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  1. Yes they are but the building is not going to look like what it is know, going to make a lot of changes.
  2. Wanted to bump this up, the old joske's store in downtown san antontio which is now a dillards is going to be closed in the next few months.
  3. Larry awesome pics, UC was on the other night and was thinking about where Uncle Bob's house was at?
  4. It has to be Anne's Old Fashioned Ice Cream, one is open here in San Antonio.
  5. Funny about this place is that one summer in the early 80's we stayed there, and i totally forgot about it.
  6. We have one here in San Antonio called- Anne's Old Fashioned Ice Cream. Same concept by dipping the cone. Hope that helps.
  7. I will agree that MW was not known for their customer service, I remember around 1992 I was in college and was looking to buy a TV/VCR for my new apt. Well the saleperson was trying to sell me the most expensive TV that he had, when I said I wanted something a little less expensive the saleman says well don't blame me when your TV dies on you in a couple of years. Well 15 years later and that Admiral TV is setting in my spare bedroom.
  8. I had seen that building so many times and never thought it was that hotel, it amazing how that has been vacant for so long and no movement.
  9. I passed by the Sears on Saturday afternoon and was amazed by the homeless people on Main St, I wanted to get off and look but my wife was very much aganist it. But hopefully on my next trip I can check out the inside.
  10. After doing some exploring in Houston over the weekend the miniature golf course subdude talked about was located where the residence inn is now located. I would say it closed sometime in the late 70's.
  11. Just got in from Houston and walked around the building and was amazed that it has sat empty for so long, glad something is being worked out on it.
  12. I miss the icee and popcorn, will check out the Sears tomorrow and let you all know how it looks.
  13. I am going to Houston tomorrow and spending the day, will take this drive and see how things have changed.
  14. There are a few hamburger places on IH 10 when you come in from San Antonio, they seem to be older places. My question is if they are good?
  15. Is this sears still open?
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