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  1. i switched to http://www.feedly.com yesterday and i think it will be very satisfactory. i had to tweak a couple settings to make it the way i like, but i had to do the same with reader so no problem there.
  2. If he just needs to make phone calls, you have some cheap options for new phones. any of these should do the job: http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=sr_st?bbn=2407749011&keywords=gsm+phone&qid=1362862138&rh=n%3A2335752011%2Cn%3A!2335753011%2Cn%3A2407749011%2Ck%3Agsm+phone%2Cp_36%3A2491156011&sort=price
  3. http://www.bizjournals.com/houston/stories/2000/07/31/story4.html?page=all <-- this is from 2000 ... states there were only Pantry stores here at the time, starting in 1992. The Fountainview store was the first large-format HEB in Houston according to HEB corporate, too: http://www.heb.com/sectionpage/about-us/company/heb-history/3000002
  4. Saturday was kinda cold. I stayed in. n=1 but seriously it wasn't the most pleasant temp
  5. I remember going to a "Garden Ridge Pottery" in southwest Austin in the early 2000s, when lived there (I moved to Houston in 2002) so the name must have lasted that long anyway. I am not sure I have been in one in the last 6 or 7 years, but yeah, I recall it as a sort of dollar store version of Pier 1.
  6. there's a neighborhood in friendswood that is just streets; i understand it was swamped by allison then bought out by govt. not much to look at but here's an aerial: http://goo.gl/maps/P65In the two houses that are still there were built on 8-foot piers
  7. They have a bunch of other plans with arbitrary names for houston also: http://edi-international.com/default/Brochures/On%20the%20Boards.pdf
  8. The name of the backing company is Mill Creek Residential Trust and they have apartment buildings all over the country, so it does not seem like this is a place name but rather the name of the complex. http://mcrtrust.com/our-communities/
  9. Per HCAD the lot is 23,100 ft^2 http://hcad.org/records/details.asp?crypt=%94%9A%B0%94%BFg%84%8F%7F%7Cie%8El%87tXtYW%9E%99%A2%D3%89%95%C2e%7CU%8A%7E%86%C0%AB%A8%AD%86%5E&bld=1&tab=2
  10. I haven't heard anything, but per HCAD it looks like it changed ownership last month: http://hcad.org/records/Ownership.asp?acct=0073130000001&taxyear=2012 http://hcad.org/records/Ownership.asp?acct=0073130000007&taxyear=2012
  11. wow! good stuff. your friend is quite handy with a camera i gotta say
  12. IMO it's hard for Dallas not to underwhelm. Fitting logo, in other words.
  13. interesting to see that practically ALL the C (vehicular/service) streets are one-way outbound!
  14. When JR Cohen managed it, it was great. It went downhill fast when he left. I think this must have been a failure of management, not anything to do with the location.
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