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  1. The tire center where a portion of that is being built has taken down the lettering on the building and emptyed it out. Hopefully they will be leveling it soon. Brian
  2. I need some help guys. I live in Shadow Creek Ranch in Riverside Place which is just West of Kingsley and South of Trininty Bay. I'm trying to protest my property tax valuation. I signed the papers to build my home around April '06 and closed in November of 06. The cost was 180k for 1935 sqft. My tax valuation was at 174k. I went to the informal hearing today arguing that my value should be lowered because of possibility of the landfill expansion and that several neighboring houses were appraised at a much lower value. It turned out that the neighboring houses were valued lower because they were only partially completed. They dropped my valuation to 170K before I even mentioned the dump issue and then when I raised the issue he said it was the best he could do. He also mentioned that if I chose to continue to the formal hearing that the dump expansion would be the best way to go. Here's where I need the help. Is there any where I can find sales trends/closing prices over some time period? I also hired an independent appraiser. Besides these things are there any suggestions on what I should do? Brian
  3. I know most of my neighbors are aware of it and not terribly excited. A couple of them are carpooling to the hearing in a few days. I hope they have success.
  4. Does anyone know what they are doing to the street in the middle of Calhoun?
  5. From what my realtor told me when I was looking at buying in the Southfork area, originally that subdivision was slated for other mansion types on a golf course but the sales were slow to nonexistant, resulting in a bankruptcy. The subdivision was then bought and further subdivided into the lots that are now being sold. The end result is some out of place homes in the subdivision. Brian
  6. Well now with the bonds all approved looks like there will be a firestation there on the south side of 518. Brian
  7. Yeah from the looks of things it's just the Academy that's up right now. I'm really looking forward to an HEB nearby though. Brian
  8. Yes there is one there. The only real purpose I see for it is for car and vanpooling. You often see several of the vans in the outer portion of the Target parking lot. Brian
  9. I believe it is a bank going in. I forgot the name of it but it was an easily forgettable name, not a major bank that I'd ever heard of before. Brian
  10. Here is a link to Pearlands website with FAQ's about pets. Yes there is a pooper scooper law. As well as a leash law and pets must be registered with the city. Brian http://www.ci.pearland.tx.us/index.asp?Typ...43AF8D}&DE=
  11. UofH is the most diverse research university in the US. Brian
  12. My bad it's not theme park but it is interesting. http://www.newschannel5.tv/News/Other/4575...r-Texas-in-2008 http://www.tracyleerealty.com/ Heres the text of the article from the second link. East Montgomery County has been selected as the site for the largest dinosaur park in the world. Frank McCrady, president and CEO of the East Montgomery County Improvement District, announced on Oct. 31 that Dinosaur City, a $50 million educational park and live-animal facility, will be built in New Caney by 2010. The facility will feature a 110,000-square-foot exhibit hall and dinosaur display, an IMAX theater, a water recreation park, hotel and convention center. Leading theme park designers, one of Germany's leading zoo directors, robotics and special effects experts are all involved in the planning for the facility. "It's going to be a nice project," said McCrady. "It can truly define our area in the future as far as travel and tourism." The park is expected to attract more than a million visitors each year. The facility is the concept of the dinosaur expert known as "Dino" Don Lessem, an author of 47 books on dinosaurs and advisor to Universal Studios' Jurassic Park, Walt Disney Company and Animal Kingdom dinosaur attractions. "It will have the largest dinosaur educational facility in the world," said Lessem. "I dug up the biggest dinosaurs and they need a place to live." Construction of the facility will be a five-year project, according to McCrady. The first phase is a $200,000 site study paid for by the improvement district to analyze the property, which is located north of Caney Creek on the west side of U.S. Highway 59 North. "We'll partner with the state for additional financial needs," said McCrady. "It's a regional attraction not just a state attraction. A lot of people will come from out of state. It's a win for our area and a win for Texas, as well." The park is expected to create 500 to 1,000 jobs, according to McCrady. New Caney beat Dallas as the final location for the facility, according to Lessem. "I liked the look of the community," he said. "The land was completely undeveloped. We want to celebrate nature. This is not a theme park. This is something that hasn't been done before. We want to keep it as pristine as we can." Lessem wants the facility to have allied programs with the Houston Museum of Natural Science, the Houston Zoo and have mobile exhibits. Live exotic animals will also be included at the park. Other projects at the facility will include educational outreach tours and field trips. Lessem also hopes to create a university affiliation with one of the Texas universities and create a nonprofit foundation to help generate revenue to fund dinosaur research. "We want to steer a bit of revenue towards education," he said. Lessem explained that the dinosaur park is one way to get children interested in science. "You can teach them all about science when they are interested in dinosaurs," he said. Brian
  13. I have heard there is a new theme park going in on 59N Just to the North of FM 1485. Supposed to be a prehistoric theme to the park. Brian
  14. Hey folks I really enjoy reading this forum. I was curious if anyone had any info on the SH 288 Corridor Feasibility Study that DOT began in 2003. Brian
  15. You can attend school at UH. You just have to pay out of state tuition. Brian
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