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  1. Not sure if this topic has been discussed before but I was wondering what people have found effective for eliminating or at least decreasing the amount of mosquitos in their yard. I unfortunately get attacked by them every time I go outside and get huge welts. I have seen some products at Home Depot but not sure what works. I think they are bug zappers with mosquito attractant. My yard is about a half acre in the Inwood Forest area. Thanks for any thoughts.
  2. I actually work for Starwood Hotels/Resorts in which the W Hotel is part of. As of right now, the plans are to put the aloft hotel (which is a less expensive version of the W) in the SW area or possibly just south of the Galleria area. Then of course the new Westin and Sheraton will be going close to where Sam Parkway and I 10 meet...and there will be a Four Points over in that area as well...then another Starwood product, the Element, will be going in off 249 and Louetta...all of which are planned to open around 2009. There had been talks about the W taking over Hotel Derek but that is no
  3. I definitely agree with cwrm4...George is AWESOME. He did the inspection on our house in Inwood Forest and did a fantastic job and even kept in touch and answered any questions I had. He is a great trustworthy guy.
  4. Getting away from the whole paedophile discussion on here... I agree with you Orikal...these topics do get the blood pressure up, yet its great that you get involved. I think the more people might hear a different point of view...maybe they will understand each other a little more. After all, we all live on this earth together and I am sure, we all wish to make it a better place to live. To the forum- I'm not a great debater...not the most educated person...certainly not the most eloquent of speakers (or writers in this case), but I do want to give my input. I hear of people saying that they
  5. I think I am going to keep an open mind about this. I hate seeing the golf course go...really was hoping that they would have turned it public. But who knows...perhaps since the area is not all that far from downtown Houston and other popular areas, and the fact that Oak Forest has been rising in value...maybe mid-income homes might be built? Guess we just have to wait and see. But this won't keep me from buying my house there in IF, and still plan on spending money and time to fix it up nice. Also won't keep me from trying to talk the area up to get more people interested in the area.
  6. Well, possibly good news about the 'hood: Dear Inwood Forest Resident, Great news! The Application to replat has been withdrawn by the applicant. IFCIA has received WRITTEN CONFIRMATION of this fact. However, this war is not over yet, we just won one battle.
  7. My partner and I did a lot of looking around Houston for a house and decided on Inwood Forest. Now the area doesn't have very good schools from what I hear, but the actual Inwood Forest neighborhood is pretty nice, decent size houses, large yard (we have a dog, birds, fish so that was important to us). My partner will be working in the Med Center too...not all that bad of a commute from what we could tell...drove it a few times to check it out. Its on a golf course..the course was recently sold BUT it may not be a bad thing. There is talk about fixing flooding issues and possibly building
  8. Here is the latest: The new owner of the Inwood Forest Golf and Country Club is NOT Renaissance Golf Group, LLC. It is a separate partnership named Inwood Forest Partners, LP. This new partnership apparently includes many, if not all, of the principals of Renaissance Golf Group, LLC. Richard Cook is a limited partner in the Inwood Forest Partners and will serve as General Manager at Inwood Forest; he also is the General Manager at Quail Valley. On the Inwood Forest website, there is a link that you can click on to add your email so that you will be sent email information about what is going
  9. Regarding Inspectors, my partner and I are buying a house in Inwood Forest and went to www.housecheck.com. George did an AWESOME job with the inspection. He was so great to work with and was so thorough--explained everything to me to where I understood what was going on with the house. Just a FYI
  10. Today, the guy that did my inspection on my house in Inwood sent me a email saying: Just FYI, there was an article in a local free paper this week that the I.F. golf course has been sold to an outfit that buys struggling courses and turns them around. This paper is not on the web. There wasn't anything about it in the Chronicle It would be AWESOME if they fixed up the course..maybe changed it to a 18 hole public course and built some houses on the other 9 holes!! Think there is another meeting about it next week.
  11. Wow....that is so awesome to hear stuff like this. Makes me feel great about my choice to move to Houston soon. Way to go, Jennifer!!
  12. Ahh..didn't even think about the paint on the wall. I was thinking of going with more of a orange peel look I guess so...looks like I will be scraping. Thanks for your advice
  13. well, I think its worse then popcorn...this is like long sharp, pointy texturing.
  14. I am buying a house in Inwood Forest, and the walls have this pointy texture on them. In areas, if I backed myself against the wall, I would perforate myself. Does anyone have any suggestions how I could fix this myself easily? Someone suggested that I might be able to wet the wall with water using a spray bottle...then scrape it off. Just wanted to have some advice/opinions. Thanks
  15. I thought the Go Daddy commercial was smart..the Doritos ones were pretty funny...definitely liked the K-Fed one too...OH...the one with the rabbit trying to use the mouse. Hillarious!
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