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  1. What is PIP and what did the captain say?
  2. It has already changed names right? I thought I saw a sign for "Metro Midtown" or something over the old Amli Midtown sign. The sign said they are luxury apartments...that might be a stretch unless they've been remodelled since the last time I was in one.
  3. Any idea what Christus Health is going to do on that block?
  4. I can't believe they're tearing down that building. It's not a very old building. I wonder what's going in there... anyone know? It was for sale for a while... guess it sold?
  5. Yes they're fencing off everything with nice black wrought iron fences... I can't wait for it to be done!
  6. It looks like they are fencing off all the areas under the Pierce Elevated where the homeless hang out. Hopefully that will clean up that area but I wonder where the bums will go. I hate driving by Pierce and LaBranch on Sunday...it's always packed with bums.
  7. What exactly is a "townhome ghetto"? Where can I find one?
  8. Cool how did you find that out? That building is now a self-storage place called Neartown Mini Storage. I have no idea why it's called Neartown since it's in Midtown but it's better than a vacant building. That block has really been cleaned up.
  9. Yeah the whole block looks so much better with that building gone. We'll see what happens with the land. Is there some City of Houston website that might list permits or applications for the land?
  10. They are finally starting to tear down the old shoe warehouse building on the corner of Jackson/McGowen/Chenevert. Does anyone know what's going in there? There was a rumor a long time ago about a mid-rise going in there.
  11. Sounds like either 1) you're a business owner in downtown or 2) a resident in downtown. Downtown is not coming back strong. Quite a number of bars/clubs have closed in the past several months alone. Have you been dowtown after 5pm on a weekday or on weekends? As for businesses not opening in Midtown and choosing downtown instead, I don't think that's the case. A new piano bar is going in on Hadley and Lousiana. A new seafood restaurant is going in on McGowen and Travis. I believe Camden apartments and retail is going in on that SuperBlock on Main. What businesses do you know of that have decided not to open in Midtown and instead open in downtown?
  12. Oh ok... I thought the sign said "Roof" but maybe it said "Reef." Seafood restaurant in Midtown? Hmm....will be interesting to see how that does.
  13. Anyone know what's going in on McGowen and Travis where the noodle shop used to be? The sign says The Roof.... is that whole corner going to be one huge club? That's a prime location if the Camden SuperBlock gets developed.
  14. I just noticed the signs. They could have been there all along except they weren't faded so I thought they were new.
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