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  1. Grocers Supply Co. - 3131 Holcombe Blvd

    Note duplicate topics merged.
  2. There is still one on San Felipe, and the po-boys are the same as ever, but I would agree it is just a sandwich shop and not like the original. Wasn't the original location on Taft near Allen Parkway? They had all kinds of stuff there.
  3. Help Identify this Drive-In

    I think this was discussed once and posters tracked it down to the Prince's Hamburgers on North Main.
  4. Defunct Houston Restaurants

    We used to go to that location a lot. I still remember that my go-to order there was the Jalapeno Burger.
  5. How was HAIF started?

    Started I believe in 2002 by Wayne L. Most of the initial posters came from places like
  6. TMC|3, Texas Medical Center Research Campus

    Looks like lots of room for potential future build-outs.
  7. Hampton Heights: New Condo Building @1800 W. 15th

    I kind of like it. It reminds me of a roll of Life Savers, and at least it isn't beige.
  8. 2200 Main St & 2211 Travis St

  9. New Park for the Southern Area of Downtown

    Duplicate topics merged. Carry on.
  10. Amazon HQ2

    Rein it in. If you want to talk politics that's fine, just do it in the appropriate forum. Keep it on topic here please.
  11. Note 3600 Main topics merged.
  12. Buffalo Bayou Master Plan

    Remember the North Canal project? It's still included in the new master plan. If I'm not mistaken the North Canal was first proposed for flood control in the 1930s. You have to wonder what it would take to ever get it going.
  13. MetroNational Luxe Apartments on Barryknoll

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