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  1. Apache is moving its HQ to Westchase https://www.bizjournals.com/houston/news/2022/12/02/apache-corp-to-move-hq-to-westchase.html It looks like they are moving to space that part of the company already occupies “We are excited to move our corporate headquarters to Briarlake Plaza,” said Mark Maddox, Apache’s senior vice president of administration, in a statement. “The customized space we will build out at Briarlake will facilitate employee connection, reduce drive times for the majority of our employees, and enhance the employee workplace experience.”
  2. The Legislature does the heavy lifting on this. You can look at the Wikipedia pages for all of those institutions and see how they started, when they joined a system and changed names, and other useful information.
  3. As many as it takes to put UT and TAMU in their place, with the end goal of diverting all PUF money to UH, since anything Houston related is superior to anything else in Texas.🤣
  4. North Forest doesn't exist any longer. All of the kids are in HISD now. There was an agenda item in 2018 regarding settling the lawsuits in Federal court brought by former North Forest employees. What other issues were you wondering about?
  5. Heights 26th, llc has the same registered agent address as Property Commerce. https://www.propertycommerce.com/ Property Commerce, and the registered agent for Heights 26th, is the Mayor of Bunker Hill, among other things.
  6. That's not the Heights at all, it's Shady Acres. It's also currently a trailer park that sits next to a body shop with lots of parking. The proposed development hardly ruins the character of the area.
  7. That was very typical of the time. Lots of dark woods and heavy cloth.
  8. A lot of that was actually done by the owners, many of whom moved to new houses farther away from Downtown, and turned the old house into a boarding house, or sold it for another use. When I get a chance, I'll see if I can find when the CG Pillot house was demolished.
  9. There was a memorandum of sale to Toll Brothers recorded in July 2022. This isn't too surprising, since the property is valued by HCAD at $8.5 million, which would be tough for a pre-school to cover unless it's a non-profit and not subject to property taxes. Taxes are about $210,000 for this year. I can't find out the price paid to HISD for the property in 2010, the deed, as usual here, only says $10 and other valuable consideration.
  10. I think it was farther East, since it was on the corner of McKinney and Hamilton. The block number is on the Sanborn map as Block 158. Here's the entire Sanborn Map page:
  11. What would you do with the traffic that uses Spur 527? It doesn't go away, even if Brazos and Bagby weren't reconnected.
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