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  1. What’s left of the flat-roofed Townsend house is currently for sale. This house was featured in Fortune magazine back in the day. https://www.har.com/homedetail/3723-knollwood-st-houston-tx-77019/9401278 Also, the B. Ray Woods house in Katy has been demolished. Not unexpected. Harvey totally destroyed it.
  2. 2550 Durham Dr., Mobile, AL - H.B. Bolton House. Could not confirm the year, but 1950's. Yes, I'm still doing this.
  3. Christine, Like Marmer said, we'd love to help if we had just a bit more information. I live in a 70's contemporary so I'm partial to digging up information on that style. zoomanderson@gmail.com Good luck in your search. It's a beautiful home! BenH
  4. My wife and I looked at this place as our first apartment, but it needed a lot of work 10 years ago. I imagine it needs more now.
  5. Three for sale. 674 Shady Hollow. Almost certainly going to be demolished. https://www.har.com/674-shady-hollow-street/sale_51086421 603 Timber Terrace - Chas Block House https://www.har.com/603-timber-terrace-road/sale_41145528 1328 Montezuma St. - Schobel House - Columbus,TX. Has unfortunately been flipped. https://www.har.com/1328-montezuma-street/sale_50874392
  6. Small world; I have family in Natchitoches and Coushatta.
  7. Thanks for the heads up. We're going to be seeing a LOT of this post-Harvey.
  8. Just saw this post, and I think I know where this story might be from. If you ever watch the movie "The Right Stuff", there's a scene set in the Sam Houston Coliseum where several of the Mercury 7 astronauts are being told that they are going to be given houses in a neighborhood that was built on land donated by a Mr. Frank Sharp. Tom Wolfe also mentions this in the book version of the The Right Stuff, part of which can be read here: https://books.google.com/books?id=OZ_jQVH3oMwC&pg=PA289&lpg=PA289&dq="The+Right+Stuff"+"Movie"+"Frank+Sharp"&source=bl&ots=W9EHKqS_8h&
  9. Since Photobucket decided to literally break the internet, and consequently, all of the links to all of my photos on HAIF, I guess we're going to have to start over. But it's a good time for a clean slate too, so I can remove some of the houses that are not Wylie's and add a few new discoveries. Albert Plummer House - 3630 Willowick - Demolished. Was at one time the most expensive house in River Oaks. Later sold to a family named the Whittingtons. Herbert Townsend House - 3723 Knollwood. (Altered). Featured in Fortune Magazine at some point. I have the article but am n
  10. Since Photobucket has decided it would like to kiss both sides of my ass and begin charging $400 a year to host photos, can anyone suggest a good replacement?
  11. Marmer, time to change your avatar.
  12. Look up Thomas Chuch, Garrett Eckbo, Roberto Burle Marx, Lawrence Halprin.
  13. Sorry for not posting much about this one, there's just not a lot to say about it that we're privy to. I know that this house does have some connection with the house that was formerly on River Bend, as in one of the architects that worked for Neuhaus & Taylor worked on it, and for the life of me I can't remember his name. The house on Willowick was not originally built completely to Taylor's specs, so the current owners tried to complete the original design as much as possible. That's about all I know about it that I can recall.
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