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  1. In another thread I mentioned an old 80's short-lived NBC soap called "Texas" set in Houston. I did a search for the show and found a site where you can watch the opening and closing sequences from the show. There are shots of downtown, San Jacinto monument, etc. The 1981 theme is entirely different from 1982 and is very "Dallas"-esque. The 1982 theme is longer and has more shots of Houston including one of a TV station that I didn't recognize and couldn't make out the name. Could have been a fictitious one for the show. Both are equally kind of cheesy, but fun! The quality's not all that great, but here it is anyway: Click under where it says "Videos": "Texas" link I've only watched the two opening sequences. Oh, and for some reason that voice-over at the end of both videos just cracks me up.
  2. Any Houstonian should be beaming with pride that Anna Nicole's from their hometown. There's one rapper (I don't know his name; not a big rap fan) whose video I've seen a couple of times; he has a tattoo of the Texan's football logo and I think he's wearing some sort of jersey that says Houston. Couple of other H-town references somehow or another in the video. Must be from Houston.
  3. Oh yeah, "The Chase". I remember standing around one hot summer day watching them filming part of it.
  4. Famous Houstonians Celebs born or raised in Houston area Howard Hughes Jaclyn Smith Shannon Elizabeth Beyonc
  5. I think "Wild About Houston" airs now on Thursday and Friday. Forgot the time. And yes, the host is kinda scary.
  6. Oh, I forgot. There was a sitcom in the '90s called "Thea" starring R&B singer Brandy. Yep, it was set in Houston.
  7. Hello. I just came across this forum. ABC's "Extreme Home Makeover" is currently looking for a Houston family to feature. The WB's "Reba" is set in Houston. The recent CBS movie "Suburban Madness" was set in Houston (the Clara Harris story, so obviously, but still...). Interiors were shot in Canada, but there were plenty of downtown Houston shots. An old 80's NBC soap called "Texas" was set in Houston (probably taped in Burbank or NY).
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