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  1. 201 Fannin

    Building was in really poor shape, apparently, after sitting unused for 10 years, and suffering a couple of floods. I haven't seen anything on what the interior layout was like, but it may not have been suitable for renovation considering asbestos abatement, life safety changes, etc. That was one of the stated issues with the old Jeff Davis hospital, that there was no economic way to make it comply with current life safety codes due to construction methods and design.
  2. Houston Press

    Berlin has no history, it was destroyed in WWII, then rebuilt to look old. London is tearing stuff down all the time, and much of the Eastern side is relatively new buildings that replaced structures lost in the war. The numbers you cite above might work if the building did not include the entire block. Given that the entire block is owned by a single entity that is not in the real estate business, there's no scenario that doesn't involve demolition and redevelopment with a structure that meets the owner's requirements. Presumably, the prior owner did not want to break up the block and sell pieces, and Chevron leaped at the chance to buy an entire block close to existing property in a single transaction.
  3. Houston Press

    I am all for owners preserving older buildings if that's what they want to do. I am not advocating that 1621 Milam be torn down for no reason, but the reality is that it sits on a Downtown lot worth $16 million. There is no economic use of a 41,000 sq ft building at that price unless it is made part of another piece of development, which doesn't really make sense. I suspect that Chevron saw that a full square block was available, and bought it to give them flexibility for future expansion, possibly a parking garage for their other buildings. I do not see an alternative where a full block owned by a single party doesn't get torn down and redeveloped. You could say the building was cursed in that way. If the block had been split between multiple owners, the incentive to demolish would be much smaller, because of limited flexibility. I am a strong believer in property rights, and that changing the game in midstream is wrong. I was vehemently against the Heights Historic Districts, because of how they were implemented, changing the rules on existing property owners, which diminished their rights. Grandfathering the existing homeowners would have been far more fair, than telling them to move to the suburbs when they had more kids, or wanted more space. I've lived in Houston since 1976, and have seen many changes, mostly for the better. The city has always reinvented itself. That's not going to change, and can't if we want the city to remain viable.
  4. Houston Press

    I don't think I've ever yelled, I merely point out that unless you own the building in question, you have no real interest in what happens to it. For anyone to be devastated that 1621 Milam might be torn down is irrational behavior. It's an old building on a lot worth $15 million. Anyone who thinks it's not going to be torn down or changed significantly is not living in reality. And, KinkaidAlum, I am no more a troll than you are. I can be blunt, but that's not trolling. You have an opinion, i have an opinion. Mine is more valid than yours, since it's based in reality and not dreams(I guess that's an opinion as well).
  5. Houston Press

    Sure it can. With another building that meets the owner's requirements. Or, a vacant lot with lower costs and reduced liabilities.
  6. Houston Press

    Does the Pres even have a building since it went all web based? Former building maybe.
  7. 1344 Yale

    Not a beautiful building at all. Typical for its time, no real redeeming features. Plain box with on angle on one corner. Great it's not being torn down to be replaced with a similar new building, but it's not special at all.
  8. Plan Downtown the next 20 years

    The parks didn't erode, they were buried under silt from upstream, at least from the dog park going downstream.
  9. Clear Lake

    I doubt many of the old timers were around in 1914 or so when the channel was first dredged. One of the bigger causes of the loss of oyster reefs was uncontrolled dredging of the reefs for road building material. In Baytown, until the 70's, many of the side streets were oyster shell, and this was the case for many towns on the coast.
  10. Plan Downtown the next 20 years

    The Yale bridge was built too low,and is an impediment during high water events. The rail bridge next to it is still there, because it can't be removed without a study that details the downstream impacts. Rebuilding the 11th Street bridge would be a giant pain in the ass, since the next bridge is at 18th Street.
  11. Future International Routes Out of IAH

    I flew Air France a lot in the early 90's, and it sucked, big time. CDG has always been the worst airport in the Free World, especially if you are flying to Africa.The CDG staff are awful,in 2000 we had one security agent tell an entire Continental flight "You stupid Americans, I hope your flight doesn't go today", after the previous day flight had been cancelled due to mechanical issues. Maybe they've changed.
  12. Future International Routes Out of IAH

    I hadn't read about United dropping the IAH-CDG route while trying to spite Houston for giving Southwest the international stuff out of Hobby. That was pretty stupid.
  13. The Kirby Mansion: 15-Story High-Rise @Brazos/Gray

    First, the drainage tax money is not being used for random crap, like so many people who haven't actually looked at the financials seem to think. The City Hall lobby piece was 20 or so years ago, and was mostly funded by donations. The morons who hate any sort of government spending argued a folding table would be adequate, then proceeded to say that it would be perfectly fine to put city employees in a warehouse on orange crates and random furniture, and preferably, no air conditioning.
  14. Rice University Buying Block 442

    Rice has owned the Southern half plus the south half of the NW 1/4 since 1994. the Midtown property that Rice bought is the NE 1/4. The rest of the block is owned by Enterprise Car Rental.
  15. HCTRA.CO - a new information site

    Lots of whining. Don't like toll roads? Don't use them. I find the HCTRA roads useful, and use them. I have a TX Tag, because that's one area where HCTRA is just not that good. No tax dollars went to the toll roads, and I think it's great that some of the money gets put into roads in the County where there aren't enough tax dollars to perform needed work.