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  1. I handle my own protests, but I have heard a lot of positives about Jason Rodrigues of Harding and Carbone
  2. Glenn Dickson, Complete Property Services, 713-942-7119/713-395-1400, will keep $3,000 of the commission and rebate the rest back to you.
  3. I purchased a home as a rental property last week in Fairwood subdivision in Cypress, the transfer fee was $75.
  4. Just to follow up, my co-worker was able to get her valuation lowered in the informal hearing based on the unequal appraisal data with no problem
  5. Does anyone have any experience with protesting at the Fort Bend CAD based on unequal appraisal? My understanding is that at HCAD (Harris County), they will not consider unequal appraisal at the informal hearing, you must go to the ARB. Is FBCAD the same way? A co-worker has a patio home in Grand Lakes, all the other patio homes of the same size are appraised $7k less than hers. We think there is probably a difference in the factors used in the mass appraisal in her record, is there any way to see what the factors are in the records for the identical homes in the hood? We are hoping she can j
  6. Thinking of giving a gift certificate to a day spa, was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on what the best day spas were in the area. I had always thought that Urban Retreat had a good reputation, but I had heard some reports they had gone downhill as of late. Thanks for any and all input.
  7. May want to check out the following www.luinc.com www.complete-property-services.com www.richclub.org
  8. I heard an officer at one of the local title companies say in a recent seminar I attended that he puts wording in the offer that states something to the following - "Buyer, Seller, and Listing Broker agree that the listing agreement will expire 24 hours before closing." When HCAD pulls in the MLS data for recent sales, the asking price will appear, bu the sales price will not appear, since the listing expired prior to closing, therefore the actual sales price was not input. I think this has benefits for commercial proiperty transactions or high end (River Oaks) transactions for single family
  9. I live in the area. I can not speak to the quality of the construction, but that would be an obvious area of concern. There are 2 units that are occupied. When the first unit moved in, the City red-tagged all the units. I think they just needed final inspections, the new occupants were able to get the red tags removed relatively quickly. Based on a quick review of HCAD, it looks like 2 units are currently in foreclosure. It also looks like several units were purchased by investors, and are still not occupied - not sure if these are flippers, I have not seen any for rent signs. I think the
  10. Are these the townhomes across from Baldwin Park at the corner of Anita and Chenevert?
  11. Just noticed this on the HCAD web site - now that property values are dropping, they will not be doing a mass re-appraisal in 2009. For the past several years, including 2008, HCAD has operated on an annual reappraisal cycle. Beginning in 2009, we will switch to a biennial cycle. We will continue to review the values of all properties each year, but in odd-numbered years such as 2009, will only make those value changes necessitated by new construction, unusual market conditions, or to maintain equity. In the case of properties that change in value or have new ownership, a regular notice of ap
  12. the old fashioned way - do it myself, with the help of an Excel spreadsheet, and mail it in.....
  13. Have not been out there myself this season, but a friend of mine said she drove out to Scott Terrace last nite and said the participation was way down this year.
  14. I seem to remember Barton Smith, the U of H economics guru, quoted as saying that energy is about 50% of the Houston economy, and energy has been the driver of the Houston economy for the last few years. Seems like in the 1980s energy was something like 75-80% of our economy. We are more diversified, but still very vulnerable if energy prices fall off a cliff and stay down for an extended period of time - but obviously not as vulnerable as the 1980s.
  15. It took about 10 days to get my insurance check for roof damage endorsed by Chase Mortgage and sent back to me - no paper work, I just attached a note with the check, included by mortgage account number, etc. And I could have gotten it back sooner by enclosing a pre-paid express mail envelope.
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