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  1. ANA happening for real? awesome airline! http://www.ana.co.jp/wws/us/e/local/promotion/houston_line/?cid=hc201501955
  2. ANA happening for real? awesome airline! http://www.ana.co.jp/wws/us/e/local/promotion/houston_line/?cid=hc201501955
  3. How about some direct service to Vietnam and India? Feel like this market could support that. I suppose Emirates and Qatar handle much of that demand now....
  4. I think they are starting service to DFW soon...I have not heard of expansion to IAH. I suppose it is possible as it seems the international carriers are no longer going either or with DFW and IAH and are picking both with Emirates, Korean and Qatar recent examples....
  5. this is a beautiful station...hopefully it gets used!
  6. I noticed this yesterday as well with the new metro pop numbers and was curious as to the change. I could not find any official announcement from the census. I think the county population figures may be impacting this as well. Will have to look to see if Montgomery has recently passed Brazoria in population?
  7. Post Oak Blvd on its way to becoming one of the premier avenues in the country. Excited time for Houston to finally see projects go from paper to pavement...
  8. Great job on the videos! really enjoyed...now lets get this university line off the ground!
  9. So in this article.. http://sports.espn.go.com/espnmag/story?id=3576248 Rick Reilly is listing as what he perceives as the most important sports franchises in the major cities. Here is what he says about Houston:.. "HOUSTON Yesterday. Everything in Houston was better in the old days
  10. Another profile today looking at the top prep hoops cities in the country, hou included.. http://sports.espn.go.com/ncb/recruiting/features/cityhigh
  11. So Amtrak may not be a component of the intermodal? It would make sense but I guess the additonal investment would be hard to get given the ridership? I would love to have an ACELA style setup here between HOU-DAL-AUS-SA..but given the emphasis on huge highways and the automobile in Tex.. I don't see it happening, although I did hear a possible rail component in Rick Perry's transcorridor plan..
  12. Seeing those pictures I can hardly contain my excitement about this project up here in NYC!! I can't wait to go check it out in person when I'm down for the holidays. I really hope as has been discussed many times on this forum, that this along with the several other downtown projects establish critical mass for a consistent pedestrian environment and a vibrant urban atmosphere particularly at night after work lets out and in the weekends. It really improves many facets of life to at least have that option in our city(we'll still have plenty of spread out areas and that is fine as well) and will improve this Great City into another tier of world class...
  13. There is something similar being contstructed here in the NY/NJ area next to Giants Stadium... http://www.meadowlandsxanadu.com/static/node1304.jsp
  14. Great News for Houston!! Do we know if the intermodal facility is also slated for 2012 completion?
  15. I haven't seen any other official announcement on AI service to Houston, but this article seems to say a decision has been made... "Air-India has also decided to add three more US destinations - San Francisco, Washington and Houston - within this year after it gets possession of more aircraft with a view to maximise revenues." http://www.hindustantimes.com/StoryPage/St...mprove+services
  16. It's basically the area from Briar Forest/Westheimer and Beltway 8 down to about Bellaire and Beltway 8. From Briar Forest to about Westpark is the Westchase District and Bellaire/Beltway8 is Houston's Unofficial China/Vietnam town
  17. Anyone have an update on this project? I still see the sign up on the site and it looks like there is some digging off to the side. The park looks near complete. With these towers along with the Bank tower on the other side of Bellaire and the Granite Towers under construction on Richmond, the Westhcase/Chinatown skyline is developing nicely!
  18. In 94 when the US hosted, Houston was snubbed for hosting to Dallas (i believe the cotton bowl), but of course all we had then was the Astrodome. I think with our increasing Soccer profile we should be included as one of the hosts. In 94 I think there were 8 host cities with the finals at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, CA. One thing to consider though is by this time in 2014 or 2018, the $1 Billion Dallas Cowboys Stadium will be completed in Arlington. With that price tag you have to assume it will be spectacular and may dwarf Reliant. Will they pick just one Texas city again? Anyways getting ahead of ourselves...
  19. Dubai airport is basically one big shopping mall with some gates mixed in. It is impressive but I think Terminal E can hold its ground just fine. I flew the Emirates route Dubai to London recently and its a dope airline! 600 channels on the personal TV set, and fly stewardeses. I'm excited, this will make travel to South Asia much easier.
  20. Anybody know whats going to happen at the 10-8 junction on the other side of Town & Country? There are two huge ditches now on either side. Will the Texas Mount Rushmore be in one of those?
  21. So there is an American Apparel store now on Westheimer and Dunlavy. Does that mean that the one that was supposed to open in the Sakowitz building on Main has been scrapped? Are they waiting for Pavillions to get off the ground before building?
  22. The Woodlands does have one already, its in the mall, so just Galleria and Woodlands have one now....
  23. I live in this area. I agree that most of the development along 1960 is just garbage. Cutting down the forest with crappy shopping centers that are an eyesore. It seems to me that unfortunately this area may be headed toward a decline. There are lots of low priced neighborhoods and apartments being built all over the area. That being said Champion Forest is still there and there are some other fairly upscale neighborhoods in the area around Louetta and Spring Cypress. So this Vintage Park development may work well.
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