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  1. Yes, that's a large part of it. Their big complaint is they don't want live music within 50 blocks of their houses.
  2. And Nextdoor is blowing up with pleas to contact TABC and object to the alcohol license for at least one of them.
  3. Replying to my own question, Christian Science is dying. They are selling property all over the country, and membership is way down.
  4. Hmm, another Christian Science church goes away. Are they losing members quickly, or are the members moving to other areas. 4910 Montrose is a good sized facility that implies there were a number of members at some point in the past.
  5. There used to be a metal forging company, as well as some other metal work related companies there, hence the remediation.
  6. It's owned by an entity named Achatus LP, whose franchise tax status is suspended. Before that, it was owned by the Houston Association of Credit Management, who bought it from Bank of the Southwest in 1977. No clue who owned it before then, the County Clerk's search feature isn't that great. Hmmm, I wonder if I can get the digitized records in a database format so I can do my own searches. I've done that with HCAD data, converting it to SQL Server in the past.
  7. I can't agree that it's like dropping a big wet one there. The new owner obviously believes there is a market for the product he plans to offer. Houston is actually nice like other cities, and even better in some respects, as it doesn't generally force property owners to abide by some vague aesthetic view promulgated by self proclaimed experts. What do you think should have been built there? Would you put, say, a million of your own dollars into making the theater something else? How do you propose to ensure that property owners get maximum value when they sell, while still satisfying yo
  8. Are you saying that the church should have consulted with the neighbors before selling, and received endorsement for the buyer? Are you saying that the church shouldn't have been able to sell for the highest amount possible if the buyer wasn't "acceptable"? This is Houston, where sellers get to take the highest bid, and buyers get to build pretty much whatever they want. 1111 Studewood is not two miles away from this location. It's hardly 2 blocks.
  9. There are already storage places on Shepherd and Durham. The storage place developers presumably did some sort of market research, and found a need for a storage unit location in this area. At some point, we will achieve peak storage unit, and will quit seeing new ones being developed. I will also assume that the storage unit developers made the best offer to the church for the property. The deed doesn't mention sales price, so any financing did not result in a lien on the property.
  10. That's always the issue. One of the first preservation controversies I remember here was the demolition of the publishing company building on Allen Parkway. The owners said something like "We can't afford to spend $2 million and finish with a building worth $1 million". You can't blame owners for not making decisions that don't make economic sense. But would the owners able to afford the costs to do that? Perhaps they can not do any further damage, in case a future owner feels like paying the costs.
  11. According to Nextdoor, you shouldn't be taking your kid across there, it's too dangerous and violates the concept that vehicle drivers be able to drive 45 or 50, since they are in a hurry, and far more important than you. Comments on the road diet are pretty much "what garbage", "welcome to traffic hell", "just wait until you are stuck behind a Metro bus for 10 minutes while a wheelchair patron gets on" and "kill your kids and pets, and quit trying to interfere with drivers in a hurry". There are days I despair for humanity. Note: The previous paragraph contains sarcasm and broad i
  12. The first time this page came up, using a right click open in new tab move, it had no quote links, and no reply area, although the submit reply button was there. I hit F5 in Chrome to refresh, and it came up correctly.
  13. I was asked earlier today if, given the size of the crane, does it have GFR? 🤣
  14. I had that happen as well. But not this time.
  15. I know that either Jones or Mann had a slide as a fire escape from the second floor, I recall seeing that in the 60's. My Dad wasn't too amused when I asked if it was OK to play on the slide. In the 1st grade, my Dad's younger brother was notorious for jumping out the window when the teacher's back was turned, so he could run home.
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