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  1. Wow, that is a nice looking building. AAMA has come a long way since they were in an old warehouse on Polk near the old Mrs. Bairds bakery in the 70s. I used to take folk dancing lessons there. joe
  2. Those are not parking lots those are holding pens to store your vehicle when you take a cab or a friend drives you home. joe
  3. The tunnel was one way and started on the side of Sakowits and came out under the Gulfgate sign by the pedestrian overpass. In between the were loading docks for all the major stores and some of the small ones. It could accomadate a large box truck. I don't remember but I don't think it was big enough for 18 wheelers. We would lose people when playing cb hide and seek and other chase games back in the 70s by going under the tunnel and coming out on the 610 feeder do a quick u turn and going 610 or 45 south. joe joe
  4. The Venitian in Las Vegas has the best I've seen. In Houston, Dillards at The Galleria. They are original to the building so they are old, but well maintained. The walls are concrete and tile so the stalls have not been shrunk down so you shoulders touch each side and the doors open to the outside so a 6'2' 300 pound guy like me doesn't have to climb on top of the tank to open it to get out. joe
  5. Or they could be old neighborhoods that do not exist anymore like Toxic Bend or Flamingo Estates. joe
  6. Gene Norman has been a weatherman in Houston before a few years ago, Ch. 13 if I remember right. joe
  7. The Fireplace Man is good. There is also a place on I45 around the NASA 1 League City area on the southbound side that is pretty good. Stay away from on that is on Almeda Genoa just east of I45 on a side street. That dude is out of his mind on the prices. joe
  8. At one time you were able to drive through the plant and come out on 225. It is the same as Goodyear Dr.. That was in the 70s. They tried to close it but since it was a public road they had to reopen, then after the threat of terrorist attacks and all that they finally closed it permanently. I think I read they kept the bridges so in an emergency they can evacuate the plant by opening the gate. But I am a little confused this is no where near Addicks reservoir. joe
  9. Fredricksburg, Johnson City, Hwy 16 from Kerrville to Medina is nice this time of year. Then on to Bandera. joe
  10. Sevfiv, I know this sounds simplistic but try lubing the hood stops. They are all the rubber bumpers that isulate the hood from the fenders and front radiator support. They creak and sound just like suspension noise. Just dab a little grease on them and see what happens. And don't forget the hood latch if it's dry. joe
  11. It's called the West Mansion, there is a good thread on it in this forum. Jim West Mansion joe
  12. That was the parking lot for Gilleys on Spencer and Waters. Before Mi Tienda and HEB and Albertsons were built, that corner was a mall called Pasadena Plaza. It had a Palais Royal and a Panchos Buffet that I can remember. I'm not sure what the story is on the slabs those used to be houses a long time ago. joe
  13. Able Drugs and the multistory Entex building that was next to it were demolished about 10 years ago and a Walgreens now sits there. Gilleys was located at the SE corner of Spencer and Waters behind a small motel, which is still there. The club and rodeo arena were torn down. Parts of the recording studio are still there but hiden by overgrown weeds and bushes. joe
  14. Arandas Seafood on I10, inbound around Federal. They have a really good Mexican shrimp cocktail and probably the best fried oysters around. They are not limp and soggy, the texture is more crisp than most. joe
  15. Don Carlos on 74th The taco bus on Wayside around Ave o. Bradys Landing Mucho Mexico on Wayside just south of I10 was good, I was disappointed the last time I went about a year ago, but maybe they were having a bad day. joe
  16. Yes, I signed up last Monday. I'll look for your car. joe
  17. Did anyone else sign up for this or is planing on doing it. joe
  18. He can have sex with a chocolate covered midget sitting on a goat wearing leather underware if he wants. The only ones who should make him resign are the people that elected him. joe
  19. That sounds like a blast. I'm going to register. We do the Susan Roberson Wade Memorial Rally every year and have really good time. Hope to see some of you there. joe
  20. Not being able to describe Houston in one word or phrase is what is best about it. It is a futuristic modern city but deeply rooted in tradition and it's past. No other city in the US or even the world can claim such extremes. From NASA and the race for space to San Jacinto and the birth of Texas. From billion dollar oil and banking powerhouses to the taqueria on Harrisburg. From multimillion dollar mansions to turn of the century Victorian houses, Houston has it all. And it's people are just as diverse. A Houstonian can fit in at a White House black tie dinner and feel right at home at an Oktoberfest beer bust. It may be all this diversity that makes Houstonians a little more tolerant about the world around us. So let San Antonio have it's Alamo and Dallas it's oil companies and El Paso it's western heritage. We have all three and much more. joe
  21. If channel 11 is pro democratic or slanted to the left it is a recent development. When Bill Clinton got elected Steve Smith did an anti Clinton editorial almost every week until he left. It turned my off of watching channel 11 news all together. joe
  22. Yes it was a large white stone building with towers on the corners and a moat in front with a draw bridge to the front door. joe
  23. We had on of sorts on Westridge between Kirby and Main in the late 70s. The building was shaped like a castle and may still be there, at least it was in the early 90s. It was a warfare museum and had wax figures set up in displays from Ghengis Khan to the Inquisition to Adolf Hitler. If there was a wax museum on Post Oak I am not familiar with that one. joe
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