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  1. Would not argue with that at all. Of course it is all theoretical at this point until after the census and reapportionment. The blue area to the west was the newly created CD-39 in my model. It consists of all of western Harris County bounded by FM 2978, a tiny stretch of 249, Jones Rd, 1960/Hwy 6, and Westheimer. I had to shift CD-7 further east to make up for the population it ceded in the west.
  2. Hoping that the next round of redistricting is not as ridiculous as the last. I took some creative liberties with a few voting districts to make smoother lines, but here is my CD-7 submission:
  3. Looks like McKalla is the only viable option left. http://www.mystatesman.com/sports/soccer/mckalla-place-the-good-bad-and-ugly-for-possible-mls-stadium-site/0CNAWFzLEM9bRvNtfPJJlK/
  4. Construction on 249 (Spring Cypress to 2920) is scheduled for this fall.
  5. Don't know what's going in the shopping center, but this is it. http://edge-re.com/Properties/Houston/~Hwy290,atMueschke_NWC,Cypress,Texas/Hwy290,atMueschke_NWC,Cypress,Texas.pdf
  6. Update: http://impactnews.com/articles/fort-bend-county-expanding-westpark-tollway-and-fm-1093/ Looks like construction will begin soon.
  7. San Antonio - http://www.viaprimo.com Not to argue on semantics (bus/BRT). In regards to Houston though, even as a 'big fan' of rail, I don't think we're ever going to be able to implement a system that doesn't primarily use buses. We can't lay tracks every few miles apart so that everyone is within a reasonable distance to a rail stop.
  8. This is what they're doing at the Barker Cypress@290 intersection: http://impactnews.com/articles/construction-at-barker-cypress,-hwy.-290-intersection-to-begin-this-month
  9. Been working the polling place in Cypress (Cypress Top Park) this week. Only two people of the hundreds I have talked to have flat out said they were voting yes because they were afraid we (in uninc. Harris Co.) would be losing out in millions on local projects. I think the majority of people who have even just a little bit of good information on this (regardless if they are from in the loop or the suburbs) know the GMP are not the best way for our transit dollars to be spent. I'm sure the vote will be close, but I'm optimistic that common sense prevails in the end. In response to mfastx - True. I'm sure Metro will continue the GMP on some scale. To me one of the big differences will be that light rail expansion will not be effectively shut down until 2025.
  10. Sweet! I won't have to drive all the way to 1960@Eldridge when its built.
  11. http://www.chron.com/news/houston-texas/article/Proposal-would-add-toll-lanes-to-U-S-290-and-3462888.php Chronicle article on Harris County's vote Tuesday on approving the toll agreement with TxDOT.
  12. http://katytimes.com/news/article_06de35f8-dd5a-11e0-8f20-001cc4c002e0.html According to this article from the Katy Times the timetable was 28 months from September 2011. So around January 2014 segment E should be complete.
  13. Segments F1, F2, & G (290 to 59N) . Ground breaking scheduled for early 2013... http://txdot.gov/news/005-2012.htm
  14. I think this would probably be a county issue, so I would bring it up with Commissioner Radack's office.
  15. Opened today. Went at 6:30 expecting a crowd but there were only about 5 tables taken. One thing that I can say is definitely better at this location: parking.
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