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  1. For all the new mid and high rises going up in this part of the Museum District, the restaurant/bar/coffee offerings are plenty slim. With Chelsea Market closing down, it's only gotten slimmer. Hopefully this project can be a catalyst for more dining options to complement the beautiful museums and churches and esplanades in the area.
  2. If I recall, this remodel is going to be part of the new Soccer Shots facility. Maybe an academy and housing for some of their staff? I remember reading about it last year
  3. Is there still a small hotel planned as part of the East Village development? I think it would work well here, especially given the proximity to the convention center
  4. The current road reconstruction in this area seems to be dragging along very slowly.......I feel bad for these new bars/restaurants opening up. Sidewalks and roads are a mess right now, but hopefully it will be over before summer.
  5. Walked around the Glassell building this past weekend......and the greenery/vines on the sloped part of the building does not appear to be thriving. Well, it mostly looks dead. I'm guessing they may want to re-plant for spring.
  6. Very exciting news. I'd love to see them turn 1/2 this block of Times Blvd into some kind of pedestrian mall/green space. Something like that and boutique hotel will continue to push the Rice Village in an exciting direction.
  7. FWIW, this approach does work in Australia. In every major city in Australia, it's not uncommon to find Coles and Woolworths within a few hundred feet of each other.
  8. There is a construction fence up around the entire old Gorgeous Gael property on Morningside and active remodeling going on.......food hall or not, I'm very curious to see what they do with this space. It'd be great to see them re-purpose the adjacent parking lots for some public shared use or patio space.
  9. Do the plans still include a pedestrian bridge over Allen Pkwy? I think that would be a cool feature.
  10. They need to carve out more green space wherever possible. Or create a pedestrian mall by converting one of the shorter blocks. The upgrades thus far have been underwhelming.
  11. This is very helpful. It looks like they are planning to extend Colquitt St to Yupon. I also like how they plan to turn the parking lot for the Flavin installation into green space and turn Loretto into a walking path only.
  12. Does anyone have insight into how the Menil plans to use the open green space between Richmond Ave. and the Menil? Are they going to leave it "as is" and leave it open to the public or is there going to be a material investment in landscape design, new plantings, etc? Thanks!
  13. Its probably just a placeholder, but Little Creatures is an amazing brewery based in Perth (Fremantle), Australia. Would love to see them come to Texas! https://littlecreatures.com.au/agegate/
  14. Between this and the Block 98 tower, all the more reason now to develop the parking lots that sit between them. There is real potential to make this a cohesive district all the way to Minute Maid. +1 vote for an HEB....
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