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  1. Look at my profile for my groups and fan pages. Btw, why so secret on facebook. If you don't want people to see you, fix your privacy settings instead of deactivating you account all the time.


    Yeah, you can find the HAIF page on our accounts. It should be somewhere on the side under groups or pages we belong to.

  2. I believe it's called "HoustonWiFi." All of that kind of information is on the Houston WiFi website. The Chronicle can't do everything for you... ;)

    No, you're right. However ... I do not go downtown often and when I was down there for jury duty there are tons of WiFi networks. It would be nice if the Chronicle (whos' article I read) had listed that. Why should I search it out, if I am already reading the NEWS article about it?

  3. Kroger only because it is 2 blocks away, I can walk to it if necessary, and it is open 24/7. I am not that fond of it otherwise.

    Every now and again when I goto mom's and need to pick up something for Sunday dinner I will stop at Randalls in Midtown.

  4. Fastfood with chemical enhancers, hyper hydrogenated and poly saturated fats and trans fats have basically changed the chemical make ups in our bodies in the last 30 years and weakened our immune systems. There are additives in EVERYTHING we eat. I am sure there are things (chemicals) that have seeped into our drinking water, and though the levels are so minute that they won't kill you, they have to do SOMETHING to our bodies, because they aren't naturally supposed to be there. I would take an open wound on my body VERY seriously, and would make every effort to heal it as fast as possible.


  5. Pappadeaux is disgusting and overpriced.
    Overpriced, yes. Disgusting... I wouldn't characterize it as that.
    CDeb is a coon-arse, No? An U LaLa grad?Where is good cajun in Houston? I want some!
    I enjoyed Bayou City Seafood N Pasta on Richmond.
  6. I am closing on a house there in October, but noticed that there are a few new listings. As I understand it there are three different neighborhoods, not sure of the differences. There is the part north of Tidwell, and then two neighborhoods south of Tidwell, one north of the bayou/ditch, the others south of it.

  7. i tend to use feeds in thunderbird, cause i can check my mail and my news feeds all in one place. ones that i really like:

    bbc technology


    christian science monitor (they keep it real)


    cnn money (not that i have ANY money to manage, but i still like to know what's going on in the business world)


    HAIF (of course)


    houston chronicle (or as it's known now ... chron.com)


    macnn.com (macintosh news and info)


    national geographic


    wired news (tech with flare)


  8. Especially in these times, when any place that grows hair is considered fair game for the razor.

    Tell the management that you want 3-way mirrors installed, because you're having trouble shaving your back. Perhaps that will prompt them into establishing some sort of policy on this matter.

    well, i kinda think God put my hair in certain places for a reason. buy when i do decide to trim/shave my 'delicates', i am certainly not gonna do it in the gym lockerroom bathroom.

  9. here's another one i just thought of:

    people that SHAVE in the gym!

    they stand at the sinks and shave as if they're at home

    i am not a prude or anything, but i do not want to use the sinks where skin, blood, hair, and lawd knows what else may have contaminated the place.


  10. I don't like the colors or the removal of most news from the front page. I do like the new layout (the physical way it's laid out) and the navigation using drop-down menus. There were sections on the old site you could not get to (such as opinion) from within the news articles. I also like the fact that they aren't requiring registration for most parts of the site now.

    By the way, if you just redirect your Chronicle bookmark from www.chron.com to www.chron.com/news you'll get the listing of all the headlines, similar to the old site.

    ok, just checked out the news page and it is a lot better. maybe i will make that my bookmark instead.

  11. Kind of cheap-looking isn't it? Red..orange..blue..I think they were inspired by the Astros old rainbow uniforms! :D

    Their server is pretty slow.

    my problem is not so much the ugly colors (i will probably get used to that) but that it seems to be even LESS focused on real news than before --which isn't saying a whole lot.

  12. Great. I just got used to the other format. At first glance, it looks like less news on the front page and more fluff. Is that what readers want...more fluff? You're right, the color combo assaults the eyes.

    I'll complain more once I get to look through it.

    it really does look like a lot less news. almost like they were going for a blog look or something... i guess you just have to hunt deeper down for it.

  13. I was on at about 2am .............. I don't sleep much these days, the heroin just keeps me up. I guess I picked the wrong week to quit sniffing glue ? But I digress, I was on, lurking around at 2am or so.

    it just depends on what i am doing and how much is on television. lately i have not really been on here even during daytime hours.

    ...guess employment has a way of taking up a lot of free time.

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