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  1. Oh, come on. This isn't midtown or downtown with lights every block and sorry, if you are riding your bike down Kirby at rush hour at a leisurely pace, then passing and re-passing cars at red lights as you ignore them, you can go fly a kite. My point was that there are serious traffic issues on Kirby as is, so a "road diet" is simply not going to work. You must not live very far south off Kirby or you would realize this not remotely feasible. It would be nice to see that stretch from 59 to Bissonnet finally redone. Upper Kirby TIRZ extends there so not sure what the hold up is as I've seen it come and go from Houston CIP over the years. South of there (even though outside Upper Kirby) it would be nice to see similar touches to Upper Kirby, but I know that is a pipe dream. South of University there's just not much room to do much of anything
  2. This is *kind of* unrelated, but a few weeks ago I was coming south on Kirby and saw a guy on his bike in the right lane just cruising along at a snail's pace. Granted, he ignored all rules of the road and rode on past traffic stopped at lights, through red lights themselves, etc., but that dude kept pace with me from Westpark nearly to Holcombe. Not sure what could help alleviate some of the traffic in that area but it will be nice to get Buffalo Speedway back eventually
  3. Don't forget World Cup in 2026....so hopefully this is at least on someone's radar. Too bad the former Astroworld plot isn't somehow in play in all of this
  4. I had found the same info after I noticed the demo... Agree that it seems like there is more potential there, but given the other corners of that intersection (Kroger gas pumps, abandoned gas station -being redone, America's Best Value Inn, and that weird little strip center), there's a pretty low bar. That CVS was just awful, and always had folks camped out on the corner. If anything, at least Chick-fil-A will keep it maintained... That nearby building that had Al's formal wear seems like an opportunity for redevelopment of some sort. For an intersection of two major arteries of Houston - Main and Kirby - that intersection is pretty underwhelming
  5. This has got to be one of the most surprising things I've ever read on this board! For how slow this thing has come along, it sounds like it will have two pretty great restaurant options between this and AB Sushi: https://houston.eater.com/2021/12/7/22822598/duck-house-ab-sushi-cantonese-restaurant-blossom-hotel-houston-medical-center
  6. The lot size is what's making me question the ultimate plans here - unless I am mistaken, it is considerably smaller than even the Residence Inn lot (including garage) at Kirby and Main. So if this is indeed intended for a hotel, it would undoubtedly have to go vertical to make any sense. And even then I have to wonder how it would work with the strange lot shape. It's basically the same size as the car wash next door.
  7. It looks like both this property and 2214 Dorrington were all purchased by "DORRINGTON PARTNERS LP". The mailing address is 5600 Central Drive, Suite 238. I found some partnerships sharing that same address that appear to be associated with New Horizons Hospitality: https://opencorporates.com/companies/us_tx/0800701915 http://newhorizonshospitality.com/properties.php Existing brands include SpringHill Suites, Hyatt Place, Hilton Garden Inn, and Homewood Suites.
  8. I saw that the new plat was recommended for approval at 10/28 planning commission meeting with the below comments referencing a "Novus Center Way": I wasn't quite sure whether this was just a typo or carryover from some prior comments, but did some digging and found this on the Houston map viewer site: "New Braeswood Way" and "Novus Center Place" appear to be the names of the new streets. Perhaps "Novus Center" is the name of the new development?
  9. Couldn't find anything online, but sounds like another expansion is in the works. https://editions.communityimpact.com/view/508163781/4/ Edit - found this on their website. Doesn't sound like any physical expansion, unclear what the plans are with Greenpark https://texasorthopedic.com/about/newsroom/texas-orthopedic-hospital-announces-facility-enhancement-expansion
  10. Coming up Main, it's amazing how view that low-rise garage blocked....not that there was much to see before. But it really took up a surprising amount of real estate:
  11. I hadn't checked in a while but saw some easements grated between 7200 Main and AT&T and then the City of Houston: Looking at the easement with AT&T, it appears to show some reconfiguration of easements but, more interestingly, it also seems to indicate the planned road layout. The below documents indicate a new street parallel to Main from Greenbriar to Pressler, and then an extension of Glen Haven (?) from Main to the new street. The easement filed on 5/27 to the City of Houston references the parcels corresponding to the new streets (AY17-265B and AY17-265A). It seems like this one is quietly (and slowly) moving along...
  12. Somewhat unrelated, but does anyone know anything about the building just north of this property? Looks like an old office building with all of the windows sealed off - I had always assumed it was some kind of storage, or somehow related to the body shops nearby but have no idea how it would be. Looking at it on google maps there is very limited access to the building, even on the back side. Seems pretty bizarre for what is a good location
  13. Does 1.5 million sq ft incorporate all buildings or just those reserved for the colleges? If I recall, they were going to leave open spots for industry players... Here's an older article that references "up to 5 million sq ft" of development: https://www.houstonchronicle.com/business/article/Houston-Medical-Center-redesigns-massive-TMC3-13809669.php
  14. On Medistar website now, includes a render from south heading north on Main. I'm personally pretty excited about the at-grade retail + green space...retail in particular is sorely lacking in the area. So now Medistar is not only developing this but they are also responsible for Intercontinental, Latitude, and Innovation Tower (assuming it happens)...plus will now own A&M's current plot across the street? Impressive.. I can see them and 7200 Main Corp (Coventry) being interested in the Shriners Hospital land https://www.medistarcorp.com/in-development/
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