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  1. It would be great to see some kind of hike & bike trail that connects this parcel to the rest of the TMC. Cutting through the NRG/rodeo/Astrodome parking lots and over the old Astroworld pedestrian bridge. This would be a great excuse to improve the pedestrian experience in and around NRG....
  2. It's too bad they couldn't have extended the pedestrian/patio zone from Hopdoddy into the new Rice Box. Those 10 parking spots are going to be a clusterf*ck and be a detraction from an otherwise really nice block.
  3. O'Connor has a great legacy at Rice. Great to see his name on such a prominent building on campus.
  4. In it's own way, I do want to thank the Embassy Suites for not developing the entire block. By leaving the curved parcel we eventually got this nice development from Skanska. The Hess Tower across the park is fine, but it is an example of what would of been here if a developer had purchased the entire block.
  5. General question, but related to this project: why not replace some of these broken driveways with grass/sidewalks? Is it primarily a cost consideration? Or is the concern that if you replace the driveway for this project, you've essentially eliminated the possibility of using this as a drive-through in the future? I see so many curbcuts/driveways around establishments around town that have not been used for years/decades. Would seem like a good opportunity to add some green to a lot and/or help with flood mitigation.
  6. I am just glad there are no vehicle entrances/driveways along Montrose. I see that as a win.
  7. This line of reasoning is a headscratcher for me........you are concerned about more crime from a development adding vibrancy/activity to an otherwise abandoned block of buildings? I live in the area and only see this hotel as a net positive for crime in the area. Lets get back on topic.
  8. This will be a great addition to the Menil master plan and a welcome new hotel option for those visiting the Museum District/Montrose/Rice area. I believe Menil also owns the entire block bounded by Mandell/Richmond/Colquitt/Loretto (??).......hopefully this new hotel coincides with some additional investment in that block and parking lot/maintenance barn. There is a lot of potential on the block, but everything west of the Dan Flavin installation is looking particularly neglected these days.
  9. At one point, I recall some discussion around closing down this stretch of Fannin through the park? Or at least in one direction adjacent to lightrail line? That green space next to Palmer church is very underutilized, but has some great trees. It would be great to see them add some parking there in exhange for reduced traffic along Fannin.
  10. I know it is a politically sensitive subject (and I won't pretend to know the right answer), but with the public housing parcel adjacent to this site quickly becoming some of the most valuable land in the city, is there a path forward that would benefit all involved? So the city sells all or part of the land for a fortune, then uses the proceeds to build more units/housing that existed before?
  11. I've heard the lease is only for 2 or 3 years.......so I'm guessing Levcor is just buying time until they can put together a better development plan and/or find a long-term tenant. Plus, the Story dude is giving me Joel Osteen vibes. Lots of drama at St Lukes from that guy. I hope he ends up far away from Montrose..
  12. I really like it. Hopefully worth the wait. I noticed the esplanade along Montrose? Do we know if that have plans to add an esplanade on this stretch of Montrose? That would be a great addition.
  13. Somewhat off topic, but the random clusters of townhomes in these pictures (great pictures, btw) makes we wonder if we'll start seeing some of the older ones being torn down in the next decade for smaller, multifamily projects. Less emphasis on parking or garage space. Could be a turning point for the area and begin Houston's shift away from these poorer quality townhome projects.
  14. Not the most relevant comment, but seeing again that construction costs for the Bayou Greenway Park were about $2 million.........right after I read about the new 59S/610N interchange going for $250+ million. I know these are entirely different budgets/jurisdictions, but it's wild to think what would be possible if Bayou Greenways had an extra $250 million to spend on construction. I'd be willing to bet it would have a greater economic impact on the city than a new freeway interchange. https://houston.culturemap.com/news/city-life/06-01-21-610-loop-ramp-closing-us-59-southwest-freeway-june-3-june-9-txdot/
  15. In theory, could the Burger Joint and Aladdin work out a deal to share parking with the new development as well? That small shared parking lot off of Montrose is always a cluster.....it would be great to see it repurposed for to-go orders only and/or some expanded patio for both restaurants.
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