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  1. At least we have the NBA All-Star game in Februaray. I know it's not the same, but it's something.
  2. And the city is growing. Now at 500 square miles and a population of nearly 4 million, Phoenix is expected to top six million inhabitants by 2020. And it
  3. http://www.frommers.com/tips/online_update...Texas%3C%2Fi%3E
  4. They just now said on channel 13 that the meeting starts at 11 am tomorrow. I'm sure channel 13 will have live coverage on their 11 o'clock news.
  5. They said on the news that the annoucement is tomorrow around noon.
  6. That's "The Andy Griffith Show". Don't you watch TV Land? Well, that's too bad. I think it would be pretty cool to claim your dad as an abominable snowman. I wish I could say that about my dad. I wonder if there's a picture of it somewhere.
  7. This news made the Drudge Report! Right near the top of the page. There's a picture of a bird with a caption that says, "Hostile Birds Attack People in Houston... " http://www.drudgereport.com It may be gone by the time you click on it, but I thought I'd pass it along.
  8. Here's another neat website - an Astroworld timeline: http://timelines.home.insightbb.com/sfaw_years.htm
  9. No Shooting Gallery, either? I love stuff like that. The animatronics and the old west setting. Do the sectioned off areas of Astroworld even have themes anymore? I'm getting depressed.
  10. Oh my gosh! Wacky Shack! I didn't know Horizons was no longer an attraction. It's a little bit sad looking at that site.
  11. Some unfortunate news. It doesn't look like "Laws of Chance" will even get a midseason chance. http://www.thefutoncritic.com/cgi/pr.cgi?id=20050517abc01
  12. Anyone remember Hanna Barbara Land? I loved that! Splashtown is now in its place.
  13. I don't think "Dallas in Wonderland" is about Dallas, TX. I read about some British comic with the name Dallas something getting a show on Sci Fi.
  14. A while back I was reading about a show on thefutoncritic proposed for last season about a family who moves to a town oustide of Houston to participate in an experiment for NASA, but it never got off the ground, either. I don't think we'll ever have our "Dallas".
  15. By shows they mean pilots. And like imdb.com, anyone can submit information to TVtome.com. NBC released their official fall line-up today and "Hot Property" wasn't on it. ABC will officially release theirs tomorrow, but the early reports for it have 6 new dramas and "Laws of Chance" isn't one of those. I'm disappointed, too. Especially about LOC. As I mentioned before, I wasn't expecting anything to come of HP because any new information for it was nonexistent. There may still be hope for LOC as a mid-season replacement if one of the other shows flop (which they will). But then ABC will probably scramble to put a reality show on instead. The best source for TV news is www.thefutoncritic.com. It all comes from the networks.
  16. Forgot to mention, the OTHER Houston set show, "Hot Property" is not on the fall schedule either. It was a potential sitcom for NBC, but didn't make it. I really wasn't expecting anything to come from that one because of the lack of information on it. I don't think they even had a cast. ABC's sitcom "Hot Properties", however, did make it. Same plot basically, but set in N.Y. It's ok. It's not like N.Y. ever gets any media attention, so let's let them shine for once.
  17. Looks like this show is dead in the water. Here's a list of ABC's new dramas and "Laws of Chance" isn't on it: ABC NEW DRAMAS (6): "commander-in-chief" "the evidence" "in justice" "invasion" "the night stalker" "what about brian"
  18. It gets "Astro" from the era in which it was born. Astroland opened in 1962, when the fever for space exploration was burning. It probably gets the "land" part from other nearby amusement parks like Wonderland, Dreamland, etc... None of those exist today. Yeah, I guess that makes sense. I'm still mad at Astroworld for getting rid of the Alpine Sleigh Ride. It was the perfect combination of coaster, cold air, and gnomes. Old Astroworld Great link! Astroworld was so cool and colorful back then. It had character. Seemed more Disney-esque. As I said, I haven't been in years, but from what I hear, nowdays it seems more like some carnival thrown together in a Fiesta store parking lot. Memories of the Alpine Sleigh are hazy, but I can remember being terrifed to death of the thing (wasn't there an abominable snowman?) Even after they closed the ride and turned it into an indoor playground I was scared to walk through it. Man, I miss Astroworld. I wish they'd make improvments and clean it up. Does anyone remember when Fright Fest was called Fright Nights? They turned the old jungle ride (in the period before it was Tital Wave) into a "Friday the 13th" boat ride. Scared me so bad.
  19. No musical acts? Do they no longer have the Southern Star theater? I Wierd Al there when I was little.
  20. Astroland in N.Y.? Never heard of that. Where'd they get "Astro". I thought that belonged to us. Although right now they can have it.
  21. Good Lord. I guess that's a good thing, though. I haven't been to Astroworld in years. Do they still put blue food coloring in their fountains and ponds? Fake blue water makes me want to puke.
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