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  1. What’s left of the flat-roofed Townsend house is currently for sale. This house was featured in Fortune magazine back in the day. https://www.har.com/homedetail/3723-knollwood-st-houston-tx-77019/9401278 Also, the B. Ray Woods house in Katy has been demolished. Not unexpected. Harvey totally destroyed it.
  2. 2550 Durham Dr., Mobile, AL - H.B. Bolton House. Could not confirm the year, but 1950's. Yes, I'm still doing this.
  3. Christine, Like Marmer said, we'd love to help if we had just a bit more information. I live in a 70's contemporary so I'm partial to digging up information on that style. zoomanderson@gmail.com Good luck in your search. It's a beautiful home! BenH
  4. My wife and I looked at this place as our first apartment, but it needed a lot of work 10 years ago. I imagine it needs more now.
  5. Three for sale. 674 Shady Hollow. Almost certainly going to be demolished. https://www.har.com/674-shady-hollow-street/sale_51086421 603 Timber Terrace - Chas Block House https://www.har.com/603-timber-terrace-road/sale_41145528 1328 Montezuma St. - Schobel House - Columbus,TX. Has unfortunately been flipped. https://www.har.com/1328-montezuma-street/sale_50874392
  6. Small world; I have family in Natchitoches and Coushatta.
  7. Thanks for the heads up. We're going to be seeing a LOT of this post-Harvey.
  8. Just saw this post, and I think I know where this story might be from. If you ever watch the movie "The Right Stuff", there's a scene set in the Sam Houston Coliseum where several of the Mercury 7 astronauts are being told that they are going to be given houses in a neighborhood that was built on land donated by a Mr. Frank Sharp. Tom Wolfe also mentions this in the book version of the The Right Stuff, part of which can be read here: https://books.google.com/books?id=OZ_jQVH3oMwC&pg=PA289&lpg=PA289&dq="The+Right+Stuff"+"Movie"+"Frank+Sharp"&source=bl&ots=W9EHKqS_8h&sig=j-L6Bu2HwfCDBcaMOv16k7I3a30&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiakbKl7a_XAhWIsVQKHQMCDhAQ6AEIODAD#v=onepage&q="The Right Stuff" "Movie" "Frank Sharp"&f=false
  9. Since Photobucket decided to literally break the internet, and consequently, all of the links to all of my photos on HAIF, I guess we're going to have to start over. But it's a good time for a clean slate too, so I can remove some of the houses that are not Wylie's and add a few new discoveries. Albert Plummer House - 3630 Willowick - Demolished. Was at one time the most expensive house in River Oaks. Later sold to a family named the Whittingtons. Herbert Townsend House - 3723 Knollwood. (Altered). Featured in Fortune Magazine at some point. I have the article but am not sure where it is. Vale House - 11302 Memorial Drive - Restored. Wylie and Aileen's own house. If you hear the term "Contemporary Country" this is what that means. Photos by Kim or Greg Kolanowski. B. Ray Woods House - 610 Woods Lane, Katy,TX. This house is on the National Register of Historic Places. J.D. Woods House - 612 Woods Lane. Brother of B. Ray Woods; these photos were taken before the house was sold and show the original interiors. Currently (November 1st 2017) for sale for lot value. Arthur Miller House - 1002 East Ave., Katy,TX Paris Schindler House - 17 West Lane Place - Demolished. River Oaks Houses - Wylie's address list only included the actual addresses for these, with no client names. Willard K. Wood House - 3730 Willowick. Jesse Finch House - 38 Crestwood. (Demolished). Drawings exist and were donated to Rice University. Max Lents House - 315 W. Friar Tuck. Demolished shortly after Hurricane Ike. Wylie also appears to have built a house for Lents on Galveston Island, but I have no leads on where that one is/was. Chas Block House - 603 Timber Terrace. Still extant and owned by the family. Merrill V. Gregory House - 5327 Bordley. Russell McFarland House - 5657 Bordley. Demolished. Chester Jordan House - 2119 Woods Rd. One of Wylie's earliest houses. Drawings exist and were donated to Rice University. Short House - 6th St. & Gresham, Brookshire,TX. Probably had a different original owner name. W.H. Harrison House - Corner of County Rd. 135 and the I-10 Frontage Rd., Alleyton,TX. Wylie built one house in Alleyton, and this is the only one that looks anything remotely like something he would do, so if I'm wrong, I apologize. Lester J. Schobel House - 1328 Montezuma, Columbus,TX. Wylie built at least five houses in Columbus. One of the notable ones is the H.P. Meyer house at 301 Bonham St. I forget the address on this one, but it has been demolished. Keith R. Beeman House - 822 Kuhlman Rd. Demolished. The Beemans owned multiple lots on Kuhlman Rd. Wylie built at least four houses on that street. F.E. Carleton House - 7 Turkey Trail. Demolished. This house was originally built in the 1950's in what would have been the boonies, out past Dairy Ashford on what would become Memorial Drive. The last owner, Ben Crocker, hired Wylie to renovate this home in 2003 and bring it up to date while retaining his style. Crocker was transferred and had to sell the house quickly. This small, hidden neighborhood was the bought and demolished to make way for a development. R.T. Hurta House - 950 S. Holland St., Bellville,TX. ? House - 711 W. Norris., El Campo,TX. Original Client unknown. Wylie did at least three houses in El Campo. James W. Green House - 46 E. Rivercrest, Houston. (Jimmy Green Chevrolet). Leonard Kayem House - 12502 Taylorcrest. Frankel House - 11406 Memorial Drive. Large, flat roofed house.
  10. Since Photobucket has decided it would like to kiss both sides of my ass and begin charging $400 a year to host photos, can anyone suggest a good replacement?
  11. Marmer, time to change your avatar.
  12. Look up Thomas Chuch, Garrett Eckbo, Roberto Burle Marx, Lawrence Halprin.
  13. Sorry for not posting much about this one, there's just not a lot to say about it that we're privy to. I know that this house does have some connection with the house that was formerly on River Bend, as in one of the architects that worked for Neuhaus & Taylor worked on it, and for the life of me I can't remember his name. The house on Willowick was not originally built completely to Taylor's specs, so the current owners tried to complete the original design as much as possible. That's about all I know about it that I can recall.
  14. Thought I would update this. C. CAA/CAM Modern House Tour Listings Tour I, 27 April 1952 Hamilton Brown, Hunt House, 526 West Friar Tuck Lane (Demolished) Hamilton Brown, Selig House, 3715 Inverness (Demolished) Cowell & Neuhaus, Baker House, 3665 Willowick Road (Demolished) Cowell & Neuhaus, Stude (Stevenson) House, 56 Tiel Way. Sympathetically altered. Philip Johnson, Menil House, 3363 San Felipe Road MacKie & Kamrath, Adler House, 24 Tiel Way (Demolished) Thompson McCleary, McCleary House, 6034 Memorial Drive (Demolished) Edward Stone, Kempner House, 3688 Willowick Road (Demolished) Wilson, Morris & Crain, Morris House, 2 Waverly Court Tour II, 18-19 April 1953 Hamilton Brown, Hudgins House, 501 West Friar Tuck Lane (Demolished) Hamilton Brown, Hohlt House, 223 Pine Shadows Drive (Demolished) A. A. Liefeste, Jr., Lefieste House, 403 Blalock Road (Demolished). Address was changed to 3 Dunnam. Additions were done by MacKie & Kamrath. Smart & Whitehead, Smart House, 318 Pine Shadows Drive (Demolished) Wilson, Morris & Crain, Buie House, 310 Saddlewood Lane (Demolished) Tour III, 10-11 April 1954 Joseph Krakower, Davidson House, 2418 Maroneal Boulevard Paul Laszlo, Herzog House, 2523 Maroneal Boulevard Lloyd & Morgan, Liese House, 328 Buckingham Drive (Demolished) Wilson, Morris & Crain, Cramerus House, 250 Pine Hollow Lane Wilson, Morris & Crain, Lazarus House, 57 Briar Hollow Lane (Demolished) Tour IV, 2-3 April 1955 Bolton & Barnstone, Hardison House, 233 Merrie Way (Demolished) Paul Elliott, Crow House, 325 West Friar Tuck Lane (Demolished) William N. Floyd, Floyd House, 226 Pine Hollow Lane Lloyd & Morgan, Shimek House, 3760 Willowick Road George Pierce - Abel B. Pierce, Pierce House, 5211 Greentree Road Tour V, 14-15 April 1956 Bolton & Barnstone, Gordon House, 2307 Bluebonnet Boulevard Hamilton Brown, Selig House, 3715 Inverness Drive. Unknown. Current house is traditional. HCAD says 1984, but that's just how far their records go back. Burdette Keeland, Pryor Apartment, Kipling Apartments II, 2719 Kipling Street. Pretty sure these are gone. There are townhouses on that address. Robert Wilson, Wilson Apartment, Bettis Apartments, 4311 Bettis Drive. These are still standing, but appear to have been converted into offices/apartments for a religious group. Tour VI, 13-14 April 1957 Lars Bang, Bendit (Kamin) House, 4111 Drummond Street (Fully restored) Bolton & Barnstone, Demoustier House, 608 Little John Lane (Demolished) David Brooks & Edward Brooks, Solomon House, 3615 South Braeswood Boulevard William R. Jenkins, second Jenkins House, 10911 Willowisp Drive Lloyd & Morgan, Straus House, 53 Briar Hollow Lane (Demolished) Tour VII, 12-13 April 1958 Edward Goodwin, Jr., Goodwin House, 3 Leisure Lane (Demolished). George Pierce - Abel B. Pierce, Carroll House, 2014 Persa Street (address no longer exists, per HCAD) Swenson & Linnstaedter, Swenson House, 3106 Brazos Street (I believe this was originally a home and studio, but HCAD lists it as a commercial building built in 1950. Must be it). Wilson, Morris, Crain & Anderson, Kelsey House, 2 Long Bow Lane (Demolished) Wilson, Morris, Crain & Anderson, Marshall House, 3700 Willowick Road (Demolished) Tour VIII, 11-12 April 1959 Engberg & White, Engberg House, 24 Still Forest Road Robert Maurice, Maurice House & Office, 3222 Mercer Street Neuhaus & Taylor, Erath House, 11206 Tynewood Lane Neuhaus & Taylor, Genitempo House, 310 Carnarvon Drive (Demolished) Wilson, Morris, Crain & Anderson, Thompson House, 4911 Tilbury Drive (Demolished) Tour IX, 21-22 May 1960 Koetter & Tharp, Tharp House, 8218 Mallie Court (Demolished) Lloyd & Morgan, Class House, Rice University Lloyd & Morgan, Cooper House, 201 Kincaid Drive (unknown) Neuhaus & Taylor, Frame House, 403 Westminster Drive Wilson, Morris, Crain & Anderson, Fulton House, Rice University Tour X, 6-7 May 1961 Bolton & Barnstone, Lindsay House, 7623 River Point Drive Travis Broesche, Walser House, 411 Fall River Road (Demolished, was Mod of The Month in 2016). Hamilton Brown, McClelland House, 11207 Tyne Court (Demolished) William Hoff, Huvard House, 12526 Old Oaks Drive. I read somewhere that this house was by Jenkins & Hoff, but can't remember where. Either way, this house still stands and in good condition. George Pierce - Abel B. Pierce, Zwerneman (Lundgren) House, 16 Crestwood Drive (Additional building by Eugene Aubrey; remodeled by Gwathmey Siegal Assoc., once owned by Francois de Menil and featured in one of Gwathmey Siegal's first books, with photos by Richard Payne). The wild colors have been replaced for white, unfortunately. ***As of 2017, there are still parts of this house standing, but it's certain that the overall intent is no longer intact.*** Tour XI, 28-29 April 1962 Bolton & Barnstone, Owsley House, 65 Briar Hollow Drive. Owned by the Bone family, along with the Carter House at 62 Briar Hollow Lane and another house next door attributed to Ralph Anderson/Wilson, Morris, Crain & Anderson. MacKie & Kamrath, Ballantyne House, 2 Tiel Way (Mostly demolished but apparently going to be rebuilt or something by architect Chris Robertson). Wilson, Morris, Crain & Anderson, Carter House, 62 Briar Hollow Lane Wilson, Morris, Crain & Anderson, Hines House, 146 Radney Street (demolished; photos exist in the original Houston Architecture Guide) Tour XII, 1963 no information Tour XIII, 5-6 December 1964 Howard Barnstone & Partners, Melcher House, 13 Tiel Way. This house is still there but has been significantly altered in a sort of Mediterranean style. H. F. P. Goeters & Associates, Salmon House, 506 Fall River Road (demolished) Jenkins & Hoff, Sheer House, 616 Hedwig Lane (unknown, neighborhood has changed considerably). This one remains one of the bigger mysteries. I'm still not sure what the deal is with this house, whether it's been heavily altered, completely demolished, or is hidden on a wooded lot out of view. Larson & Wingfield, Williams House, 31 Briar Hollow Lane (demolished) F. Carrington Weems, Weems House, 919 Kirby Drive Tour XIV, 30-31 October 1965 Kenneth Bentsen, Bentsen House, 2933 Del Monte Drive (not sure about this one; says constructed in 1935, remodeled in the 2000's, so it must still be there). P. M. Bolton Associates, Bolton House, 5000 Longmont Drive J. W. Evans, Evans House, 3118 Georgetown Street Jenkins & Hoff, Hoff House, 672 Flintdale Road Wilson, Morris, Crain & Anderson, Anderson House, 1638 Banks Street
  15. In case anyone's interested, this house was bought and is going through a renovation right now. See it on the way to work.
  16. Schobel House in Columbus is up for sale. Totally original, from the looks of it: http://www.har.com/1328-Montezuma-St/sale_4611514
  17. http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/houstonchronicle/obituary.aspx?pid=179725609
  18. Figured as much. They were letting it rot anyway. Got damaged a bit during a storm if I remember.
  19. SirJB, Sorry I didn't see this post sooner. My wife and I are enjoying living in Bear Creek for the most part. It's pretty quiet, with the exception of the fireworks this past month. I live on one of the horseshoe streets, so we don't see a lot of traffic. There's a police station literally in the neighborhood, sheriff's department is also close. Not much in the way of fine dining, but that's not our thing anyway. There were two houses on our street (Herongate) for sale, but they've both gone option pending (you may have bought one for all I know). Ben
  20. We don't know who designed it, but it does bear resemblance to many houses by Phillip G. Willard.
  21. I didn't catch this until re-reading the thread a few times. The name "Flo. Nolan" is on Wylie Vale's list of clients, well. This is interesting.
  22. Wessendorf House in Richmond was recently on the market: http://www.har.com/700-hillcrest-dr/sale_59573129
  23. http://abc13.com/news/charles-tapley-award-winning-houston-architect-dead-at-84/994221/ I'm sure a full obit will be coming out in the next few days.
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