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  1. At a more macro level, we have clay layers interspersed with aquifer layers for several thousand feet. Lots of sand and clay, not much that's solid. Depends. If things stay as they are, centuries.
  2. Somewhere around 30,000 feet. There are sedimentary rocks at shallower depths, but no bedrock as is known in other parts of the country.
  3. I was wondering why Country Kitchen wasn't re-opening and is still boarded up.
  4. But, but, but, where do you park if there's no lot in front?
  5. Ross

    819 W. Alabama

    Maybe it's a Rice student prank?
  6. Couple of corrections: The TDCJ Jester Unit was named after Beauford Jester, a Texas Governor from 1947 to 1949, long after the song was recorded. TC Jester was the Pastor of the Baptist Temple on 20th Street in Houston. Lead Belly was imprisoned in the Central Unit in Sugar land.
  7. Technically, it's both registration AND inspection, since you can't get the registration without the inspection. Stupid change to the law that screwed me out of the free year of inspections over the life of a car by getting it done a month late every year. I suppose that is the epitome of a first world problem.
  8. Haha. That's hilarious. This is Houston, we have an aversion to buried power lines, since no one wants to pay the cost, and Center Point isn't going to do it for free. There's probably a super double secret ordinance that prohibits burial of power lines as well, just to make things harder.
  9. Which leaves you with the problem of how to get all the folks who use 59 to get to Downtown in the morning and back again in the afternoon on and off of the freeway.
  10. That actually looks like a horse barn with a concrete water trough or hay circle. The black material looks organic. like decaying leaves and such. I wouldn't be too surprised of the large wooden uprights at the front came from somewhere in the oil field. That area didn't have much in the way of wells in the past(from http://gis.rrc.texas.gov/gisviewer/): here's a wider view of the area
  11. I was looking at some stuff on Google Earth this weekend, and noticed in the historical aerials that this area had what looks like apartments in the 1953 pictures. Unfortunately, the city directories I can find online don't have the street by street pages, so I wasn't able to confirm what the buildings were.
  12. It was the test track for the rail cars before all of the other track was built. It runs from the rail operations center at Fannin and Holmes, alongside the freight tracks, until just past Buffalo Speedway.
  13. Glad to see Menningers is still around, but, as I said a few years ago, there's no way this is as nice as the old campus in Topeka. That was a beautiful setting, with trees and hills.
  14. My grandfather had the same issue with electric typewriters, and refused to learn how to use a computer. He hit the keys so hard, that electric typewriters screamed in pain, then died. Decades as a clerk starting in the ;ate 1920's would do that to you.
  15. Because it wishes it was a Cat and not a Deere.
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