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  1. I also remember the one on Telephone Rd. My parents used to drive by it all the time. I always wanted to go there but never did for one reason or another. It seemed so high at the time. Does anyone know how tall it actually was?
  2. Back in 1982 on the night of my junior prom a group of us went to a place called Don the Beachcomber (I think that was the name). Does it ring a bell with anyone and is it still there?
  3. I live in Arkansas now but my parents live in Sugar Land and they are going to ride it out. My brother and sister live in north Houston and are also riding it out. My brother's in-laws live in Clear Lake and left this morning to stay with my brother. My niece lives on Westheimer and is leaving tonight to come up here and stay with me for a few days.
  4. I hated to hear that Astroworld is closing it's doors. I remember going there as a small child through my teenage years and always had a seasons pass. The black dragon was my favorite ride back in the early days.
  5. That's so wonderful of them to do! I hope all of the animals find their owners or a good home soon.
  6. I remember that flea market. A friend of mine lived in some apts nearby and we used to walk there on the weekends. This was around 1981-1983. It was a pretty rough area.
  7. Charles Chips? Back in the early 70's when I was a little girl a big brown delivery truck would stop at our house and deliver those big cans of Charles Chips. We got the regular and BBQ flavors. Man they were delicious!
  8. 57 TBird, I couldn't remember if it was in Stafford or Sugar Land. It was on 90 and you're right, it was in Sugar Land. Wasn't it across from the sugar factory somewhere? My brother and I drove by there looking for it about 4 years ago and it was no where to be found. We couldn't pin point the exact location it stood on. We just assumed it was demolished. I couldn't find any info on the net about it either.
  9. Does anyone remember the old theater in Stafford? It was on Main (90). We drove by there about a year ago and it was gone. My friend and I saw Saturday Night Fever there when we were 12 or 13 (we snuck in to see it because we were underaged).
  10. In 1971, my parents moved to the Briargate subdivision right off of Hillcroft south of 90 (where it dead-ended at that time) which was actually in Missouri City I believe. I went to Blueridge Elem and then to Mo City Jr High from 1977-1979, and then on to Willowridge HS. I remember Meyer Speedway. My dad took us there a couple of times.
  11. Thanks for the link! I remember when Sharpstown was THE mall to go to. Back in 1978 when my older sister first started driving she took me there. It rained very hard that day and her car stalled because the street in front of the mall was flooded. We had to walk to a pay phone to call our parents.
  12. My ex-in-laws live in a house very similar to this. It's a Sears and Roebuck Home that was delivered on the train in 1906. They live in a small town in Arkansas.
  13. Does anyone have any old photos of Meyerland Plaza or know where I can find any? I remember shopping there with my mom when I was a little girl.
  14. If that little boy was a little girl it could have been! I'll have to find that photo and post it.
  15. All this talk about Westbury Square is bringing back memories. Recently I ran across a photograph of my mom, my sister and I sitting at the fountain around 1970 or 1971. I loved the candle shop and the ice cream parlor. I grew up in SW Houston around Main (90) and Hillcroft. There was a Safeway and a Woolco there and a bank. Just over the RR tracks was a Burger King that I started working at when I was 16. Next door was a Pizza Inn. All of that is long gone now. There was an old move theater in Sugar Land on 90 that we used to go to as teenagers. Sugar Land was out in the middle of nowhere then. I remember taking a field trip to the sugar factory in elementary school. I graduated from Missouri City Jr High (I think it's called Missouri City Middle School now).
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