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  1. Haven’t included a pic from my phone before but hopefully this works - per the school’s website, they will be moving to an interim campus. This FB post mentions they will be listing several parcels with JLL but sounds like the new campus is proceeding. Also note the mention of developers who own current school “proceeding with development.” That’s 7200 Main. At this point could just mean demo of school but...who knows
  2. Google streetview supports this - the panels were there in March 2008 and gone in September 2009, so Ike was the likely culprit.
  3. Those missing sections of facade in your last shot there have always (well, for at least the last 6 years I've lived in area) been missing. It looks like the offsetting slabs were reinforced at some point, so I've always wondered just how secure it all is... FWIW, the article below indicates they are renovating the building: https://tees.tamu.edu/news/2018/04/06/enmed-program-obtains-lcme-approval-to-move-forward/
  4. https://www.khou.com/article/news/local/meet-lina-hidalgo-harris-county-judge-elect-who-defeated-incumbent-ed-emmett/285-612371146
  5. FWIW, property is fenced off and apparently some pretty serious demo work going on (Precision Demolition). Unclear if this is going to impact the exterior, but at night it's pretty evident they are doing extensive gutting
  6. I'll grab a shot at night when I can - the lighting is quite nice. I'm sure it's got a great view from upper floors
  7. I’ve been seeing this on my neighborhood walks but could never find anything on FAA site in regards to height. A pleasant surprise on the size edit: 8 out of 14 floors for parking seems odd for an office
  8. Nm. Guess a few days late on noticing demo started
  9. This land just sold to "1500 OST LLC", which appears associated with Crosswell Realty Partners (Newquest Crosswell?). Not sure what that means
  10. Some sort of permit issued here regarding filling and grading - have to wonder if it’s related to new floodplain regulations effective Sept 1 as I know net fill rules become more restrictive Project No: 18098972 Date : 2018/08/24 00:00:00 USE : FILL AND GRADE ONLY Owner/Occupant : *KEITH SIMON, 7200 MAIN CORPORATION Job Address : 7200 MAIN ST 77030 Valuation : $ 0 Permit Type : PX FCC Group : Structures Other than Buildings Buyer : *TBD Address : 7200 MAIN ST 77030 Phone : (512) 501-4323
  11. This property was bought by A&M last year to house their EnMed program https://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/education/article/A-M-focusing-on-Houston-with-purchase-of-land-12271197.php https://tees.tamu.edu/news/2018/04/06/enmed-program-obtains-lcme-approval-to-move-forward/ So no fancy mixed-use development, but will at least be renovated. Still holding out hope for 7200 Main just down the street....someday
  12. Methodist has built a child care center on the western extent of this plot in the last couple of years. Not sure it's legit enough for a "going up!" post just yet but there have also been some recent permits for Methodist that appear to be related to an office building + garage. Currently most of the land is occupied by Hunt construction and temporary buildings (presumably related to other construction in the area) PROJECT_NO PERMIT_DESC OWNER_OCCUPANT Address PROJECT_DESC CURRENT_VALUATION PERMIT_TYPE 18049409 Expedited Com *HOUSTON METHODIST HOSPITAL 7550 GREENBRIAR DR 77030 (EPR) SITEWORK & FOUNDATION FOR FUTURE OFFICE BUILDING '12 IBC 0 EC 18049409 Plan Review Fee *HOUSTON METHODIST HOSPITAL 7550 GREENBRIAR DR 77030 (EPR) SITEWORK & FOUNDATION FOR FUTURE OFFICE BUILDING '12 IBC 0 PX 18049409 Express Review *HOUSTON METHODIST HOSPITAL 7550 GREENBRIAR DR 77030 (EPR) SITEWORK & FOUNDATION FOR FUTURE OFFICE BUILDING '12 IBC 0 SX 18049483 Plan Review Fee *HOUSTON METHODIST HOSPITAL 7550 GREENBRIAR DR GARAG 77030 (EPR) FOUNDATION FOR FUTURE GARAGE '12 IBC 0 PX
  13. There's a banner for WGW Architects - their website now directs you to "W Partnership" http://www.wpartnership.com/ Given the angles and brick I'm wondering if it will wind up similar to Hanover Rice Village, also from WGW. I did notice there was some drywall work on first and second floor near the corner so hopefully the garage is somewhat hidden
  14. https://www.chron.com/news/houston-texas/houston/article/See-what-the-Astroworld-site-looks-like-50-years-12954611.php?ipid=hpctp Per the article the HSLR now owns all of the former Astroworld land. As someone who frequents that stretch of 610, it's truly uninspiring that such a large, relatively prime (and should be more so with TMC3 and other TMC developments) piece of land is now essentially used as parking for a few weeks a year. The rest of the year an extremely small fraction houses sheds, parking shuttles, and various other pieces of equipment. It's amazing the HSLR has so much cash they can just essentially sit on a huge tract of land that "could" have buildings someday. I can't fault them for doing so, but sheesh that tract is ugly in its current form
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