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  1. Thanks for posting that. An odd coincidence: I just saw a reference to that song this morning and meant to listen to it.
  2. I've seen that crosswalk packed at times, especially since a lot of people use Dillard's parking. Abandoning it seems like a bum move to me.
  3. Yes, I think pro teams increasingly try to bundle mixed-use projects in with new stadium developments. It's another source of revenue for them.
  4. I tried sending you a message but it said you were unable to receive messages.
  5. Other than the same physical location, I'm not sure I see the connection. The earlier thread was about the HPD storefront closing; this is about a new development properly in "Going Up".
  6. I'm all for historic preservation, but the old post office hardly strikes me as architecturally or historically significant.
  7. That would make sense. Unfortunately there are some pretty wealthy NIMBY's in the neighborhood.
  8. I wrote this before I noticed the caption. Doh!
  9. For ease of reference, I think it makes sense to keep it as Capitol Tower, at least for the time being. My guess is that most people still think of Bank of America Tower as the structure at 700 Louisiana, and in fact googling the term mainly brings up references to the older building. The new structure is still probably thought of as Capitol Tower by most people.
  10. Nice picture. I'm guessing about 1963-64. The Tenneco Building (1963) looks complete, but 806 Main (JW Marriott) doesn't appear to have received its facade slipcover yet.
  11. From Paper City: The City Government's Remarkable Feat Defies the Odds With Ambitious Climate Action Plan
  12. From the NY Times: Storms and development have taken their toll on the midcentury architecture of the space race.
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