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  1. Buffalo Bayou Master Plan

    The streets have always been designed to flood, because Houston is too flat to get heavy downpours drained quickly. I lived on Stella Link where the YMCA is in the 80's, and Bray's Bayou was over its banks at least once a year back then. Rice University and the Medical Center flooded in 1976 and 1979. Most of the intersections on Richmond and Westheimer outside the Loop flooded after an inch of rain. Freeways that are in trenches will flood - that's better than buildings flooding.
  2. 3100 Fannin

    IANAL, but the law says you can use deadly force to prevent criminal mischief in the nighttime. The statute also says you can use deadly force to protect the property of others. Personally, I am not likely to shoot a car thief/burglar. If you kill someone, the case goes in front of a grand jury, since that's the law. It can cost you $10k even if you get no-billed.All bets are off if they are inside my house, though.
  3. 3100 Fannin

    DA can't no-bill anyone, that's the job of the Grand Jury. All homicides(which means any killing of a person, including justified incidents) must be presented to a Grand Jury in Texas. It's already legal to use deadly force to protect your property, and during the hours of darkness, you can use deadly force to stop criminal mischief, which includes things like stealing hubcaps. Burglary of any building is a felony, the type of building varies the level of felony.
  4. Lower Westheimer Reconstruction

    Nope. Neither the City, nor Centerpoint, are willing to spend the money it takes to do that, especially given the minimal overall benefit.
  5. Planned LBJ Statue and Monument Downtown

    This is the absolute truth. Judging someone of LBJ's era by today's standards, especially with respect to the language they used, ignores all he did to promote civil rights.
  6. Old Houses (built before 1900)

    The City may not have issued permits then, which is the only real way to know the build date. I know that the house my granddad lived in on W 17th was build prior to 1911, because that's when they moved there.
  7. I stumbled on this cool piece of history. It's an analysis f Houston radio in 1987, with station histories, performance numbers, etc. I listened to KFMK in those days, and still miss that station.
  8. East River - KBR Site Puchased by Midway

    Those narrower streets are not pedestrian friendly. The sidewalks are generally narrower than on the thoroughfares, and often have cars parked on them.
  9. Lower Westheimer, 1981

    Michaelangelos is demolished, I believe. Godfather Restaurant was called Il Padrino the times I went there in the early 80's. The patio was illegally enclosed without any permits.
  10. East River - KBR Site Puchased by Midway

    Hogwash. Most of Europe has 100 plus foot wide streets and sidewalks where there's public transport. Otherwise, there's no room for buses or trams or trolleys. Or sidewalks.
  11. Pearl on Smith + New Whole Foods

    Midtown is less than a square mile. There's no way that plus Downtown gets a congressional district. Congressional districts for Texas are currently around 700,000 population, not the 20,000 or so that live in the middle of town
  12. Yes, the setbacks were in response to the Woodway situation.
  13. The River Oaks High-Rise Renovations

    No, there was never any chance of monorail in the 80's. None. Because they like the neighborhood, and it's convenient for work. They were anti rail because it would make access to their homes nearly impossible in some cases. Much like the way the rail has screwed up the Northside, where you have to go 20 blocks out of the way to get to your destination, because there's not enough rail crossings
  14. Cars Ruining Cities

    The next time Critical Mass comes through my hood, I am planning to walk across the main street they use every time the light turns green for me as a pedestrian. If they choose not to stop, then so be it. I may get a bruise or two, but their bike will be bent up after hitting me.
  15. 509 & 517 Louisiana to be Demolished

    Life is a lot easier when you don't worry about things you can't control, and other people doing something to their own property is one of those things.