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  1. Also there was Cooters, Roxy's, the Rubiat, Tuesdays, The Crazy Bannana, and one I cannot remember the name at the moment but it was on the westbound side of Wertheimer around Fondren area. It was two stories and in the middle of an apartment complex.
  2. There used to be a dance hall/pool room just south of the Hobby Airport and north of Almeda Genoa on Telephone road in the late 1960s and early 1970s, but I understand it was burned down. Does anyone have any information on the name or history on it? It has a lot of good memories for me and my family. Thanks. I know I'm a day late and a dollar short but it was called Max's on the Border. It was between where Almeda dead ends into Telephone and starts again a block further south. Te
  3. Chuck Davis used to be on O.S.T. somewhere between Scott and 288. They moved to the S. Loop sometime in the 80s. joe
  4. The greenish stone building on the corner of S. Wayside and Wheeler used to be HQ for StranSteel before they moved to the west side in the late 70s. I think the name of the park is Gragg Park but I am not sure of that one it's been a few years since I toured the old hood. joe
  5. I heard or read once that the Post Oak Ranch off the 610 access road around Westheimer was also the Junior League or somthing like that. Does anyone else remember anything like that. I think there are two Post Oak Ranch named venues, one a restaurant and one a night club. I just remember the one I am thinking of had a driveway from the access road lined with white lights in the trees. joe
  6. Someone asked if El Felix, Las Alamedas or Brennans were worth a visit. They are all closed. The buildings are still there unless they tore down Brennans to rebuild after the fire during the middle of Ike. Dillards Post Oak has been around since the sixties formally Joskes of Houston. If you go inside and into some of the corners or restrooms you can still get a look at some of the original floor and walls. The old downtown Pasadena was Shaw around Shaver and Main. There are still some old building there and down the street the El Capitan theatre. Vargos has been around since at least the early 70s. 30 years is not a long time ago and there are still a lot of those old buildings around. Go back a little further and go to La Carafe it is from the 1800s or the Magnolia Ball Room both downtown. joe
  7. It was directly behind where "The Car Spot" a little used car dealer is now between League City and Dickinson on the northbound side of I45. Until a couple of years ago you could still see the poles and lights that lined the strip along with the observation stand you see in some of the pictures. I was there in the early to late 70s. joe
  8. I usually charge all my large puchases and hotel fees since your credit card will give you a better exchange rate than cashing in or using dollars to pay with. I will carry about $200 for fuel, cokes, lunch and impulse purchases and replenish it as I use it up from ATMs. It will be in $10s, $5s and few ones and will carry the majority of it in my left pocket and only about $20 or $30 in my right pocket so I don't have to pull out all of it when I pay for items not just for security but for negotiating also. I travel to Mexico 6 or 7 times a year, to the border, interior and resorts and have never had any problems, however I try not to look or act like a touist or be the "rude american" and I speak spanish fluently. Relax and enjoy yourself. You are going to be with a large group of family who know their way around, you should be allright. joe
  9. The mall opened in 1982, before that if I remember right the back of the store looked like the front that faces Southmore, the sides remained the same they just attached a mall to the back of the store. joe
  10. When rolling your Rs your tongue should be pressed on the sides against the bottom of your top molars on both sided and the tip just touching the palate just above your front teeth. When you roll your Rs the tip of your tongue will automatically vibrate and give you the RRRR sound. As it starts to vibrate you can manipulate the tip to give you a more pronounced roll. joe
  11. Dirtys had two locations one I believe where you say on Chimney Rock and the other in the Heights somewhere. It was a white wooden clapboard siding building with green trim. They were more famous for their burgers, but I think you are right they are both gone. joe
  12. Without reading the whole thread, I don't believe anyone has mentioned Texas Steak Ranch. It was in a big log cabin looking building one block south of Richmond and Fountainview behind what is now Barrys Pizza. Which back then was Baby Janes Saloon. Texas Steak Ranch had what was back then the best Chicken Fried Steak in Houston and was one of my first introductions to Buttermilk Salad dressing before it became popular. joe
  13. I finally remembered the name of the place with the scantally clad waitresses. It was called Randalls, and it was just north of where Winkler merges with I45 in a building set back from the feeder. joe
  14. I only remember the one carousel facing the 610 loop. It was maybe 10 to 15 feet tall from the bottom to the top of the canopy. Another sign I would like to see again, but I think it was modified and finally dismantled, is the Orbit Drive-Inn that was on the corner of Hwy 3 and Richy or Spencer. It was a flying saucer with a glass dome and little green alien sitting in it. joe
  15. The last time I saw that sign it was sitting in a yard at a sign shop on Maudlin off of Long and Wayside. This was about late 80s when I visited my parents back in the old hood. joe
  16. My mistake, I said Leeland, I meant Crisswell. It became Metro L/M and then became Bayway. It was still Frizzel when it was Pontiac/Renault/Jeep. Frizzel, Marco and a couple of other dealers closed down after they got entangled in some kind of scandel in the early 80s, odometer rollback, if I remember right. joe
  17. And sometime in the mid 70s KNUZ converted to county. KIKK and KENR were AM, KIKK-FM and KNUZ were FM. joe
  18. The term "KiKKer" was a shortened polite word for the term "flurf Kikker" refering to the cowboy boot wearing folks running around with cattle stepping in or kikking cow patties. It started as an insult and evolved into a badge of honor for cowboys and country music lovers. joe
  19. The Bob Robertson showroom is gone, I forget what is there. The body shop and used car building is still there but has been partially demolished and remodeled and is now a bus station on the corner of Wayside and Telephone. joe
  20. It was a western themed restaurant I think I remember it being called The Stockade at the one in Pasadena, Wayside and downtown. joe
  21. Dante's was originally an Italian restaurant I beleived owned by Dante Pastrini. It was later a Mexican restaurant called Elenas and then back to Dante's. The place with waitresses dressed in skimpy french maid outfits is a different one, the name escapes me right now but it was in the same vacinity. Robertson Chevrolet was on the corner of Wayside, it was a white deco building with a big neon clock above the front door. The one with the rocket was McDavid and was the second dealership north of Woodridge, Metro Chrysler Plymouth was on the corner. Also there was Leeland Lincoln Mercury and Bob Marco Buick north of those on the same side. The one with the funny roof where Calhoun became the Gulf Fwy. across from UH was originally a Checker Dealer and then an MG dealer. joe
  22. The haunted railroad crossing I have heard of is in San Antonio somewhere. If you park on the tracks and a train is coming your car will roll off the tracks. It is said if you sprinkle baby powder on your trunk, when you get out and look it will have childrens hand prints on it. The poltergiest house is in the Baytown/Crosby area somewhere. I just read an article about it a couple of months ago but I couldn't find it again. It was built over and old slave cemetery. The house is still empty. Some of the families that have lived there moved out in the middle of the night and left all their belongings behind never to return. I have also heard of a haunted house on Lakeview or Lakeside drive near Market out towards Channelview refered to as the Kenndall Mansion. It has been abandoned for a long time because of a probate dispute. A madam owned it and was murdered at the front gate back in the 50s I think. People say the see lights on in the house that has no electricity. All the rooms are shaped like diamonds and it is full of secret passageways. joe
  23. You are right about them having the best burgers around. Sometime in the late 80s they changed owners and started going downhill. In the early 90s they changed names to The Park Place Grill for a couple of years and then finally closed permanantly. The building is still empty. joe
  24. I had forgotten there was that Buick dealership at Kirby & Westheimer, where Taco Milagro is now. It wasn't Demontrond in it's latest incarnation, HUB maybe? It was there until the late 80's or early 90's. There was a Lincoln-Mercury dealership on Kirby too, somewhere around where Whole Foods is now I think. I remember my brother getting a horrid Mercury version of the Pinto there, I think it was called a Bobcat. But hey, it was a Mercury so I guess it was much fancier than a regular Pinto! (I'm sure it would have BLOWN UP just the same in a rear end collision) They were Hub Buick and River Oaks Lincoln Mercury. They moved out to I10 and Kirkwood and changed names to Westpoint Lincoln Mercury Buick. There was also a MacRoberts Chevrolet out 59N somewhere, they used a Scottish Terrier in all their ads. In the same area was Meyers Chevrolet which was later became Mel Phar, I think he was some minor baseball player. JOE
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