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  1. Markle Steel is still there. It is on the right as you drive into downtown coming from the south on I45. It is a big tin building with a painting of a guy in a hardhat standing on a steel beam being hauled up by a crane. Up until about the late 70s the painting was outlined in neon. And when it was lit up the guys arm would move up and down as if to signal the crane operator to haul him up. I had forgotten about the AB eagle flapping its wings. joe
  2. The Frito Lay plant was on the corner of I45 and Broad. You could smell the fritos when you drove by. Levits is now Trading Fair II. There was Oak Farms on Westheimer I think which is now a cold storage warehouse. Nabisco smelled really good when you drove by on OST and Almeda. Something like a Nilla wafer. I think it is now part of the VA hospital. Bordens is still sold in Houston, along with Oak Farms. The one I have not seen in a long time is Quality Checked. When I lived in the Valley it was called Hygia, here it was called Sanitary. Speaking of old signs anyone remember the Markle Steel sign when it used to light up. joe
  3. Yes Levits' Furniture is now Trading Fair II just east of MLK. And right across the street was Ole Bare and his Superior Waterbeds warehouse store. I wonder what happened to him. I guess waterbeds are no longer chic. joe
  4. I remember it well. I spent many a Friday and Saturday nights there. Also at the Skate Ranch of Monroe, I think, on one of those streets that cut back to the I45 feeder. The building for Gulfgate is still there just west of Telephone. There is a sign that says Savon Furniture, but I think it is abandoned. You can see the entrance on the southeast corner that once had an awning. joe
  5. Timmers Chevrolet moved and changed names. It was owned by a guy named Carroll Smith. He had those commercials on tv that said " I don't want to be your plumbler, and I don't want to be you dentist ....... I just want to be your car dealer. It is now Monument Chevrolet on 225 and Beltway 8. It was once advertised as "Carroll Smiths-Monument Chevrolet" but I haven't seen any commercials for it in a long time. joe
  6. It is the same company, but I don't think it is the same owner. Davis Chevrolet is on the South Loop across from Reliant by Calvert Toyota. The original Chuck Davis Chevrolet was on OST just east of what is now 288 near where Southern Sales used to be. Joe
  7. No, I remember Big Boy with his checkered overalls and fliped up hair. This was a sign much like Burger Chef even the little men looked very similar. joe
  8. "If you happen to see me, You can't help but hear me, Driving in my car. Cause for miles around, You can hear the sound, Of that lovin steel guitar. I'm always singin, And KNUZ is wailin, Loud enough to wake the dead. KNUZ country, thats where my head is at. K N U Z" "I got a special built rig, With speakers so big, They rattle the house next door. I turn KNUZ on, to a country song, And just listen to them roar. I can't remember the rest" I don't know why I remember that 30 years later and can't remember to take out the garbage. joe
  9. I remember that. In the true spirit of Ken Lay, Elvis and other conspiracies, many thought he had someone killed and buried in his grave. Him being a prominent plastic surgeon used his contacts in Mexico to change his appearance and his identity. I guess he lives on a tropical island with Lay, Elvis, Emilia Earhardt and the Roswell alien. isuredid, your right Houston was a different place then. Pin Oak Stables were right off Fournace I think in the middle of what is now the Gallariea Area. joe
  10. Which was the one that had the sign much like Burger Chef but had the little chef running holding up a hamburger on a plate up in the air. I alway thought that was Burger Chef. joe
  11. I worked at the Globe on Woodridge in 1974 for one summer. The tire store next door was Fisk, had a little boy in pajamas and holding a candle with the slogan "Time to retire.". The only Globe left after the late 70s was one in McAllen Texas. It was closed about 5 years ago. It made so much money from people coming across the border to shop they kept it open. I remember Sage because it was the only non grocery store open on Sundays. They would block off sections of items you couldn't buy because of the Blue Laws. joe
  12. Wasn't it called Happy Days at one time too. I don't remember if it was before or after it was Yesterdays. joe
  13. There was a really bad one about 20-30 years ago at 610 Southloop and the 225 interchange. It burned so hot it melted the beams on the 225 west exit ramp and it had to be closed for a while for repairs. It also killed a motorcycle policman who happened to be riding near the truck. joe
  14. Yea but we used to also break open thermometers and roll the mercury around in our hands, and run back and forth across the street through the fog when the mosquito fog trucks drove by. I'm surprised our generation survived, or maybe we are stronger because of it. Either way we weren't very bright. joe
  15. And what about: "If you don't buy your next car from Rosenstock, we both loose money." If I remember right Frizzell, Bob Marco and some others got caught up in an odometer rollback sting in the mid 80s. Metro Chrysler Plymouth was the one on the corner of Woodridge and 45. joe
  16. I had an aunt die in that accident. joe
  17. I used to go there in the mid to late 70s, and also to the Carousell Club. It was'nt to bad back then. They did have a reputation for being pressure cooker clubs but they were pretty safe. joe
  18. By looking at the orientation of the Carousel that Peppermint Park was where the Ford Dealership is now. Is that correct? joe
  19. Before it was the Park Place Grill it was the Burgerhaus for a long time. They had the best burgers. It shut down reopened as the Park Place Grill but it was never the same. joe
  20. Christie's on the southside closed. The Christie's on Westheimer is still open. joe
  21. I don't remember exactly but its been quit a few years. The old Monument Inn was next to the battleship, it burnt down. The new Monument in is next to the ferry landing where the old San Jacinto Inn used to be. There are tables next to a row of windows that face the channel, its a fun view. They take a beating when I go on the raw oysters alone. joe
  22. The San Jacinto Inn is gone but the Monument Inn has the same all you can eat deal. Look about half way down the menu. Monument Inn joe
  23. That is the sight of another long gone restaurant Alfies Fish and Chips. joe
  24. Could it have been Captain Wicks. It is a buffet type seafood place and is still in operation on the Seabrook side of the channel. joe
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