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  1. The district was formed in 1938 by consolidating 5 existing districts. There's some information here https://web.archive.org/web/20160223162436/http://www.kleinisd.net/default.aspx?name=75.history
  2. Why do relative newcomers have to try and change something that's worked well since long before they arrived? Give it up C&G, we don't need the proposed changes. Do what you like on the threads you start, but leave the rest of us alone. To me, HAIF is like Houston, kind of messy and disorganized, but totally awesome. We don't need forum zoning.
  3. Ross

    JPMorgan Chase Tower

    Another crappy Apple store, full of crappy products that are overpriced and hard to use? No thanks.
  4. NE: Notice that the other side of the power lines from Generationa Park are the Greens Bayou Wetlands Mitigation Bank, so can't be developed. That probably applies to all of that open space along Greens Bayou E: Huffman area is between the San Jacinto and Trinity rivers, and subject to flooding SW:The antenna fields aren't going anywhere, and are on top of a salt dome with an adjacent oil field The Manvel and Alvin areas are slowly developing, but it will take time. Plus, they are a long way outside the Beltway.
  5. Where, exactly, are these big empty areas? Keep in mind that much of the empty areas to the Northeast are flood plains, and some of the other open areas are active oil/gas fields. This project expands 45 from downtown to BW8. I doubt that will encourage sprawl, since the route is through pretty well developed areas.
  6. Houston has never been much of a condo city. Most folks prefer to own their home completely, and not be at the beck and call of an out of control condo board, and not pay outrageous monthly condo fees.
  7. It was Plitt, named after teh founder, Henry Plitt https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Henry_G._Plitt
  8. The commute times may be similar to what they were, but the number of commuters is much larger. The P&R capacity issue can be solved with more buses, which are much cheaper than a train. And, there's an added benefit that the lanes the buses use can be used by other folks at other times. Unlike rail, where nothing else can use the tracks.
  9. The data Crossley provided purports to be for Harris County. What happens if commuters from adjacent counties are included? Your argument on parking doesn't make sense. Take the three surface parking lots adjacent to 800 Bell. They are each about an acre. They are each tax appraised at about $9.4 million. Taxes on each are about $240k. those lots have been vacant for 40 years, as far as I can tell. They are owned by the same corporate group. The parking revenues probably don't exceed the tax cost by a significant amount, but let the owners hold the property until it is economic to build on the blocks. Artificially raising the the carrying cost of vacant downtown property won't create renters out of thin air. My neighbors aren't going to rescind the deed restrictions anytime soon.
  10. Wayne Dolcefino ran a story that may or may not have been true, that resulted in Turner losing to Bob Lanier. Some details here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sylvester_Turner
  11. Why would you tax surface parking at a higher rate? It's probably illegal to do that, and why would you force land owners to build structures no one wants to occupy? If there were demand for buildings on those parking lots, they would be built. If there's a congestion charge for coming inside 610, you should be prepared for massive protests, especially if there's no exemption for those of us who live inside the Loop. Bikes, e-Bikes and scooters? Sure my 83 year old mother would be just thrilled to have those as the only option to go to Jones Hall The people who commute in from the suburbs will never move into midrises in the center city. I am also not going to give up my 1/4 acre Inner Loop lot to provide more density.
  12. Ross

    JPMorgan Chase Tower

    Chase Tower is set too far back from the street. They need to reimagine it with structure all the way to the curb, and fill it with GFR and chef driven restaurants. Or, tear it down and replace it with something more suited for walkability, instead of the strip mall type parking area along Capitol and Milam. Bwahahahaha.
  13. The Zachry building is pretty awesome. Especially the 60,000 square foot law with all the machine tools.
  14. Who looks for existing topics by address? Who can tell what the address is as you drive by? Far better to have generic threads for an area, and maybe go specific when the name of the business is known. I never use the forum name to search either, since I just pull in all the new posts.
  15. That was the A from the original Sears sign that was originally attached to that part of the building. There are Masonic lodges all over town.
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