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  1. No, Momentum Audi property. The VW place is at 2405 Richmond, this is 2315.
  2. It's non-denominational. Here's the website http://citycathedral.com/ It looks like the only Houston location is now at 4900 Fournace, the old Texaco building in Bellaire. The Google link has some old text referring to one church, three locations, but it's now just two.
  3. Ross

    Rossmoyne Blvd

    In the City directories I spot checked from 1930 to 1956, Rossmoyne Blvd is described as 2 blocks South of Richmond, 1 block West of Montrose, a continuation of Yoakum. In the 1953 aerials on Google Earth, it deadends at what must be Kenwood Street, which runs East and West with houses backing up to the then existing railroad tracks. In other trivia, the Kinkaid School was at on the South side of Richmond between Graustark and Yupon, across from the telephone exchange building, and was located there from 1924 until 1957.
  4. MDI IS a CERCLA site. https://semspub.epa.gov/work/06/300117.pdf http://swamplot.com/urban-living-beats-frank-liu-to-the-punch-at-mdi-superfund-site-with-construction-on-inaugural-townhome-cluster/2018-11-13/
  5. Taxes in 2019 were $30,500, which isn't that bad. The property has been owned, as far as I can tell, by the same family since at least 1963, so they may be happy with the rent they get, and don't need the cash from selling or redeveloping. Beck's Prime built there in 1985, their first location. No clue what was there before then.
  6. Nahh, they will convert it to a luffing crane, and keep extending the jib, then leave the crane buried in the building when they are done.😁 (cabin fever is making me loopy). One of the coolest things I ever saw with cranes was in Doha, where they disassembled the crane tower from the bottom, and dragged the sections out of the basement before closing up the access hole. That was for a luffing crane in the middle of the structure. I had wondered for a year if they were just going to leave the crane tower in the building, but that seemed an expensive waste. On another building, there was the luffing crane on the edge of the building where I saw some guy with a pile of rags walking on top of the operator cabin, not tied off, carefully cleaning everything. Pretty scary to watch since the cabin was 200+ feet off the ground.
  7. Let's hope that's the case, or there will be an entire courtroom devoted to the lawsuits related to falls...
  8. Sounds like someone's errors and omissions insurance may come into play.
  9. It doesn't really matter where you want the growth, the growth will be where people want to live, and that's not in mid or high rise apartments, or townhouses, inside the Loop. The reason those large MPC's in the middle of nowhere sell like hotcakes is that's where people want to live, in single family homes with a yard, a garage to store their stuff, and schools that are perceived to be good.
  10. Quitman already has a level crossing. Might be updated to an underpass at some point.
  11. Is that connecting the West side of Lorraine with the East, so you will be able to get to 59? My wife says Lorraine used to have a level crossing there, much like the old Collingsworth crossing.
  12. According to Nextdoor, the combination of this, and the restructuring of Shepherd and Durham to 3 lanes with bike and pedestrian lanes, is going to cause a traffic apocalypse, with 7 hour waits to get 3 blocks, cats mating with dogs, and general anarchy. Toss in the proposed road diet for 11th, and the world will end. I seriously doubt that will happen.
  13. I wish I could find my pictures from Bangkok, where the scaffolding on high rise construction was all wood or bamboo lashed together. I guess it works, but it looked pretty scary.
  14. The ones on Stanford are actually 1413 and 1415. 1416 is the older home across the street. Properties are owned by a different company than built them, so hopefully there will be some movement to demo and rebuild. I don't like stucco here at all. Wood, brick, or Hardi.
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