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  1. http://local.live.com/default.aspx?v=2&amp...ted%20States___ this is a better view of the speedway today
  2. that is pretty neat to see terry labonte shown driving there..... was 1977 the last year it was open ?
  3. oh nice!!!!!!!! so pretty much of the contours of the track is still there........ i am from MA and most likely of all the tracks that closed in the last 30 years<5 of them> either a building or a amusement ride<1 track only> has taken its place....... thank you very much for those pics too!!!!! scott harvick2win@yahoo.com
  4. http://terraserver.microsoft.com/image.asp...ALat=29.6251737 hey there guys, my name is scott and i was looking for info on meyers speedway..... i was looking for south main and this is what i got for you guys, i hope this helps scott harvick2win@yahoo.com
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