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  1. They may have filmed some of the shots, or substituted some shots, but I saw them filming at the trailer park and at an empty lot a little farther down the street where they had placed another trailer. I double checked with my wife. She remembers the trailer park scene was in Deer Park, I got that one wrong. Some of the other trailer scenes were on Garner near Lafferty. She even sneaked onto the set and looked into the trailer as John Travolta was changing clothes setting up for a scene. They may have reshot some the ones they didn't like and tried to sneak them in on us. joe
  2. Wow, I did not know that. Before it was the Parks Dept. it was StransSteel HQ. I always thought they built it for themselves. joe
  3. brerrabbit, Sheffields on Telephone was owned by the same family that owns Sheffields Grocery on MLK. I grew up across what was then South Park Blvd.. It was a small green building with garage doors on three sides they have since built a big store there. I was in there almost everyday buying models and balsa wood airplanes. During a flood in the late 60s early 70s we took a flat bottom rowboat from our house on Southseas across to Sheffields back down Southseas to Crestmont to Van Fleet by the old KMart back to Southseas down South Park without ever touching ground. joe
  4. Reading on another thread about the Meyer property reminded me of a big house on the SW corner of Telephone and Bellfort. It was a big brick house with ivy growing on the walls. It looked like it may have pre dated Garden Villas. I was once told that most of that area of town was once horse ranches. There were large mansions everywhere. An example is the big house off Dixie near Broadway, the house next to a church on Dixie near Chaffin and the old construction office on Mykawa off Dixie. They looked like some of the anti-bellum homes you would see in the old south. joe
  5. Not to try and highjack the thread, but you all sound like you are very familiar with the area. Do any of you remember a mansion that sat on the inside corner of 610 across from Meyerland Plaza and does any one know the story behind it. It's been gone for a while. joe
  6. Oh ok, thanks I know where you mean. Over by Bob Robertson Chevrolet. I loved that Chevy building. White art deco looking with a big neon clock on the front. joe
  7. Jimmey Menutis looks a lot like the Santa Rosa Theatre. Are they the same building. joe
  8. Kips Big Boy was on the NW corner of South Park now MLK and Griggs. Across the street on the SW corner was Montgomery Wards on the SE corner was Palms Center, a pre-mall shopping center but not really a strip center, I don't remember what was on the NE corner. Big Humphrey was a wrestler. I don't remember where it was on Park Place but I do remember Kolchak's BBQ just west of Telephone Rd., it closed in the last couple of years. joe
  9. I know I'm resurecting and old thread but no one mentioned KAUM. They had the oval multicolored stickers with their call letters in the middle. And lets not forget late night Dr. Demento although I can't remember what station he was on. joe
  10. I love that tour. I found it really intresting when I read a marker at the one in Praha that they lost almost all it's adult male population during WWII. joe
  11. The Home Depot is on the feeder of I 45. It and the shopping center next door is where Bob Marco Buick, McDavid Olds and Metro Chrysler Plymouth used to be. The structure you see on corner of Telephone and Winkler is probably the Tele-Wink Grill. It has been there since I can remember and is still going strong and still one of the best and cheapest breakfasts in town. joe
  12. Someone also mentioned The Confederate House. It was closed in the early 80s and was reopened a little later by Tony Valone if I remember right. The only thing I remember about the original was the hostess. Tall, tanned, blond beautifull girl. The State House on the corner of Weslayan and Alabama was The Black Angus before that. That I do remember because I spent many happy hour there, I even have one of their ashtrays at home. joe
  13. I was looking for info on Sonny Looks and Dean Goss when I found this thread. I have spent every spare moment reading the last three pages and reliving old memories. Thanks to everyone. The pizza parlor in Westbury Square was Village Inn Pizza. I worked there one summer in 1973. We trained there to go to a store they were building at the corner of the The Belway and Hughes road. At that time the Beltway only ran from I45 west about 4 or 5 blocks and would deadend at a stop light, Hughs Road ran to the left and Sabo to the right. I see a lot of you also worked there. We probably saw each other, like the saying goes "Ships that pass in the night." joe
  14. Hey guys, I found this site looking for info on Sonny Looks Depot and saw this thread. I dated a girl in Pasadena during the filming and spent most of my spare time driving her around trying to get a glimps of John Travolta, the trailer scene where the bouncer lived was actually behind Gilleys. The trailer park were Bud and Sissy lived was on Garner between a nursing home and a 7/11. The trailer park and 7/11 are gone now. The restaurant was where described earlier next to a muffler shop the slab is still there. joe
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