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  1. Little or no thought was put into the whole damn thing! Though in other news, the beige property a few houses down (right behind the new fountain / stream) is coming along nicely.
  2. City Council had a special meeting this evening. One of the agenda items was:
  3. So I did a "driving tour" of the PTC yesterday evening... Wow, I must say, they did a fantastic job! I was expecting some run of the mill strip with a few trees and whatnot, but instead found a well organized, nicely decorated, classy, shopping locale. In a world of endless chain retailers, this is as good as it gets. It'll definitely put Pearland on the map! With regard to traffic, it seems getting out the PTC, across 288, is the only real problem. They need to add an extra lane that way...
  4. Wonder how much tax revenue this will pull in... Anyways, wheresoever there is growth, there is traffic.
  5. If the parking lot is full, I don't have a problem with people parking along the road. I imagine the lot gets full quickly during large gatherings.
  6. It looks like they're reallying trying to get rid of all the empty lots in the Western half. At least four empty lots began construction this past week. Good!
  7. Activepearland has a very valid point, the more involved we become in our community, the better it'll become. Paying taxes is not even worth mentioning, as not paying taxes is illegal. Of course, putting down people (i.e., "none of you volutneer! shame on you!") is a poor way to get people involved.
  8. Oven cleaner usually does the job. Bleach works too. Try lacing things ants eat with that stuff.
  9. I just received a letter from the HOA on the issue of recreation center parking. Looks like twgreen delivered, nice job!
  10. That's really ridiculous. I would have backed away too. Also, why is putting up a single camera so difficult? They used to have one in the AW section, but now it's gone. Surely they can't cost that much.
  11. Chipotle WOULD be an excellent addition. There are far too few healthy, vegetarian-friendly, eateries in Pearland.
  12. Wow, fantastic post! While I'm disappointed in their decision to build a toll road, at least it'll get some people off the free highway. Also, I imagine buses will use the toll as some sort of psuedo-HOV lane...
  13. - From the Chron's Inside Pearland blog. Also, they've strung wires onto the poles and have moved Southern Trail's flagpoles back a few feet.
  14. Hmm, I wonder why residents on MLK, Cullen, and Scott haven't moved to Bellaire or West University. After all, MLK, Cullen, and Scott pretty much flow freely into those neighborhoods. And why haven't the lower income neighborhoods bordering I45N expanded westward into the Heights? And why hasn't the Galleria become an extension of the Third Ward - isn't it just minutes away? Please stop with the "OH NO, PEOPLE WILL BE ATTRACTED TO PEARLAND" nonsense. Every successful area / city in Houston is surrounded by lower income neighborhoods, that's just how it is in a metropolis.
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