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  1. on where the Old Town and Country mall was located. I guess this is going to be similar to what Sugarland has kind of with condos, retail shops, and restaurants within a few feet of each other. Click on the video. Interesting report by Sher-min Chow. http://www.khou.com/topstories/stories/kho...t.3853a54d.html I've been hearing that the new park downtown is going to be built similarly like this. Retail shops down on the 1st level and residences on the upper floors of buildings surrounding the park. A water fountain, some restaurants, etc. added also.
  2. Good info here. A co-worker was looking at buying the new lofts on Wichman St. Pretty close to railroad tracks. Thanks.
  3. If you can ask your friend about the frequency of the train going through there, i would appreciate it. If it is like once or twice a week, then not bad to live around there. If it is multiple times everyday, then not so good.
  4. I wonder if residents that lived about a couple of blocks away, if it would rattle/rumble their windows or apartment?
  5. Does anyone know the frequency of trains passing by the Heights Blvd, Studemont, and Sawyer St? Also, how loud does it get? Thanks a bunch.
  6. Wrong, they hate the Bush Administration! Same goes for Iran. Might as well add Europeans also.
  7. Last week there was another driveway robbery in Sugarland.
  8. Anyone have experiences with the MDGI(Metropolitan Design Group Inc) builder? They have lofts on La Branch, Wichman, and Knox Streets. How's quality? Thanks.
  9. Are these guys Tilman's other mob brothers? Too bad this happened. I like Pride alot more than UFC. Now we're going to see caged matches. That is going to stink.
  10. I was driving on Westheimer towards Highland Village and noticed this furniture place called BoConcepts. It looked pretty nice as i passed by. Anyone been inside? How about prices? Thanks.
  11. Try http://www.houstonemployment.com . I've seen Autocad draftsman positions posted here from time to time.
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