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  1. It's surprising that the row of apts (on stilts) near the north side of Howard are still there. These are the ones right behind the once was a barbecue place right on the RR tracks. PS, that barbecue was soooo delicious all you had to do was pull over order, get to go or eat on the wooden picnic tables. Now under new management I think.
  2. I simply couldn't resist the temptation. Here is the trailer to one of the most successful blockbuster films ever shown at the Tower circa 1974-75. As mentioned on related Tower Theater topics, we kids used to even ride the bus to the theater just to see this epic. The lines/crowds wrapped around the block in both directions. Even more amazing in the evenings! We must have seen it at least 15 plus times. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KOg6KkoM_cs
  3. Do you recalll ever seeing some people jet skiing in it? I could swear I saw some frolicking about. Windmill Lakes was known for having mostly single's then early 80's. I wonder what became of the other sand pits off Mykawa?
  4. That would be Windmill Lakes. That was a very innovative, state of the arts new complex that Houston was very proud of in its hey day. We "young-uns" would pass by and be amazed at what new design our city was in store for. Mostly young professionals resided there (imagine that now) I cannot think of the developer that has now enveloped the area but all of that was wooded I mean wooded. We wonder why the area floods so badly now Doyyyy. I honestly do not believe it was a sand pit ever. That was a manmade built lake strickly for Windmill Lakes. Unless I am corrected by someone. We still know good old family friends that live at end of Radio Rd/street near by and they would know.
  5. Whoah! You are the first person to bring up Houston's old sand pits! Should get an award! We used to pile in the gang and head to the one out by or off Mykawa Rd somewhere? It may have been even further out by Almeda Road good Lord I can't even remember. This was in early 80's though. There was always a big mix of assorted crowds, mostly hippies hanging on to the 60's flower power era, motorcycle gangs ie; Bandido's, Hell's Angel's and more, even nudists on ocassion! What! Seldom did you ever see cops around these places at least not where we went. Some of the pits had a middle island where you could swim out to them. People used to take loads of brew and the scent or aroma of Wacky weed always filtered about. I assume most have been filled in since those days. This topic should go to Houston History ....really. We never thought of taking a camera either but I am sure some out there have some hidden in the archives.
  6. Like my old 80's party hat used to read...Party til ya Puke!
  7. That was a great response up above! However, try speaking to former Madison High School alumni and I bet that have so much more info than the rest of us other other neighborhood pals. My 1st girlfriend & her school mates would have all the inside skinny on such knowledge. Astroworld was in their backyards.
  8. This years them was a tribute to Las Vegas. It was surreal! http://www.fiestaflambeau.org/Photos.htm
  9. Starts around 8:00PM to ? Go early for best parking!
  10. The recent Craig's List murder comes to mind. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/30314735/ and here is another superfreak: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sBSX6ieoMy0...feature=related http://www.monstersandcritics.com/smallscr...cle_1467313.php Online stalking is on the rise big time as well.
  11. Best to hurry, could be gone any day. I wonder if they removed the huge glass cabinets loaded with trophys as soon as you enter in the vestibule area? maybe had to dismantle or were built in. I have to see my pics from 2 years ago. We always had the silent auction tables directly in front of them.
  12. Not sure all I know is that your avatar is killer, just outrageously hilarious!
  13. Hats off to the staff at the Park Place Post Office on Broadway. These folks are top notch on customer service big time! Very professional and helpful and so down to earth! Truly harks back to they way Park Place used to be. We prefer using this facility any day opposed to the Lawndale local.
  14. This is just a very popular tune that was heard in the era of Houston's Clubs. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eSJzxfHD_lo
  15. Here is a great website with good pictures of the disaster aftermath. http://www.palaciosbeacon.com/carlapixs1.html
  16. The little alien driver was hilarious! We kids always wanted to climb up on top and try to pull him out and replace him with us. I am not sure when it was removed though. The links were not able to open at least for me?
  17. Now that is interesting and makes sense. One day our kindergarten class took a field trip to the museum & Hermann Park and I recall us kids going gaga as we passed those fountains so they must have been fairly new (this was in 1966). They always had that modern 60's look too. Seperately: If any one can divulge what year the Sam Houston statue was placed there, who created it, etc that would be great.
  18. Yes that is like OLD MAJOR East End History, however, please note that this part of town was considered very scary especially by late 70's. Although it is thought of as "historic" the area would be the worse place you might imagine. The joke then was all "the boys " are headed to "Boyd's or Chencha's" as it was known then...had become very hardcore red light district area...sorry folks but true. Some things are best to be gone.
  19. As always, THANK YOU Dan for such a responsible and mature response to OUR GROUP of neighbors question. Please note (usual Haif Trolls) that I speak for most of my elderly neighbors that have no voice, hence we type these questions for them. There are good people in this world.
  20. School opened in 1926 and Spokespersons state enrollment to date was up by 5 1/2%. This will be a bad blow to the local area for all concerned. These nabes need all the support & help they can get. This church itself is very iconic of this immediate area.
  21. Holy Name closing by the end of this month per ABC 13 moments ago, depressing.
  22. You mean at those funky apts right? The vicious cycle will continue. Not sure how many here remember when Country Club Place had to place a brick wall at some locations so that crowd would have to go around. It was very effective...for a while, then activists bitched, wall came down, and the crime wave boomed, yes boomed. The battle rages on. CC Place has some work in store. There's something blowing in the wind...Oy Vey.
  23. It simply amazes me how these people get away with this type of crime, right in front of cameras, etc. Yet once a Metro cop ticketed me for parking about 2 inches too far off a stripe on the metro park area lot. We was determined to write the ticket. See crime stoppers website & see if he matches up. You would be surprised how stupid they are.
  24. Just wonder if anyone has ever been to this great event? http://www.fiestaflambeau.org/ The Flambeau Parade has been called America
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