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  1. That is so cool, the Joske's here in SA was 5 floors. I remember they had the "bargain basement" with a bookstore. But it was something that we never ever duplicated.
  2. Thanks for that also Marty.
  3. Thanks for the article isuredid, that is awesome.
  4. Pretty cool the Joske's in downtown SA went all out for Christmas, they would have the whole top floor and it was called fantasyland. It was awesome because they had the whole floor decorated, breakfast with Santa, and a little train.
  5. Very cool thanks Marty, I live in SA and we were lucky to have the Big Joske's downtown and it was awesome. Did they go all out for Christmas as they did here in SA?
  6. I wanted to ask how many Joske's stores were there in Houston, and are there any pictures of them?
  7. I hope I remember next time I go up for an Astros game to remember to stop at the one on main st.
  8. Wow I am amazed, I remember back in 84 it looked like the building was falling apart. Thanks Music for the reply.
  9. Wanted to bump this up and see if anyone has any.
  10. I remember when I was little we went to a place on main called Houston Fire Sale, I was wondering if it is still open? Someone told my dad that you can find some great deals and it was all mainly junk. I drive up to Houston for at least 2-3 Astros game a year and always forget to see if it is there.
  11. Well it was 1980 and it was closed and I would say that it was on Main, I was 8 yrs old and remember passing by the park and it was abandon. You can still see the actual holes despite the high grass. That was a great trip in 80 we stayed at the Astroworld hotel, and spent 2 days at Astroworld. I remember my parents used to love eating at the kroger deli, and also we went to I think Burger Chef quite a bit.
  12. Don't forget the sopapillas, you want to eat at pancho's once or twice a year. If not your stomach will not like you.
  13. That's funny Subdude, they had a location in SA that was always packed. Another question was there a miniature golf course on kirby close to the old kroger?
  14. I remember in SA there was a Spanish Galleon's with the shape of a big boat, then it closed and become a pancho's. According to their websites- their locations in Houston. Houston 10900-A FM 1960 West 281-890-2285 Houston 11560 Gulf Freeway 713-946-4600 Houston 5442 North Freeway 713-697-2713
  15. Did you all have a PEOPLE'S RESTAURANT in Houston?
  16. Awhile back someone posted pictures of the old tower hotel, can you please those pics again.
  17. I have lived in SA all my life but we went to Houston every summer to visit family and YES 1980 was a great year. I remember that summer waiting almost 3 hours for Thunder River (Was it called roaring rapids?), then the last time I went was the Summer of 04 and the park was dead. I knew that was not a good sign at all, I miss astroworld a lot.
  18. Anyone have any recent pics of the Sheraton.
  19. We do not have any Randall's or Fiesta in SA.
  20. I was lucky to visit Gilley's once in my lifetime, I was only 8 and saw it in the day. But I did get to ride the bull
  21. I have been gone for while and glad to be back, I wanted to know in what parts of Houston was the movie filmed. Of course the Astrodome and Astroworld, but wondering where else it was filmed.
  22. I remember in the scene where they are driving down the street and you see a handy dan in the background so I was think it might have been in Pasadena. But I could be wrong.
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