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  1. Pardon if this has been addressed here but what about the idea of having an Uptown station and a Downtown station (barring cost factor), where the rail is submerged into a tunnel to downtown near the Uptown station. Passengers have a choice of either destinations, Downtown Houston to/from Dallas and Uptown Houston to/from Dallas.
  2. I've been browsing this forum for years and found that this site is very informative as well entertaining. I've always been interested in architecture, development, real estate, etc. but my career path (software development) has never venture towards that direction. What type of business can one should start up that has these interests in mine. Thanks for any advise.
  3. I think the poster is getting the 10 million figure from the East End street car presentation. It's not from Metro. I know I have seen that figure somewhere in the report.
  4. I think that the downtown post office property is ripe for any type of tower, needle, etc. I also think that if Houston was to incorporate any street car transportation the PO property would be perfect hub for connections as well (not for maintainence) just a hub however I will save that for another thread.
  5. I'm sorry, thought I answered your question with .... The working sibling would like to continue making payments on the existing mortgage that was in his mothers name....so I guess neither owns the house and the answers you all have provided, unfortunately sounds like this is going to end badly. However thanks for the help.
  6. Well maybe inherited is the wrong word. The working sibling would like to continue making payments on the existing mortgage that was in his mothers name and lived there, I recently found out. However the non-working sibling moved in after the mother's death and is unwilling to leave. "convey sole ownership to the non-working sibling", that sounds like handing the property over to the non-working sibling and letting the property go to waste and inevitably foreclosure. Did I understand you correctly?
  7. Hello All I have relatives that have inherited their mothers home due to her passing away. One of the siblings have the money and wants to repair and renovate. He has not decided if he wants to rent it or reside and take on the responsibility of continuing the mortgage payments after repairs until its paid off. However he has a small problem with the other sibling. The other sibling has occupied the house and unwilling to leave, but is unable to pay the monthly note. The sibling that is able to make the payments is not wanting to provide a place for his non-working sibling and wants the other sibling out. They received the first non-payment notice or foreclosure notice, not sure exactly, however is there anything that can be done by the able sibling to get the other sibling out of the home to move forward with payments and repairs? Thanks in advance.
  8. I agree that Navigation is wider and offer a lot of opportunities also I have not been down Canal Street in years but I do recall the street possess a lot of character thus has potential as well. I would think that Polk and Leeland are very close on potential. However, the other streets offer so much more I can see where you are coming from. I was really trying to tie UH and kicking its commuter reputation in this somehow. Back to my original idea, I really like the skate park idea. I also was thinking that an amphitheatre would be good also. The open air venue could be added to the park to host free Dynamo pre-game pep rallies, some live performances be it music or fine art and other events.
  9. Yea I was thinking more like east rather than south also, in particular along Leeland Avenue. I was thinking the combination of high density apartments and UH finally kicking it's commuter reputation that Leeland Ave. could be an economical Washington Ave type strip. Just dreamscaping. However I too think the skate park would be a better option for the area, not sure about it's redundancy. By the way, the area seems to scream for large sidewalks and some front end parking for whatever is planned.
  10. …or whatever they are calling now. With the majority of development occurring on the west side of the city these days, the news of the Dynamo breaking ground on their new stadium (on the east side of downtown) was a wonderful delight. I would hope that the new stadium along with its proposed six block promenade entrance will spur more development in the area and hopefully beyond towards the University of Houston. I was thinking that the area could use another anchor towards the south. An entertainment venue, perhaps an extreme sports or X games Theme Park may be an idea or another skate park to lesser extent. I think they both would be excellent additions to the area. I think which ever park could be positioned between Leeland and Bell, just south of the proposed promenade. Also, I may be Johnny come lately but East Downtown and the surrounding area has lots of obscure concert venues and the theme park seems to fit well with the area. I would like to hear other ideas for the area or about the chances of new development in the area? Thanks, just curious.
  11. Looks like UH is closing on the property across Spur 5 soon. So that's approximately 70 more acres to add to the 593. Also Dr. Khator has big plans for the new acquisition. http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=20602099&sid=arwz0pgUIgbw Great news.
  12. Seems like the Aggie governor issues other favors as well.... http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/business/steffy/6524624.html
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