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  1. Um, no. It's not. If the North and South jetties weren't there, you might have an argument, but the jetties prevent sand replenishment, so the beaches would be disappearing anyway. Since the jetties prevent sand from blocking Bolivar Roads, they aren't going anywhere. In addition, the Seawall not only protects the city from hurricanes, it also provides support for the sand and soil that raised the level of the island by something like 10 feet after the 1900 hurricane. Without the Seawall and the raised elevation, the North end of Galveston Island would have suffered the same washover effects that the Bolivar peninsula did during Ike.
  2. The Seawall wasn't built to save the beach. It was built to protect the City of Galveston from hurricanes.
  3. I don't see unending development of the island as a positive or an improvement. But, it's not my property, so I have no control over it. Do you know why the Seawall is there? Why it was built?
  4. @Reefmonkey, it's 2019. We no longer use logic, facts, and science, it's all about teh feelz, because science is so...harsh and unforgiving and doesn't comport with everyone's worldview. Bwahahaha
  5. Setbakcs are usually defined by deed restrictions, not ordinance. That's why Montrose is full of townhomes that are only a few feet from the street. There may be a generic 10 foot setback defined somewhere. I'm pretty sure you can get a variance, though, as I see signs for that all over the place.
  6. And all the driver has to do is prove how many miles were driven out of state. No different than the record keeping required to prove business use of a vehicle.
  7. Krispy Kreme is awful. I would like to see an Einsteins Bagels closer to the Greater Heights than Kirby and Bissonet or Montrose and Hawthorne.
  8. HCTRA has cash available for a number of reasons, much like I have cash, even though I owe money on my house. If you don't have cash, you can't operate. The bond covenants require cash be available. Excess cash is invested in a wide variety of things. Nothing on HCTRA's financials looks suspicious to me. The advantage I presumably have over you is my accounting degree and 30 years of looking at financial statements.
  9. The meeting was mostly uneventful. It started with a statement that for now, Pecore and West of Shepherd are out of scope. Pecore is a different type of street with far fewer safety issues than 11th, as the street is narrower, has speed bumps, and has on street parking, all of which mitigate against speeding. West of Shepherd has the median issues to deal with, trees on both sides and in the middle, and a completely different traffic pattern due to the esplanade and traffic turning left from Shepherd and right from Durham. A count of accidents since 2010 for each intersection was shown, with Shepherd/Durham leading the way. However, there were no details on whether the accidents were caused by North/South traffic or 11th traffic. Funding is from the bike funds, and Mayor Turner wants something done right now, as lots of folks have complained about the Nicholson trail intersection. The City says there's no way to put a light there that conforms to the standards. Lots of time spent extolling the virtues of the road diet plan, and by the way we might put bike lanes in to justify using the bikeway funding. The presentation is supposed to be up by the end of the week. Pretty awful presentation due to a red background that apparently appeared by magic and refused to leave. Some of the slides ended up with red on red text. Public comments were mostly OK. First speaker spent most of an hour(not really, but it seemed overly long) talking about her family and her daily activities before getting to the point that she felt endangered every time she tied to cross 11th with her child. I mostly was thinking "get to the point, please, I'm begging you". After that things improved, and folks were quick to say their piece. Lots of complaints about no real plans at Nicholson, other than it looks like a good place to put a pedestrian refuge(what we used to call an island). The picture had the island completely blocking Nicholson, which would likely annoy a few folks, but that was probably a mistake. A few bike riders railed against the general state of Houston driving, with the implication that Mogadishu has better drivers who are far more polite. A Pecore resident stated that there are 97 houses, 19 garage apartments, and 10 businesses on the 6/10 of a mile stretch. The garage apartments and many of the business properties have no off street parking. Another Pecore resident suggested dead ending Pecore before Main, claiming that was how it used to be. A quick perusal of Google Earth doesn't show any dead ending on my PC. I bailed at 8, so don't have any idea what went on after that. My general impression is that the restriping will happen from Shepherd to Michaux. Heights Blvd is an issue, and there may not be a center lane there due to a lack of space between the North and South bound lanes.
  10. I would be happy to make accommodations for bikes and pedestrians, but I always want to minimize the impact on current property owners and residents. Fortunately, the City employees at the meeting tonight said Pecore was out of scope for the moment, as there's not enough traffic to really require striping modifications, and the traffic issues are almost non-existent.
  11. Everyone knows that you don't own the parking in front of your house. However, on a street like Pecore, eliminating street parking completely means you can't even park a car for 2 minutes while moving cars around. Nor can a truck park to move your belongings. Will people survive? Sure, but at great inconvenience. Yet another BS strawman. Pecore isn't clogged, and never will be.
  12. Why do you hate the residents along Pecore so much? There's another TxDOT response that's more applicable, from the same page: If there is an on-road bike lane, does a cyclist have to use it or can they use the general travel lane? See the previous answer. Because a bike is required to stay as far to the right as practicable, this could be interpreted to mean if there is bike lane, a cyclist would be required to ride in it, as it would be the far right side of the road. However, if one of the exceptions listed in the previous answer exist, they would be excused from the "far right" requirement.
  13. There are CBRE signs up at the Bethel Church at 1107 Shepherd, or the block bounded by Shepherd, Durham, Center and Nett. This might create difficulty for the restaurant formerly known as Floyd's, since they use the church parking lot for their customers. Flyer at http://looplink.houston.cbre.us/xNet/Looplink/Profile/Profile.aspx?stid=cbre/houston&LID=19808539&LL=true&UOMListing=&UOMMoneyCurrency=&RentPer=PY&SRID=7484074448 The Interpose:
  14. I noticed a few public notice signs at the apartments at Washington and Waugh announcing an application to redevelop. Anyone have any idea what's up with that?
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