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  1. I wonder if the neighbors will complain again. It does seem out of scale for the neighborhood.
  2. Thanks for this. People don't seem to realize that flooding is a feature, not a bug. As was pointed out upthread, flooding in a freeway is water that isn't in someone's house.
  3. I'm thrilled to see this progress, but astounded that it will take until the end of 2027.
  4. I think that Samsung is basically asking for not just a tax break, but to have all local taxes rescinded.
  5. So am I really. The design references the international style buildings on the University of St Thomas campus.
  6. What on earth are "curated" condos? What does that even mean? And how can it be "iconic" before it is even built? More than the usual amount of marketing blather here. Surprised it's not "artisanal".
  7. At the end of the day I just don't think the Dome would ever be successful for "mixed use". I'm not aware of any stadium that has been successfully retrofitted that way. I would leave the frame and let it serve as a picnic or park area.
  8. #15 on University Blvd was in business until the very end of Weingartens.
  9. I suspect Postmodernism is stuck in that uncomfortable place - too old to be stylish, yet too new to seem quaint and charming. Probably in a few years it will begin to start to be appreciated more.
  10. In the pictures it does look tacked on, like it was found somewhere else and just shoved up against the Chase Tower.
  11. There was briefly rail service from the downtown Amtrak station to Galveston in the 1990s. Unfortunately, it seems that demand wasn't there since it didn't last too long.
  12. It's interesting. Low ceiling heights have also been given as an explanation for why the old Holiday/Days Inn could not be renovated, and the Sheraton-Lincoln before that. It must be that people in the 1960s were tiny, compared to the giants that walk among us today.
  13. Wow. This brings back a lot of memories. Some of us are still hanging around from HAIF v1, before the great hack brought that down. That was a sad day. Wayne, thanks for all your support on HAIF over the years.
  14. It was a pretty major redo that supposedly would make it better for gatherings, but it was poorly reviewed from the start.
  15. I think they got as close as possible to the original interior, bypassing some unfortunate 1960s redos.
  16. Let's be careful on using terms like "racist". That is going to start fights pretty quickly. Thanks.
  17. The rumored Texas finalist for the gigafactory site is in Taylor, a bit northeast of Austin. Of course it's just rumor at this point. I'm sure Tesla is busy trying to mooch out a good deal from the state.
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