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  1. The colors in the photos had me rinsing my eyes with cold water, but that's what paint is for. Nice looking Chambers Model C in the kitchen
  2. Harris County Clerk Real Property Records. Search for the current owner as the grantee, then go backwards. It's not always obvious what terms to use, as the spellings are sometimes off, or change from buying to selling.
  3. From the Clerk's site, it was sold to Joe E Lee in 1968 by Gertrude Levy Finger, then in 1973 to a married couple, then transferred to the current owner after, presumably, a divorce in 1979. There have been a couple of City notices about the condition of the property.
  4. Have you seen the large crawler crane on the lost at Shepherd and 25th? Any details on it you can provide? I'm asking because it's way larger than most of the similar cranes we see.
  5. I've known a couple of kids who went there, and it was worth every penny for them and their parents, who were fortunate enough to have the wealth to pay the bill. Top notch education for kids with a variety of learning issues.
  6. Plaintiffs appear to have obtained a temporary restraining order to prevent any alteration to the structure. Defendants are complaining that it's not necessary, and costs them $500 per day in interest. One of the defendants has also argued that the suit is barred by the worker's compensation act. This should be interesting. Case numbers 201952375- 7 and 201955986- 7 on the Harris County District Clerk's site.
  7. That's all kind of surprising. My experience at MDA was they checked everything several times. There's often not much that can be done with respect to bad reactions to anesthesia.
  8. I will won't miss the used car lots when the last one disappears. This looks like such a big improvement overall, I'm not going to complain about the loss of a travel lane, since I don't think there will be any noticeable impact on travel time. Shepherd and Durham are in pretty awful shape, and my whole neighborhood, other than a few whiny types, are looking forward to this.
  9. Ross

    Love for Love Park

    The swimming pool at Love is a bowl of water in a treeless desert - there's no shade at all. We've been there just a couple of times in all the years we've lived in the area, preferring the pool at Memorial Park. The community center has a lot of potential, but it's underutilized.
  10. I;'m not sure there's enough room to run a train under Westheimer. The width inside the Loop is a little as 35 feet, which means it would be tough to fit the tunnels underneath without encroaching on someone's subsurface rights. There's also the issue that no one has a clue as to what's underground in much of Houston. Boring through old water or oil wells could cause some real issues.
  11. Light rail construction had started before mid-2001, as that was when I injured my knee crossing the construction to get to the other side of Main from Tuam. The development referred to was for property along the rail, which didn't really start for a number of years.
  12. Tax bill for this year is $504,486. that's not that much for an oil company, when a single piece of well equipment can cost that much, as can a couple of days of offshore drilling costs. https://www.hctax.net/Property/TaxStatement?Account=1377660010002 No loopholes for raw land. The taxes are deductible, as are the carrying costs, if any. Any income would be included as well, like parking. Wow, there's a 69 page parking agreement that goes with the land. And some other restrictions that make the conveyance from Wulfe to Apache's entity(BLPL Holdings LLC) a pretty complex deal.
  13. My wife worked for Cemex a number of years ago. Ever since then she has a tendency to correct anyone who calls these cement or concrete plants, saying "that's a ready mix plant!". Apparently the industry is picky about the term. That's a good location for them, since it's reasonably close, but there's not a lot of people out there. You might consider a drive along FM2234/McHard Road. There's some of the same stuff, plus the antenna farm, and oil field areas.
  14. It means that there is storage for 30 acre feet, which could do any number of things. At its most basic, it means 30 acres could have 1 less foot of water in the next flood event. In any case, more storage is always good.
  15. There is some demand for this sort of thing, I have a cousin who needed some longish term care, and they had a travel trailer they parked in an RV park not far from the hospital. That saved her and her husband a ton of money for hotel and other costs. The build out shouldn't be that expensive, and it's very easy to remove when the property becomes more valuable as something else. Note that this is next to Wildcat Golf Course, which was built on landfill and the entire area was part of the Pierce Junction oil field. There's also a salt dome under there. Some references https://www.mindat.org/loc-42542.html https://uh-ir.tdl.org/handle/10657/679 http://swamplot.com/mcraven-new-ut-houston-campus-not-a-dump-just-a-contaminated-s-main-industrial-site-like-any-other/2017-03-01/ (good map on this one)
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