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  1. Shepherd Park sign was down and Tres Amigos painted on the front window when I drove by Wednesday afternoon. That has to be one of the quickest format changes ever.
  2. From the Wikipedia article on A/C "Electricity made development of effective units possible. In 1901 American inventor Willis H. Carrier built what is considered the first modern electrical air conditioning unit" All hail Willis Carrier!
  3. We toured Tech in 2019, as it was an option for our kid. It's pretty flat, and mostly treeless, but has a certain charm. Kid thought it was too far out in the middle of nowhere, though.
  4. On my honor, I never went faster than <insert excessive speed high enough to disqualify me from taking defensive driving to get out of the ticket here> on the old Viaduct.
  5. Only if at random times, another ramp pops up and sends the slider into the Bayou. A little risk makes life more fun, right? Even better if a fake alligator pops up its head as the person is in the air.
  6. The old rail buildings were far more cool than anything we've seen on that property so far.
  7. Someday, that STCL parking lot will be the only one left in Downtown, and there will be controversy over whether it should be a protected site as a "historic" parking lot.šŸ¤£
  8. There may have been a few wells over towards the NRG site, but the actual oil filed is further South. Scroll up to Highrise Tower's post that has a Railroad Commission map of wells, plus an aerial phot.
  9. The park property is owned by a trust created on the death of the creator in 1972. There were two trusts, one terminated at the death of the beneficiary, and the property is now owned by a single trust. The beneficiaries of the trust are entitled to the income from the trust, but apparently have no control over the disposition of the property.
  10. Pretty impressive. I saw this work when I went to the MD Anderson building next door for my Covid vaccine.
  11. No, no, no, that's all part of the charm. As an added plus, it helps prevent speedingšŸ¤£ Is there room for a roundabout there? I don't think one could be installed without taking a piece out of each of the corner properties. That actually sounds like a nightmare to me, given the lack of suitable alternatives and the weird street angles that abound in the area. Of course, we could do what they did in Doha, Qatar, and just tear down all the old stuff and build new that looks old, but with street realignment, new infrastructure, etc.
  12. Wasn't the City installing networked signal controllers? Those can be updated remotely, and don't get out of time like the electromechanical boxes, which was the reason the timing didn't stay synchronized.
  13. The general response in my neighborhood would be "OMG, I can't believe they are going to make biking safer by making it harder for me to drive 50 while texting. It's going to make me even later dropping the kids off at school, which means I'll be really late to my hot yoga class. How can they do this to me. Stupid bicycles need to be banned, they are a menace to cars. And, who cares if pedestrians can't get across the street easily, they should be in a car - that's how humans are meant to get around"
  14. Here's another story on the 1895 storm with more pictures. The post is 4 pages long, there's links at the bottom of the text https://spacecityweather.com/houston-snow-1895-galveston/ The chron.com link has some of the same stuff.
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