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  1. There's a lot of that on "EastEnders" (PBS, Sunday nights). They can be hard to understand. There's a lot of "whua?"
  2. Nice pics! I've been wanting to get over there. This week would be nice, but it'll probably be very crowded on account of spring break. I've said it before, that's my favorite area of Houston. I just love Hermann Park/museum disctrict/Houston Zoo, med center/Rice. Love the baby ducks! Nothing cuter than baby ducks.
  3. One of the headlines on the Drudge Report right now: WHICH BIG CITY WILL BE FIRST WITHOUT MAJOR NEWSPAPER? DEVELOPING...
  4. I see most Dallasites as just the opposite. To me they definitely seem to be the most gungho Texans of all of Texas, the type who reinforce the Texas stereotype with pride. I see the majority of Houstonians as just Houstonians rather than Texans, sans a few groups here and there.
  5. Does anyone know where the 99 cent store is going to go?
  6. I thought "Kikker" was primarily a '90s thing. Had no idea it went back that far. One thing I noticed was that "Kikkers" seemed to always have bad acne.
  7. There's a similar one airing that takes place in Pittsburgh or Philadelphia. I can't remember which one.
  8. I'm surprised. Assuming it was dead I had already forgotten about it. We'll probably all be in our '80s and '90s once it's complete, but if we take good care of ourselves and stay healthy, maybe we'll still be able to enjoy it.
  9. 1.) Miami, FL 2.) Oklahoma City, OK 3.) San Antonio, TX 4.) Las Vegas, NV 5.) New York, NY 6.) Houston, TX 7.) El Paso, TX 8.) Jacksonville, FL 9.) Charlotte, NC 10.) Louisville-Jefferson, KY 11.) Memphis, TN 12.) Detroit, MI 13.) Chicago, IL 14.) Dallas-Fort Worth, TX 15.) San Jose, CA 16.) Tulsa, OK 17.) Baltimore, MD 18.) Columbus, OH 19.) Raleigh, NC 20.) Philadelphia, PA 21.) L.A.-Long Beach, CA 22.) Phoenix-Mesa, AZ 23.) Indianapolis, IN 24.) San Diego, CA 25.) Kansas City, MO http://www.mensfitness.com/lifestyle/216
  10. I've never eaten at one, either. I have been to the gift shop area.
  11. I haven't been keeping up much with their off season because nothing positive appears to be coming out of it. I'll just wait until April and see.
  12. They have one of his Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo outfits on display at Graceland.
  13. Never been to Magnolia Gardens, though I've heard a lot about it. My uncle met Elvis there. They still have the autographed photo.
  14. Alf used to hurt my feelings when I was little because of that.
  15. If you juice a carrot and rub the juice all over your face you'll resemble an Oompa-loompa.
  16. Why yes you did, in fact. You described it as being a well cooked chicken being pulled apart. Yummy in my tummy! Thanks for the reminder.
  17. That's good because when I saw the title I thought surely you wouldn't post a picture of a dead person. I clicked on it and was looking out of the corner of my eye until I saw that it was all clear.
  18. Is that a male thing, because I laughed hysterically! The man's laugh was perfect commentary. It made me laugh harder. I love it when people try to act cool and then end up making a fools of themselves. Here's another one from a couple of years ago: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BB3l3fsqITI Double the funny! However the second fall is by far the funniest.
  19. Or they could replace them with those lanterns that look like they're made of paper. That's what they kind of look like anyway. I like them.
  20. They should leave those big lights hanging from the trees up year round. They're not really all that Christmas looking.
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