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  1. Does anyone remember when the Parker Brothers rented Playland Park (out on South Main) for a company party; they hired a Cajun Band for entertainment? BTW, this could well have been in the 50's or thereabouts! Dave Lang
  2. A little bit of WWII Houston trivia.....as a youngster (attending Cage Elementary in the early 40's), I remember a lot about the day-to-day life during the war.....so here goes. Just before the war, I remember going to the Houston ship-channel Turning Basin and seeing ships with big White flags with a Red Sun in the middle being loaded with scrap iron (via magnetic cranes). I remember a relative saying, they're going to be throwing that stuff back at us one of these days! We had Air Raid wardens for our blocks in the Telephone Rd/Wayside area (Eastwood). I remember the Air Raid blackout drills, and the warden coming around to admonish you if he could see light coming from your house. The warden had a gas-mask! My Dad worked at the Dixon Gun plant (I think it may have been a Hughes subsidiary), making large artillary gun barrels. My brother worked at a place near Telephone and Wayside called McAvoy's, where he made parts for machine guns. We frequently went around our neighborhood collecting paper scrap for the war effort. My brother-in-law lived across the street till he went in the Army....his brother was killed in an Army Air Corps training accident. My sister in law's brother was killed in Italy defusing a pile of mines. Down on telephone road was the Beehan's sewing machine shop. Their son, Kermit, later became known as the pilot of Bock's Car, the B-29 that dropped the 2nd Atomic bomb. We couldn't drive on the seawall at Galveston along where the Fort/Artillary was, you had to detour around back, away from the beach area till well past the Fort. I remember the junk that used to wash up on the beachs at Galveston from the ships that had been torpedoed in the Gulf; this included bananas, and lots of big ugly hunks of tar/oil. The price of Shrimp sky-rocketed because the shrimp boats were afraid to go out due to the Nazi subs in the Gulf. Ellington field was a beehive of activity, and when you drove by Ellington field (Old Galveston hiway) you could see piles and piles of wrecked aircraft stacked behind a fence next to the hiway. What we call war today is a joke! In WWII, everyone was engaged, and their lives profoundly affected by the event, and everyone made sacrifices, be it blood, separation from family, or inconvenience in daily life.
  3. U-suredid , thanks so much for the great pics of the Travelers....beyond my fondest hopes! BTW, does anyone know where the old Milby Hotel was located?
  4. As I recall, the Hotel was the narrowest of the 3 narrow buildings in the middle of that block. Proceeding away from the bayou on Main, you encounter the Hotel, then the Cafe.
  5. Having been at the hotel a few times (an Uncle managed it), I would say the red-arrow is in fact correct!
  6. Regarding early NASA facilities along Telepohone Rd, I was assigned to the Franklin Apartment complex. This was near the interesection of Telephone and Wayside, and as I recall, right across I-45 from the Petroleum Center (where other NASA offices were located); I remember needing to go over to the Petroleum Center for meetings, and could literally see it from my office, but had to "go the long way around" to actually get to it. Does anyone remember those Franklin apartments, and the street they were situated on?
  7. I worked in the Franklin Apartment Building just across the Gulf Freeway from the Houston Petroleum Center. I worked in the Flight Crew Support Division (but at that time our group was separated from the rest of the Division because of the general shortage of facilities, so we were strung around Houston)....those in my Division did work on EVA, but I personally was in flight simulation and crew training. Dave
  8. Hi Musicman, I checked out the thread "Tour du Telephone" (BTW, a great pic thread of old Telephone Rd). I stand corrected, you were right on! That was in fact the very Las Vegas Inn where I loved to eat, and it was on Telephone, not Wayside as you said. I worked for NASA when it first moved to Houston, and was scattered all over the South end in miscellaneous buildings. I worked in an apartment house (NASA had rented), and the street in front of the apartment dead-ended into Telephone just about 2 blocks from where the Las Vegas Inn was located, so we had many a pleasant lunch there. Thanks for the clue! Dave
  9. Thanks for the clarification Mark. Also, the nostalgic pics of PP Speedway. Dave
  10. I am wondering if anyone else remembers (from about 1943) a P-47 fighter aircraft power-diving into the ground right next to OST not far from the old OST theatre (in the direction towards Main st). It left a huge crater rignt next to the OST pavement; the pilot was reputed to have been buzzing his girl-friends house, and got into a flight condition from which he couldn't recover. I wonder if there are any photos of that crash site?
  11. Does anyone remember or have information about the "Las Vegas Inn", a great family owned Mex restaurant on (N side of) Wayside near the intersection of Wayside and the Gulf Freeway?
  12. Was Meyer Speedway the speedway out on South main right next to old "Playland Park" (that had the big roller-coaster), where they used to race midget-cars? If so we used to hear the cars on Saturday night all the way over in Bellaire. Also used to see Doc Cossey and AJ Foyt (in his early carreer) racing there. Dave
  13. Does anyone remember the old "Traveler's" Hotel low-down on Main street near the via-dock? My wife spent much time there as a child (in the 40's) with her Aunt and Uncle, who managed the hotel. Does anyone know where to find photos or historical info on this establishment? Thanks
  14. As someone who was a regular customer at the old Liberty Hall from its time of estbalishment up until about 1975, I have a very warm place in my heart for this historical venue. It was a safe and pleasant place to visit in those days, with easy access right off the Gulf freeway coming into Houston from the south. There was a group of us who worked at NASA, and played and enjoyed listening to alternative/folk bands). I used to bring my children there for musical "education". Since the Liberty served food, it was possible to bring in under-aged children (with a guardian); our whole family would eat red-beans and rice there (that was standard meal offering) it was an incredible opportunity to see bands that were one their way to national prominence, but who were still open to playing relative small venues. The place had a very intimate feel to it, and it seemed almost as though the performers werein your living room. I remember one night in particular when Lightning Hpkins played there with Big Momma Thornton, and by the end of the set, Lightning (who seemed intent that night on impressing Big Momma) ended up playing his guitar lying flat on his back on the floor...something you wouldn't probably see in other venues. I saw up-close and personal, many wonderful performances of the well-known and the obscure (for instance, anyone remember the numerous highly popular appearances of "GooseCreek Symphony"?). I have been trying to track down Liberty's historical development, and more importantly any pictures (inside or out) of the old venue. Some have said it was a theatre, while others have said it was an old VFW hall. Does anyone have authoritative info on this? There was another Houston venue around the same time, that was located downtown (near the Bayou) close to the "farmer's market", called "The Old Quarter". Again, a very cozy place (much smaller than Libtery) where one could see performances of many great players (Lightnin Hopkin's...I had a drink with him at the bar during a break, ZZ Top before they became nationally aclaimed, Townes Van Zandt, etc, ....then the obscure.....a friend and I even played there one time). I am seeking historical info about the looks and appearance of both these venues. Thanks for any help. Dave Lang
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