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  1. This is correct. Meyer was built in the late 50s - Butler in the early 60s.
  2. Yes! Legendary pizza. I STILL miss that place!
  3. Here in Orlando, FL we're seeing a few townhomes, but many more lowrises built out to street level with commercial development on the first floor. I suppose it's some sort of pseudo-urban look. I'm sure it will mark the 2000s the same as turquoise and pastels marked the 50's-60's.
  4. As I remember, Texaco was considering putting up a lowrise office building and the street name change was part of the negotiations between the parties. The building did indeed become a reality.
  5. Chuck Wagon Alumni Representing! I worked there back in '76. The same Richard Warren was there. This was my first real job. I had the glamorous task of mopping, taking out the trash, etc. for about $1.50 per hour. Couldn't work in the grill or behind the counter. This was back when a 12-year-old could actually get some semblance of work and, of course, minimum wage rules didn't apply. As I recall, Baskin-Robbins was paying 1.25/hour at the time for 14 year olds. On a side trip, the Kroger across the street had a deal where coupons were given out for carts that were returned from the lot. There
  6. I'm thinking it was the "Glass Hat Garden". I'm certain about the "glass" part as kids would throw rocks from the RR tracks at the "GL" in the sign to get the predictable result...
  7. I lived near that intersection during the mid-70s at Hillcroft Square. Started to see a slight turn then, but the real damage was done during the all too well-documented rental rule change of the 80s. The businesses were marginal before the turn but had no chance once things declined. The two commercial buildings the complex had built were a bust. One housed only a convenience store for a few years. The other remained boarded up and never opened. The last time I drove by about 5 years ago was a complete shock. Even some of the surrounding houses were trashed. Really sad to see. Now if you'll e
  8. First car is Al Valeri. Second car is Darrell Stoner. Both are around 1976-77 vintage.
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