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  1. The Hess Tower has a great space on the 1st floor that would be ideal for an all-day cafe......lots of patio space, set off the street, shade trees, etc.......I believe it is has been used exclusively for the building's office workers, but maybe something they would consider as more density comes to the area
  2. I know you are trolling, but these jokes were tired 10 years ago..... As Kinkaid said above, a more practical developer could of found countless profitable uses for this property. It was essentially affordable grad apartments before for 30+ years........my bet is that Rice buys it up eventually and develops another 5 or 6 story complex for grad students, with a small market or retail along Bissonnet.
  3. Thanks! I had forgotten about the Bagby redesign.......that is great news and should offer some nice continuity for those bikers along the bayou looking to access the Post HTX.
  4. I'm still not clear how access will work to this development when using the trails along Buffalo Bayou? It's a shame they couldn't include some stairs or a ramp that would come up under Franklin St. Seems like it could be a nice gateway to the project.
  5. It looks like the Rice Management Co. bought the property at 5504 Morningside last year. Construction fence is up and renovations appear to be underway. This building had once been slated for a Dat Dog franchise expansion, but I'm guessing the new ownership means that plan is off......anyone know what is happening here? If nothing else, it is encouraging that Rice is still expanding their footprint in the Rice Village. Hopefully they can tie this property into the Hopdoddy/Mendocino Farms patio next door.
  6. Any updates on the planned roundabout here? I think it would be a great addition and a nice gateway to Navigation
  7. Wonderful news! And I can see how the continuation of the Austin St. dedicated bike plan will tie in well here.
  8. Apologies if this has been addressed elsewhere, but do we know what the Hay Merchant/Blacksmith folks have planned for that lot? I'm out of state now, but I seem to recall it being fenced up the last time I was in town. And perhaps a variance request? Thanks. Just hoping to see more good news along this stretch of Westheimer...
  9. elevated bike path right down the middle of Memorial.....it could become an iconic Houston structure. Someone call Rich Kinder!
  10. the irony of course is that their is a massive parking garage on the same block (serving the Hess tower).......it's too bad that can't integrate it into this design.
  11. Went to Phoenicia today for lunch........they were tearing up Austin St. in front. I'm assuming (hoping) this would be related to the new bike path from Midtown.
  12. Kind of off topic, but it looks like a renovation is underway at the old Hans Bier Haus? Any updates on that project I can find on HAIF?
  13. Reminds me a lot of a new building on the Yale campus (I believe it is the business school) My apologies if it is mentioned earlier, but is the new pedestrian bridge over Memorial part of this project? Or part of the long-term plan for the bayou? It would be great to have another connection to this park.
  14. Ok, thanks. I just know that Dat Dog first mentioned this location back in early 2018, so I wonder how serious the early 2020 date is now. I'm fine with everything going on in the Rice Village falling under this thread.....updates from the various projects seem to come in slow drips anyways. But you keep doing you.....I applaud your very persistent efforts on a lot of these threads.
  15. Has anyone heard any updates on the proposed Dat Dog build out? On the corner lot right next to Mendocino Farms. I recall the liquor license being approved a while back, but still no activity on the site. I think it would be great to see that stretch of outdoor patios on Morningside continue.
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