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  1. OK, we're getting way off the subject (buildings!) and am just going to put my last two cents in.

    I'm a big fan of JFK assassination conspiracy theories. I've read a lot about them, and it's fascinating to see all the different ideas people have come up with over the years. The article cited here is of the "multiple Oswald" school, which has various versions of Oswald running around all over the place; buying a car with cash, talking smack at a rifle range, etc.

    I think the debate about the assassination is wonderful. After all, I'm the business of asking questions, too, and I think it's especially important in such a historical matter. However, I would never use any theorist literature as a primary source. Even if 20 conspiracy theorists put Oswald at the Savoy, I would not rely on that alone. There is simply too much shaky, questionable research in this arena, and it would be irresponsible as a journalist to rely on that stuff alone.



    On Saturday, October 5, around 7 am, a motorist, Stanley Moczygemba, reportedly picked up Lee Oswald hitchhiking along Loop 281 in southern San Antonio, and drove him 28 miles south to Leming, Texas, where Moczygemba owned a farm. Oswald told him that he'd recently traveled from Laredo to San Antonio, but was now heading back towards Laredo. Moczygemba described Oswald as mid 20s, about 5'8", 150 pounds. Oswald was wearing a hat and a heavy coat that was much too warm for the weather; the coat was closed up all the way to the neck.

    Around this same time, Lee Oswald applied for a job at the Continental Oil Company in Houston, and was interviewed by a Mrs. Sheppard. He told her he had just returned from Mexico with a friend, and that they had attempted to proceed from Mexico to Cuba. He mentioned he was staying at the Savoy Apartments two blocks away. George Ryan, manager of the Stop-N-Go drive-in grocery in Houston, told the FBI that, around this time, Oswald tried on three successive days to cash a $65 check at his store.

    Chris Courtwright, "Oswald in Aliceland."

    John Armstrong, "Harvey and Lee: The Case for Two Oswalds, Part 2," PROBE, Vol. 5, No. 1, November-December 1997.

  2. Hola,

    This really has nothing to do with anything, but...

    I have read on this forum that Oswald stayed at the Savoy; however, I've found no documentation supporting that. Otherwise, I would have definitely included it! As far as I can tell, Oswald went to Mexico in late Sept., 1963, and returned to Dallas by Oct. 3. That's when Marina and baby June were living with Ruth Paine in Irving. Oswald briefly stayed at a Dallas YMCA before winding up at his boarding house on North Beckley, which is where he fled after the assassination and in the neighborhood where Tippit was killed.

    Oswald apparently did stop in Houston on his way to Mexico (via Laredo), where he called the Texas Socialist Labor Party. However, in the accounts I read, it does not explicitly state he stayed in Houston. But if anyone has any more info on this, I'd love to know!



    I don't think it's a matter of time though. There are buldings, such as the Savoy and Sheraton, that have been vacant for twenty years. Who's to say they won't stay vacant another twenty?

    The article mentions Lee Harvey Oswald, but it missed the odd story that Oswald stayed at the Savoy in October 1963.

    I'm glad that sevfiv's pictures got credit! :)

  3. Hello all,

    My name is Craig Malisow, and I'm a reporter with the Houston Press. I'm looking into writing a story about the history and current status of the old Days Inn, Savoy, and Central Bank(?) buildings. So far, this forum has turned out to be a great resource.

    Can anyone help with more info about current owners, building conditions, etc? I'd especially like to hear from anyone who's spent time inside the buildings.

    Besides contacting me here, you can reach me at craig.malisow@houstonpress.com, or at 713.280.2481. I don't think the local media have done an in-depth exploration of why these buildings have basically been allowed to rot all these years, and I'd like to talk to all the players involved.



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