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  1. I happend to be in the area this week and shot a few pics.

    This is Uncle Bob's house. HCAD shows a build date of 1979 and surprisingly it is only $110K. The area looked very nice and clean.




    This is roughly the location of the restaurant that Bud and Sissy have the puddle fight at night.


    This is the Wards that has now been converted into an indoor flea market.


    The old Handy Dandy is now a resale shop. I went in last month and asked to take photos but the manager politely declined my request. They have altered NOTHING inside. The old lawn and garden area is as it was before; just with resale stuff on the shelves. The used book collection is pretty good. $2 and some change buys a hardback.


    This is at the Spencer and Shaver intersection facing west on Spencer.


    There is a small used car dealer on the side where Wards used to be.


    This is the SW corner of the intersection. Mi Tienda is just an HEB in disguise.


    One last photo looking west from that area on Spencer.


    Indeed the recording studio of Gilley's is still there. You can see the roof from the street but not much more. It is hard to photograph but google earth will give you a bird's eye view.

    Larry awesome pics, UC was on the other night and was thinking about where Uncle Bob's house was at?

  2. The hot dog place is still around...but o ice-cream.

    I looked on the companies website to see if they ever sold ice creams and I could not find anything. I am 100% they had a wall between the two...I really think it was different ten the place next door withthe puffy hats!

    It has to be Anne's Old Fashioned Ice Cream, one is open here in San Antonio.

  3. I will agree that MW was not known for their customer service, I remember around 1992 I was in college and was looking to buy a TV/VCR for my new apt. Well the saleperson was trying to sell me the most expensive TV that he had, when I said I wanted something a little less expensive the saleman says well don't blame me when your TV dies on you in a couple of years. Well 15 years later and that Admiral TV is setting in my spare bedroom.

  4. I passed by the Sears on Saturday afternoon and was amazed by the homeless people on Main St, I wanted to get off and look but my wife was very much aganist it. But hopefully on my next trip I can check out the inside.

  5. I was in LA last week and a 7-11 in burbank is know a quik-e-mart like in the Simpsons, i took some pics on my cell phone and will try and post them here if anyone is interested. The slurpee machine is not a squishee machine, and they sell some products like buzz cola, and krusty o's that come out on the simpsons.

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