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  1. yes, and it was the waterford geriatric center after that. even upon it's abandonment, the old hotel signs remained in the garage (and of course painted along the tops of the building). it was kind of eerie.

    the life science plaza is going in there now:


    i noticed yesterday that major excavation has begun - underground parking/basement i'm assuming

    Hey everyone thanks for your answers and that was the hotel, My family would drive from SA to Houston every summer from 78-84. I remember in 78 and 79 we stayed at the hotel by astroworld that is now the grand plaza, and 80-84 we stayed at the towers. Thanks again I remember the place looked a bit creepy but we liked it a lot, I remember once our room was in the back and it looked a bit scary back there.

    One last question, are there any pictures of the grand plaza by reliant stadium from the 70's? How is the hotel holding up now. Once again thanks for the responses you guys are awesome.

  2. Hi everyone I am new to this board and wanted to see if I could get this answered please.

    In the early 80's when I traveled to Houston with my family we would stay at a hotel close to Rice university and I think it was called the Rodeway Towers??? Not too sure about the name is was an older hotel and wondering if it was torn down and if so when. We stayed there from 1980-1984 every summer but forgot the name. Any help would be great.

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