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  1. Who Killed the Electric Car 3 pm Lone Star College-North Harris Free and open to the community
  2. "Latino Legacy: Creating Connections between Latino Communities, Natural Resources and Public Lands" Guest Speaker: Raul Molina Stephen. F. Austin State University Student Center 204 Lunch Provided - Free Part of Lone Star College-North Harris' Earth Week Activities Directions and Maps Information on Lone Star College-North Harris
  3. "Power of Family" Noon - 12:30 Lone Star College-North Harris 2700 W.W. Thorne Drive Houston, Texas 77073
  4. Thursday, April 10 1:15p - 2:45p Lone Star College-North Harris Free
  5. COME LEARN THE FACTS Tues. Apr. 8, 2008 2:30 pm Lone Star College-North Harris Student Center 204 Speaker form AIDS Foundation Houston Sponsored by G.L.O.S.S.
  6. 2:00PM Great teachers are like great coaches: the kids emerge from their classrooms as winners in school, at work, and in life. Whether you want to teach in elementary, high school, or college, join us for a look at you future as a teacher. Presenter: Judy Mills For More Information Call: 281-618-5481 Location: Lone Star College-North Harris 2700 WW Thorne Drive, ACAD 104A Houston, Texas 77073
  7. Any relationship and any area of life that isn
  8. Spring Fun Run Lone Star College-North Harris Community Invited (T-shirts)
  9. Civil War: Learn about Texas in the war for Southern independence. Hear about other names for the Civil War. Discover some of the
  10. Learn a stylish form of cursive you can use for journaling, recipes, notes, or any written words you wish to preserve in a manner more pleasing for you and others to read. Instructor, Mary Lee Heald has been a member of the Houston Calligraphy Guild for 13 years. She now serves as Workshop Chair arranging for nationally prominent members of the Lettering Arts Community to teach classes on varied calligraphic hands. For 8 years, she has attended 7 international calligraphy conferences in the U.S. and Canada, and participated in Literally Letters calligraphy conferences. (6 hours) Registration #75626 Bring these materials to all classes: 1. Composition Notebook with blue lines (like school children use) 2. A pen you enjoy--roller ball, ball point pen, micron, colored gel pen. Bring any one or several if you like. 3. Plain unlined computer paper (Xerox paper) 10-20 sheets 4. Pencil and ruler DAY: Wednesday Date: April 23
  11. Watch and listen to area birds on their nesting territories. Many nesting species found in Jesse Jones Nature Preserve have just returned from wintering grounds in Central and South America. The color and song or migrating and resident birds makes a spring morning extra special. The walk will include a talk on the habits and habitats of nesting birds. Bring binoculars, water and bug repellent. Wear comfortable clothing and shoes. It
  12. A behind-the-scenes tour of Mercer Arboretum and Botanical Gardens will be given by Education Director, Greg Harmison. Mercer is an oasis of serenity and natural beauty along Cypress Creek. These 300 acres of East Texas Piney Woods showcase the region
  13. Learn about viruses, how to detect and clean spyware and the problems adware causes. Also covered will be instructions on how to clean your hard drive of unwanted files, defragmenting, backup, and setting software restore points on Windows XP. Instructor: Dan Soderquist. (5 hours) Registration #75487 Days: Mondays Dates: April 14 - 21, 2008 Time: 1:30
  14. A very basic course for those who have little or no experience with a personal computer. Participants will learn terminology, develop keyboard and mouse skills, be introduced to Microsoft Windows, Word and the Internet. Instructor is Daniel Mendoza. (10 hours). Registration #75483 Days: Tuesdays and Thursdays Dates: April 1, 3, 8, 10 Time: 8 - 10:30 a.m. Room: DTEC 103 (Digital Technology Building) *** ALL is a membership community which provides free or low-cost classes and activities designed for Seniors 50+ years of age. $15 annual LSC-North Harris ALL Membership is required. Current membership is valid through August 31, 2008. You may register by: Phone 281.765.7947 (ALL Office) Fax 281.618.1186 (Secure Fax) Mail LSC-North Harris 2700 W.W. Thorne Dr., Houston, TX 77073-3499 MAPS: http://northharris.lonestar.edu/10709 Attn: ALL-CE 102 In person Continuing/Community Education Building CE102 Payment will be taken to Admissions/Business Office, Academic Bldg. Membership payment is due at time of registration. Make all checks payable to: Lone Star College-North Harris. Registration is required in advance for each course attended. ALL website: http://NorthHarris.LoneStar.edu/all
  15. Today @ 4pm Location: Lone Star College-North Harris, Academic Building 142 (Arena Theatre) Description: "This Land is Our Land" is a testament to ideas of tolerance on both sides of the fence in mainstream America that asks us all to reassess our interpretations of the First Amendment and to analyze and sometimes compromise a little on what we believe to be the "only" way to do things. Synergy 2008 Website: http://synergy.lonestar.edu Directions & Map: http://northharris.lonestar.edu/10709
  16. Today @ 2:30p Sponsor: Film Club Location: Lone Star College-North Harris, Student Center 204 Description: From IMDB.com
  17. Today @ 2pm Facilitators: Megan Franks, Professor of Kinesiology & Don Stanley, Professor of Psychology Location: Lone Star College-North Harris, SC 204 Description: Come to this panel discussion, with facilitators Megan Franks & Don Stanley. Find out the information that you
  18. Today @ 11am Location: Lone Star College-North Harris, Courtyard Description: Come out to the Courtyard to see art cars decorated with this year
  19. Today @ 1:30 pm Facilitator: Dr. Brian Kilpatrick Location: Lone Star College-North Harris, Student Center 204 Description: Join us for a film (30 minutes) and discussion about students at Gallaudet University, the nation
  20. Today at Noon Speaker: Feminist Poet Maria Palacios Sponsor: American Association of University Woman & Student Activities Location: Lone Star College-North Harris, Student Center 204 Description: Maria R. Palacios Empowered Latina, inspirational speaker, feminist poet, author, spoken word performer, polio survivor, activist, disability educator, workshop facilitator, professional presenter. In this session, Palacios will focus on Celebrating Women
  21. Today at 1:00 pm Location: Lone Star College-North Harris Fine Arts Lobby Description: Artist Statement:
  22. SYNERGY Kickoff: First Amendment Freedoms and Social Change Keynote Speaker: Bryan Barrows Location: Courtyard by the Lone Star College-North Harris Performing Arts Theater Description: Our keynote address,
  23. Jazz Masterclass, with Chris Vadala @ Lone Star College-North Harris Today @ 5:00 pm Description: A free masterclass, where Mr. Vadala will discuss the role of pre-jazz, jazz and jazz musicians as they relate to the evolution of African-American freedom in the United States. Synergy 2008 Website: http://synergy.lonestar.edu Directions & Map: http://northharris.lonestar.edu/10709
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