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  1. Anyone here lives in riverstone ? It appears riverstone is a very large community and the schools are zoned 'all-over'. Are they going to have more elementary/middle/high schools coming-up (if so, when ?) inside the community ? Also, is their any tax difference between the Missouri city portion of Riverstone and Sugarland portion of Riverstone ? Any potential 'annexing' issues ? (honestly, I don't know what they mean when people use that word in this context). How about the commute from Riverstone to Downtown ? It seems theres a 6 miles drive thru Hwy 6 before getti
  2. How do you know whether you have a red-light camera ticket ? I mean, if its lost in the mail or something, is there a number you can call / website you can check whether there are any pending red-light tickets against you ? Also, usually, how many days would it take for the mail to show up ?
  3. I think metro stopped 'round trip' tickets that were valid for 24 hours any direction...
  4. http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/front/5846440.html
  5. Eden cove is perry homes and the sales person said
  6. My understanding is that many hospitals in TMC are so called non-profit origanisations. Then, why do they squeeze every penny out of your wallet for parking ? It appears the average rate on a week day is $ 10 (for 2+ hours, for a normal 'visitor/patient'. Texas children's has outrageous rates. $16 !!!!! Anyone has any less-expensive options than metrorail ?
  7. Is there ay difference between EZtag and TXtag ?
  8. Please share where exactly in 288 ? At the intersection of 610 and 288, so that you could not get in to EITHER DIRECTION (West / East) of 610 ? Or it is before/after 288-610 intersection ?
  9. http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/nb/for...ws/4998528.html
  10. I think there are two school of thoughts in SCR for the landfill issue. One school thinks that they should fight agressively against the landfill at any cost and make their place safe to live. I think they are optimistc folks who think landfill expansion can be prevented by a collective protest. Other school thinks that more protest and more media attention will only help to spread the news about the landfill and would reduce the property value irrespective of whether landfill expands or not. I think these folks are rather pessimistic and are doing the damage control by keeping the landfill i
  11. When TCEQ granted green signal to BFI in March, Attorney Richard Morrison has mentioned that he is going to file a "Request for Contested Hearing" (RCH) to TCEQ. My understanding is that its the same TCEQ who decides on this request. Does anyone know anything about it ? Its accepted/rejected/pending
  12. Anyone has an update on this ? I did not hear /read anything since april end...
  13. I heard that some insurance companies are reluctant to cover Storm and Hail in their hazard insurance for Homeowners in 288/FM 518 area. OR if they do, they charge a hefty premium. Is it correct? A Request for Residents in subdivisions close to 288 and FM 518 : How much are you paying for Hazard Insurance ? Does it include Wind and Hail ? Who is the insurance Provider ? Did it change significantly after Rita ? Thanks.
  14. Meritage has a subdivision named 'Pelican Shores' and Perry's 'Eden Cove' are VERY close to landfill but not in the cheap category. There may be more, but these are two I am aware of. I think (most of) the cheaper homes are between Kingsley and Biscayne Bay
  15. It appears that builders are in a hurry to close out before the news get spread. I saw an ad that Perry is offering 10K bonus and Steel appliances upgrade for all potential buyers in Eden Cove in SCR. That would ring a bell when you notice that Eden Cove is a subdisvision in SCR kissing almeda/Landill
  16. http://www.khou.com/topstories/stories/kho...ar.fb2abb8.html
  17. Right. But the new issue is that BFI is planning to do a massive expansion to the landfill, which after completion will be a 17 stories high heap of trash
  18. It appears that the actual 'City' of this landfill is 'Fresno' . ( MAP ) I know Pearland is opposing the expansion but did not read much about Fresno anywhere. So George, it appears that you are optimistic that the expansion will not happen eventually. Did I get that right ?
  19. I am thinking the folks contributing to the "Pearland Retail Development" thread may have some information about this issue as well. Hope those folks share their view here soon..
  20. Thanks for everyone sharing their views. After reading lots of materials on this topic, this is my view * Since state (TCEQ) has already ruled ins favour of Allied, they are half-done with it [Yes, better begun is half done] * Also, it is the same TCEQ who will decide on the "request for contested hearing" (RCH), I would not be surprised if that request is denied again * If RCH is granted, it will be another 2 years or so, for the final decision. * Missoury city and Fortbend already agreed to receive 'tipping fees' (Legal Bribe ?) for their silence * Eventhough TV stations are in the battle, I
  21. Can someone post a link to the lawsuit by Channel13,11,26 on this issue ? I could not find it..
  22. We were looking to buy a home (first time buyers) in/around houtson area and have almost narrowed it down to shadow Creek Ranch (SCR) in Pearland. Other day, I was talktng to a person who is currently living in SCR for more than a year and he firmly advised me not to buy in SCR. He feels he made a mistake. Why ? Not because of the builder/neighbor/Commute/Crime/Schools...But because of the proposed Expansion of a LandFill quite adjacent to SCR. The issue is " Blue Ridge Landfill owner BFI is going to expand the facility from its current 530-acre, 58-foot-high capacity to 784 acres, with refuse
  23. Following is the article from Houston Chronicle on april 11 2007. Available at http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/business/4704368.html
  24. We are looking to buy a home in Sugarland/Pearland and came acroos this "Bridgewater" community. can someone comment about "Bridgewater" neighbourhood in missouricity/sugarland ? Hows the community ? is it a diversified neighbourhood ? How about the Lexington Creek (Elem) and Dulles (Middle/High) school ? How about the appreciation (It seems there many home in the $250s which are built aorund 1995 ) oh, how about the commute to TMC/Downtown? It seem South main(from US59 - 610S) becoming a freeway may lighten some traffic. Thanks.
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