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  1. Henry Mancini's finest, yes? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z380NhQ549U
  2. I think they were scared of each other. Still haven't seen her since Sunday. I hope she's ok.
  3. Does anyone know exactly what type of renovations they're doing? I was there a couple of weeks ago and they had posters that said something about changes coming Christmas of '09. It didn't dawn on me until about an hour later that it was Christmas '09 not '08. A whole year away.
  4. Every year after a long hot summer, I'm ready for a cool front. After a day of it I've had my fill of winter. I'm so over it and ready for warm weather again. I just don't like the cold.
  5. Now I haven't seen her since I took those photos yesterday morning. Hopefully she and her owner found each other. If they cared, they'd have been worried about it. I hope they found her.
  6. Actually it was face that made me think she might have pit blood. For some reason she looked a little like one. Thanks, everyone! I want to find her owner before she gets run over or something.
  7. Here are a couple of more photos from a slightly different angle. I had to take them through the window. She wouldn't have stood still if I had gone outside to take them. Boxer crossed my mind, too, but like I said I don't know a lot about dog breeds.
  8. I know what you mean. During the construction of Discovery Green and Houston Pavilions, I'd tell people all about what was going on with downtown and they'd just answer with a "oh", maybe make an obligatory comment to show interest then and continue on with whatever they're doing. It's sort of frustrating. That's why there are places like Haif, right? That's annoying. That's one thing that I couldn't care less about. I find Hollywood's personal lives so uninteresting.
  9. A big puppy showed up last week with a leash around her neck. No collar, no tag. The next day she shows up again sans the leash. I have no idea where she came from or who she belongs to, but she won't leave. I like her. I want to find the owner, but if I don't I may consider keeping her. I don't know a lot about dog breeds. Does it look like she may be part pit bull?
  10. I can't believe this. The house in which the raid took place belonged to my grandma! She'd have a heart attack if she were still alive. Disgusting.
  11. I know Astroworld's been gone. I was foolin'!
  12. I'd like to try the ice skating rink this year. I've only ice skated once in my life and that was at Astroworld's Holiday in the Park. Does Astroworld still do that? I prefer roller skating.
  13. Oh my gosh, you're a genius! I'd take one of those.
  14. Well that's too bad. Those things are cool and add a touch of class to car dealerships.
  15. The "Park" in one of Minute Maid Park's signs is still busted.
  16. Mario Lopez's sister lives in Houston. She's married to a former Texans player.
  17. But they also had A-listers like Urkle, Darlene from "Roseanne" and Uncle Jessie!
  18. The H.E.B. Holiday Parade was so much better when it was the Foley's Thanksgiving Parade. They used to have "90210" stars in it!
  19. They showed the Houston skyline on Fox 26 news this morning.
  20. I'm with you on that. I never get excited about anything anymore. If it happens, and I hope it does, then it happens. Same thing with the Dome project.
  21. Bernard Herrmann! One of my favorite film composers along with Michael Giacchino. Michael Giacchino montage: Those skeletons would have absoultely given me nightmares as a child. Skeletons were my big hang-up. I remember even being afraid of some funny cartoon skeleton stickers that my teacher passed out. Speaking of swinging pendulums, I recently mentioned my favorite "Night Gallery" episode, "A Question of Fear". It has a spooky swinging pendulum scene as well. The story also has a great Hitchcockian twist at the end. I wish I could find it online.
  22. I watched that for the first time last year. For a while channel 55 would air old "scary" movies from the '50s and '60s on Saturdays and Sundays. Like everything else, they now air '80s and '90s films.
  23. I think I remember that movie. Seems I watched it once by myself upstairs at my grandma's house. Being upstairs by yourself at my grandma's house was always serious business. That's where everything went down.
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