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  1. You answered my question very well. It sounds like today's common business practice of merging/outsourcing/sub-contracting, etc.
  2. Thanks. Yes, I went to Busch Gardens back when it first opened. What stands out in my head is the huge goldfish, and the free cup of beer they gave my dad. I guess Texans want to drink but not make beer. I remember when Pearl and Lone Star were exclusively Texan. I don't hear or see much about either one anymore. Have they bit the dust?
  3. I turned 50 last month. I wish we could go back to the "good ol' days" of Felix and Monterey House.
  4. OK, back on topic. How is business at Gulfgate today? Is it now a place that's slowly but surely becoming a ghost town? I've read postings on this forum of people talking about a lot of its stores having closed down.
  5. Is this the place that had the sign on the window that said: "If you can grow it, we can cut it?"
  6. Why would anyone want to buy a TV at a flea market? If I buy a TV in a box at a place other than a retail store, I would certainly open up the box and look inside so I would see what I'm getting before I drive off with it.
  7. An article in Thursday's (February 22, 2008) Houston Chronicle, page D4, answered my question: ...the "DTV conversion" refers to "digital television." That refers [to] the type of signal transmitted to the TV and is different from HDTV... So if I'm interpreting that correctly, would I be wasting my money if I bought one of those HDTVs?
  8. Yes, if someone wanted to commit suicide, they would simply go watch a movie and leave the windows up and the engine running.
  9. Earlier today I was in Wal-Mart looking at TVs. I looked at two flatscreens, both 15". One was a Sony and the other one was a Polaroid. Both said that they were HDTV. Is that what will fulfill the requirements for the digital transition that will occur a year from now? Should I buy one now, or would I be wasting my money?
  10. The Winkler Drive-In Theatre was right by Gulfgate on the corner of Winkler Drive and Flowers Street. I wish someone had a photo of it. Maybe that's what could be done with the Astrodome. Inside, nobody could vandalize it. And it could stay open year-round. I remember most people didn't want to go to a drive-in theatre in the winter time or when it would rain.
  11. Do any of you know of someone who bought and used that stuff that you spray on a license plate which makes the red light camera unable to discern the plate number?
  12. Yes, the last time I went to a drive-in theatre was in 1984 when I was in college in Arkansas. It was called an "autoscope." (This one showed only x-rated movies). There were individual screens arranged in a circle. You would select a screen, park in front of it, and tune your car radio to the station that was posted at the entrance. If not a regular drive-in theatre, I wonder if an autoscope drive-in theatre would do well in Houston?
  13. Yes, it looks like it's privately-owned. But that doesn't mean that the food isn't good. If a place serves good food, most people simply overlook the appearance of the building.
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