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  1. Your Welcomed

    I will post some more Joske's ad's but it will be most likely addresses. I typed this in by looking at my 1969 moon landing papers.

    That is so cool, the Joske's here in SA was 5 floors. I remember they had the "bargain basement" with a bookstore. But it was something that we never ever duplicated.

  2. One more from Joske's

    Wednesday July 30 1969 The Houston Post

    man of the hour, this hour this time. man in motion, non-stop, moving up, interests abounding: home, family, career, hobbies, civil political concerns. the demands on his time are many. varied-so, too, the demands of his wardrobe. tee to green, coast to coast. little league field to big business boardroom- he wants only the best. that's what our men's shops are all about. everything in one convenient location, everything chosen with discernment by our buyers. for the man whose time is now, try us.

    Joske's Town and Country, soon to open

    Thanks for that also Marty.

  3. My Grandma always bought all of our christmas decorations at Joskes in Gulfgate. I remember their basement looked like a winter wonderland at christmas time. Anytime we were at Gulfgate we ate at the Bamboo Room in Joskes basement. They had these fake frosted windows with tree branches illuminated from behind them. It made you think you were up in the air rather than down under the ground. They had the best ice cream sodas.

    Pretty cool the Joske's in downtown SA went all out for Christmas, they would have the whole top floor and it was called fantasyland. It was awesome because they had the whole floor decorated, breakfast with Santa, and a little train.

  4. breakfast al fresco, cocktails and candelight. meetings and meals and schedules all balancing somehow. building, planning, sharing and caring: this is home , your home. a mosaic of period, texture, color, trivia and treasure-casual elegance. joske's is designed for the woman who decorates a la carte, experiments, gives full sway to her imagination. our shops are an artful collage of things old and new, large and small that bring your ideas into focus, express your individuality, create your aura.

    Joske's Town and Country, Open August 5

    Houston Chronical Friday August 1 1969

    That's word for word. :huh:^_^

    Very cool thanks Marty, I live in SA and we were lucky to have the Big Joske's downtown and it was awesome. Did they go all out for Christmas as they did here in SA?

  5. I remember when I was little we went to a place on main called Houston Fire Sale, I was wondering if it is still open? Someone told my dad that you can find some great deals and it was all mainly junk. I drive up to Houston for at least 2-3 Astros game a year and always forget to see if it is there.

  6. In a Tidelands thread there is a list of businesses on Main St in 1969, and Houston Golf Center is listed at 7710 Main between Braeswood and Kirby. Is that what you were referring to?

    Where were other miniature golf courses in Houston? For me these rank up there with snake farms and dinosaur parks as great roadside attractions.

    Well it was 1980 and it was closed and I would say that it was on Main, I was 8 yrs old and remember passing by the park and it was abandon. You can still see the actual holes despite the high grass.

    That was a great trip in 80 we stayed at the Astroworld hotel, and spent 2 days at Astroworld. I remember my parents used to love eating at the kroger deli, and also we went to I think Burger Chef quite a bit.

  7. Yep. It was on Braeswood at Kirby in front of the Kroger. I always thought "Peoples Restaurant" had a funny old-fashioned communist ring to it. ^_^

    That's funny Subdude, they had a location in SA that was always packed. Another question was there a miniature golf course on kirby close to the old kroger?

  8. In 1981 Pancho's Mexican Buffet opened in Beaumont. I remember going to one in Houston and to one in Pasadena way back then. I think that it was up on IH-45 (North Freeway) around Tidwell Road (someone out there will tell me if my memory is correct or not). My uncle told me that he went to one in Bellaire.

    Pancho's was part of a chain that also included Emiliano's and Spanish Galleon Mexican Restaurants. Are any Pancho's still in Houston? Have there ever been any Emiliano's and Spanish Galleon's?

    I remember in SA there was a Spanish Galleon's with the shape of a big boat, then it closed and become a pancho's.

    According to their websites- their locations in Houston.


    10900-A FM 1960 West



    11560 Gulf Freeway



    5442 North Freeway


  9. 1980 in my opinion was the best year for Astroworld. The Dolphin show, the Sleigh snow ride, the sports car ride, the River of No Return were all still there plus the addition of Thunder River made 1980 a great family year.

    I have lived in SA all my life but we went to Houston every summer to visit family and YES 1980 was a great year. I remember that summer waiting almost 3 hours for Thunder River (Was it called roaring rapids?), then the last time I went was the Summer of 04 and the park was dead. I knew that was not a good sign at all, I miss astroworld a lot.

  10. Well I know Randalls is in other cities, I would have to check for Fiesta.

    EDIT: I guess I only saw your first paragraph, but sefviv answered your other questions, I don't know if Walmart is popular for groceries, but that is because I never shop there.

    Oh and Fiesta is only in Texas; in Houston, Dallas/Ft. Worth, Austin, Waco

    We do not have any Randall's or Fiesta in SA.

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