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  1. Too late. Yesterday I sang a line from a song from "High School Musical" (yes, I have seen it) and asked her if she knew where the song was from, hoping she'd say no, she got it right. She's also gotten into "Hannah Montana", which my sister introduced to her. I'll never understand why. My sister is a rodeo volunteer and took her to the Miley Ray Cryus concert last rodeo season which was standing room only, but they got in free and I think found an empty seat. She never even mentioned "Hannah Montana" before then, but now she's all about it. She's almost 7. I guess it was a matter of time. When they're in my supervision I will not turn on the Disney Channel or the Nickelodeon teen shows.
  2. I just got back from watching my neice and nephew for a couple of hours. We were sitting on the floor playing Polly Pockets when I discovered, because I almost put my hand in it, that my neice has an entire collection of boogers on the side of her nightstand. Turned my stomach! Did any of you have such a thing as a child? I know it isn't unheard of for a child to have a booger collection. I remember hearing that Mel B of the Spice Girls had one under her bed as a kid. Why do kids do this?
  3. Me too! Nutcrackers are the ventriloquist dolls of the holiday season. Here's one by Jim Shore that they sell at the Hallmark stores:
  4. Channel 13 had another story about this last week. Joanne Herring is now behind it.
  5. That scene from "The Birds" with the guy's eyes pecked out was pretty grusome for its time.
  6. Well, "Poltergeist" for me I guess. I think we had a similar thread last year? I've mentioned this before as well, but there is one movie that is not a horror film, though the main plot is sort of macabre. It's not gruesome or scary or anything of that sort, but there is about a four second scene in this movie that is the most unsettling scene I've ever witnessed in a movie. I'm sure everyone would disagree, because it isn't that big of deal, but I avoid this movie like the plague because of that one scene. I think I've seen it twice. Once when I was about 10 and again when I was a teenager and that scene had the same effect on me each time. I will not watch it. And no, I won't name the movie because as soon as I do, sure enough someone will find a picture and post it here, and I'm serious about this.
  7. That dog is hilarious! Mr. Speeze: His real name is Mason, though, he has lots of nicknames: Mr. Speeze, Speezopolis, Corn, Corn Cat, Corny Cat, Corn on the Cat, Creature From the Cat Lagoon, Spooze, Skeeter, Skeet Tommy: Nicknames: Tom, Tom Time, Thomasina Tom Time, Tommy Tune, Black Chin: Speeze aka Mason made that scratch on his face.
  8. That's really just his nickname. His real name is Mason. I personally like the name Captain Smith for a pet. He's a big guy. I don't think he'd fit. Well, back on topic. Fun pumpkins! Very creative. Both of yours. Pumpa, are those jump ropes for the legs? I don't really mess with pumpkins anymore. The last time I even had pumpkins someone stole one.
  9. Businesses are so discriminatory against cats.
  10. I just tried to access the Wal-Mart music store and it took me to a Napster registration instead. I did some searching and the Wal-Mart store has closed after all.
  11. Well yes, that too. But I've been here long before that thread got started.
  12. Pretty much any Houston related search on Google will take you here.
  13. Does anyone know if Lucky Strike is going to be like this one in Italy? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Y4xWiUENBc
  14. The River Oaks shopping center already has those big wreaths up. I've gotten to where I don't even look forward to the holidays anymore. I'm so burned out by the time November gets here. It's relentless. Sunny 99.1 plays nothing but Christmas music for about two months. How many renditions of "Frosty the Snowman" can you hear? Sometimes I just want to skip straight to spring.
  15. I walked for a little bit this morning and thought it was great. Nothing was open. It was too early. I agree it will be better once it's complete. Granted I have bad taste, I like all the bamboo.
  16. I just took this picture of my pumpkin Mr. Speeze:
  17. Well I said typically. I'm really not a huge fan of saxaphone solos. I love The Carpenters' "A Song For You", but usually fast forward through the sax solo. Sometimes it's more tolerable than others. The '80s used sax too much. I guess sax sells.
  18. Word. So do I! I have a cousin who was a teenager in the '70s and used to work at the Astrodome . She got to meet Leif in his dressing room when he played the rodeo one year. She said that he wasn't very friendly. She got to meet a lot of people back then. My aunt used to make friends with the security guards as well and they'd often get into the stars' dressing rooms. They'd also find out where they were staying. A whole other era. They said The Osmonds were all friendly except for Marie. Eddie Rabbit was the nicest guy ever, my aunt said. They got into the hotel room of Mickey Dolanz and Davey Jones of "The Monkees" and hung out with them by the pool. She has some great stories. Sometimes before I go to bed I'll listen to the '70s Music Choice channel while doing a crossword puzzle or whatever. Without looking, I like try to try and figure out which year certain songs were released by their style. I'm not bad. For instance if there's synthesizers and saxophones involved, it's typically 1978 at the earliest. Am I correct?
  19. That's one long-arse commercial. Like Nancy, I also love the usage of "mad" as a verb. You know I never knew that R.C. Cola stood for Royal Crown Cola. I never drink the stuff. Never thought about it.
  20. I was good with the hotel idea when it was first proposed a couple of years ago, but my opinion has changed since then. I agree it's a cheesy idea. Judging by the old rendering it was hokey. As I said already, they'd probably give it a corny Texas theme. As for this studio, I'm not all that confident it'll happen, but I'm for it if it does.
  21. It would take a Houstonian or someone very familiar with the city to make that happen. I don't trust none of them dang outsiders. They best keep on outta here anyhow.
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