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  1. The Grand Parkway Segment B is routed along the Alvin bypass. Presumably the Alvin Freeway, if it were ever to be built, would just merge and dead-end into Grand Parkway immediately north of the town. If these roads are built that will become a high-growth section of the metro area.
  2. My guess is that Leon's Lounge etc remain in place, and the build-out just covers the current parking lot behind these structures. The block on the far right in the diagram is slightly smaller than the two on the left, while the actual Dennis-Main-McGowan block is wider than the blocks immediately south, so there is room.
  3. A new book of short stories in and about Houston. I haven't read it yet, but it has received great reviews. Anyone read it? https://aux.avclub.com/bryan-washington-s-stellar-debut-lot-puts-houston-on-1833219706
  4. No, but I've always wondered about that place. It has that mid-century turquoise thing going.
  5. Thanks. It's seems a lot faster now.
  6. I'm holding out hope. The look they are shooting for seems similar to Union Station / Minute Maid Park.
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    Car Talk

    Agreed. The black cladding on the rocker panels has the dual effect of making the body seem less tall, while also appearing to sit higher off the ground. I don't hate it exactly, but it does come off as a bit awkward.
  8. I remember the Cattle Guard well. It was at 2800 Milam. The place was extremely popular for a short time in the time frame you mention.
  9. Note duplicate topics merged. Carry on.
  10. I'm not 100% sure, but I think my first was in the tunnels near One Shell. It seems like the one on West Gray at Shepherd was there pretty early on.
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    201 Fannin

    Note dupe topics merged
  12. Cool video. The place was well-known, although I probably could never have afforded to eat there.
  13. Yes, apologies for not always being able to keep up with the spam flood. A couple of settings have been tightened up, and if it continues will be tightened up more.
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