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  1. So, Sid Rich was a temporary building for just short of 50 years. By that definition without any context, every building in Houston is temporary. I don't need a mask, since I am at home. I guess the Hoosier Dome was a temporary building, since it was inflatable and only lasted 24 years or so. Should we also include the Metrodome, Silverdome, and Carrier Dome? Wait, the Carrier Dome is still around, after 40 years, but it's probably still temporary too.
  2. It's all a matter of how you define temporary. In your world, that's apparently anything less than a geologic epoch. In my world, an 18 year old inflatable building is not temporary. It may have a shorter overall life than a hard structure, but it's permanent. Temporary implies a very short time frame, like a couple of years, and I haven't heard anything from Rice to indicate their bubble is going away soon.
  3. Yep, lots of radiation in the basement. There are very thick walls between each treatment room as well. When I had my proton treatments, I received 2 gray units per day for 30 days. A fatal full body dose is less than 10 gray units. The cool thing with protons is that the energy can be controlled, unlike conventional radiation which, in the words of Jim Morrison, breaks on through to the other side. I wish I had been able to take a picture of the treatment rooms, but they don't allow you to take anything into the area except yourself and any appliances required for treatment.
  4. Just like the Texans practice bubble? https://www.houstonarchitecture.com/Building/2118/Houston-Texans-Practice-Bubble.php
  5. There are vast swathes of Houston that need repairs before Montrose does. Take a drive into the Fifth Ward North of I-10, or Kashmere, or any other lower SES area. They all need help before Montrose does, as they have been ignored forever. Yes, Lower Westheimer needs work, but it's not as other streets around town, and doesn't have the flooding issues nearly as bad.
  6. Kennedy Heights is nowhere close to Pierce Junction. There were no wells in the Kennedy Heights area, according to the Railroad Commission maps. There were demolished storage pits that allegedly caused issues.
  7. Berryhill in The Woodlands has a notice on the door that they owe $128,000 in rent, which probably means they are closed.
  8. From my who knows how accurate measurements on Google Earth, it looks like it was 150 feet long, 40 feet wide at the deep end, and 110 feet wide at the shallow end. There's actually a Facebook page for the pool https://www.facebook.com/pages/category/Community/Gateway-Swim-Skate-137489473122934/
  9. Awesome, I'm not the only person here who still calls it the right name. It will always be the Transco Tower to me. Along with the Republic Bank building, the Allied Bank building, the Texas Commerce Tower, etc.
  10. That's good. The hoity toity folks to the East of the park tried to get the basketball court removed a while back, because it attracted "undesirables", ie, people of color who didn't live in the neighborhood. Imagine the horror of having to watch people who don't look like you play basketball in a public park from the windows of your $600k townhouse.
  11. I can't believe you criticized something designed by I M Pei. How dare you! Everyone knows that the designers of the late 70's were the best ever, and we've been on a long downhill slide ever since, with nothing of note appearing for 40 years.😆😁🤣😂
  12. Those lines don't serve the condominium, and no one is willing to pay the cost for CenterPoint to bury all of the lines. The lines aren't hanging low, that's the camera screwing up things again.
  13. I think those GLO pictures are the ones displayed in Google Earth.
  14. That makes sense. Definitely no streets crossing 5th that start with Res.
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