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  1. Never had a problem walking in HV, from one end to the other on both sides.
  2. That's one of the more unique construction fences I've seen. Someone is willing to pay extra for that over chain link with green cloth
  3. If eagles are nesting there, then the trees can't be cut. That happened in The Woodlands in a couple of places.
  4. The Art Guys moved to Mainland's new location on Airline
  5. The Howard Hughes Company is moving their HQ from Dallas to one of the Anadarko buildings.
  6. That looks like it would make an amazing swimming pool, but increasing proton treatment capacity is probably more important.
  7. We went to a reception at The Gallery on Beverly last month(wife's nephew). The ceremony was at a Catholic church, with reception after. Very enjoyable, lots of space for people to gather, talk, etc. Food was decent. Pricing doesn't look horrible. https://www.thegallery-houston.com/
  8. Here's a story on the AwuaBobber https://www.vintag.es/2018/01/models-demonstrating-the-aqua-bobber-1961.html
  9. We've got some youth baseball bats that might be helpful.
  10. I bought my first new car from Gillman Pontiac in 1980, at the Bellaire location. That was a time when there will still a lot of dealers on Kirby, and a couple of dealers still near Downtown.
  11. That's an issue when building these things, they use materials that look great at first, but then rot or deteriorate, and no one wants to spend the money or time to replace/maintain them. Instead of wood, they perhaps should have used something like Trex. It was a good fit for that quirky part of 19th.
  12. I must say it's a much better building than the parking garage and SEARCH building. A part of me (the oppositional, sarcastic part) does want to say "I can't believe you want to get rid of that beautiful eyesore of a parking garage and classic generic 1960's midrise. Do we really want to lose the awesome details on the garage, like the teal safety rails, and the drains that create magic patterns of crap on the vertical facades?"
  13. Yep, that's the 800 Bell parking garage. One block West and one block South. I think it has 2 underground floors and 5 above ground, but don't hold me to that.
  14. The one to the left of the Humble Building(I'm old school, my Grandfather worked in the previous Humble building on Main)? That's the 800 Bell parking garage, and it does take up the entire block. It used to have an Exxon station in it until they had to replace the storage tanks, and it was simpler to just eliminate the station.
  15. No, that's second world. Third world would have the second machine holding up another machine, which would sit on top of some sketch bamboo scaffolding.
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