent it by certified mail (because he wasn't answering my e-mails) He has agreed to drop the renewal fee
  4. Thanks a lot!!!!!! I found the record and the link. They did appeal my property taxes and apparently there's an informal hearing on June 22nd Big sigh of relief!
  5. We used appealpropertytax.com this year but we haven't heard a thing from them. We know is too early to have already finished the appeal, but we wanted to know if they received our paperwork. We have e-mailed and called repeatedly and no answer. How do you contact them? I am worried they never received our paperwork and now it's too late to hire another appeal company.
  6. Gee. I guess I may be stuck then. We have an agreement with this realtor to sell the house. If we fight the lease renewal fee, he may refuse to list the house for rent, and we may not be able to list it with another realtor because of the agreement. But I am fighting this renewal fee anyway. Thanks y'all for the advice!
  7. I was the one with the screaming baby :-) I also did the chef's topping and I thought they were great. I tried three (!) different hot dogs: elk, apple and sage, and duck. Elk was the best!
  8. Our house is listed for sale, but we have not received an offer yet and would like to put it up for lease. Our realtor has given as a draft residential lease agreement that has a 100% of one full month's rental as fee payable when the property is leased (fair enough) but it also has a renewal fee of 100% of one full month's rental if the lease is renewed after one year. Is this standard? Can I fight this? I don't think is fair to get that renewal fee since he won't have to list the house, or do a background check, or credit check, or anything. Plus, he won't be the property manager. After the house is leased, he won't have to move a finger. Does he earn a renewal fee in perpetuity? Many thanks for your help!
  9. I tried this place today for the first time. Good sausages and great buns. They seem to have a movie night going on on Tuesdays - a huge screen on the patio. They also have a different sandwich each day.
  10. Has anyone been there yet? I wish we had a "normal" grocer, but I guess this is better than the current situation. No more trips to the combat Kroger. http://swamplot.com/...06-03/#comments
  11. so, after trying not too give any business to the combat Kroger on Polk @ Cullen, I had to give up yesterday (no milk for toddler). I saw renovations going on at the old CVS, but didn't get around to asking what business are they planning to open there. Does anyone know?
  12. They separate themselves because the two areas are in two separate superneighborhoods. East Downtown is part of superneighborhood 61, which also includes downtown. I think what people know as the East End combines superneighborhoods 63 and 64. http://www.houstontx.gov/planning/SN/docs_pdfs/COH_SN_map_2008.pdf The East Downtown Management district area of influence does not cover any of the neighborhoods traditionally associated with the East End. The Greater East End Management District covers them.
  13. Well, there goes my dream of a Rice Epicurean in the area. The Epicurean Express name is very deceiving though. What do y'all think about the Phoenicia market opening in One Park Place?
  14. I went last weekend to check out the new wine bar (Cork Soakers) on St. Emanuel, across the street from Lucky's and saw that they are remodeling the space right next to the wine bar. The notice says that the site is going to be a "Epicurean Express Market". Has anyone heard about this market? Do you reckon is a new type of store from the Rice Epicurean people (one can only dream)?
  15. Some of the houses were demolished yesterday. The houses on the other side of Velasco, behind the DaVita dyalisis center, are also boarded up.
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