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  1. Tax base is pretty irrelevant, since there's a revenue cap. Much of this would have happened without rail, and we would still have Main as a two way street through the heart of Downtown and Midtown. Besides, density is overrated.
  2. The red building to the South is owned by the same entity, and sits on a 5000 sq ft lot. It was apparently a school at some point. https://www.houstonhistoryalliance.org/2017/11/historic-schoolhouse-needs-new-home/
  3. Just what do you think Turner can do? He can't lock up the aggressive panhandlers, he can't make the tent livers move into any sort of housing, heck, every time he has the City workers clean up an area of trash and biological waste, the freaking do gooders claim he's trying to kill the homeless. If you think King or Buzbee will do any better, you are deluded.
  4. Harvard is an IB school, so there's no separate GT classes, as the IB rules don't allow that. Otherwise, either school is fine. Travis doesn't have the traffic issues at drop off that Harvard does, and has a larger school yard.
  5. For some reason, I've had the Chick Smith jingle in my head - "Chick Smith Ford, a little bit North of FM 1960, right next door to the Goodyear Blimp Base". In the 1910's, my great grandfather worked at a car dealer in the 1900 block of Main, I think it was an Overland dealer. Later, it added Willys.
  6. There was a post year's back that explained how many posts were required for each level.
  7. Foodarama at 1805 Ella fills out the NW quadrant quite nicely.
  8. I much prefer having a single large thread for this over a myriad of threads. Having a thread for each property is inefficient.
  9. When the school opened on Durham and 28th, there were some idiots out protesting it, giving the little kids a hard time. When someone called out one protester for a really bad sign, one of the morons said "you can't criticize him, he's a veteran". Riiiiiight, being a veteran makes you perfect.
  10. There are comments on City-data.com where folks who would like to join HAIF after the demise of Swamplot can't get their profile created http://www.city-data.com/forum/55159459-post32.html
  11. It's not up to the City to bury power lines. The City doesn't own them, Centerpoint does. Any decision to bury power lines has to be between the developer and Centerpoint. I know there are high voltage lines buried in some streets, LaBranch has a 140,000 volt line running along the West side of the street through Midtown, it had to be tapped when they started up the substation at Tuam and LaBranch. That would probably prevent burial of the regular lines.
  12. Lots of old commercial air conditioning units used ammonia as the working fluid.
  13. Thanks for posting those! There is some amazing mural work going on in Houston.
  14. Forget the building, that crane is far cooler than the standard tower crane we see everywhere.
  15. Not only malaria, but yellow fever as well, which killed far more folks than malaria, and was harder to treat.
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