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  1. It's like Where's Waldo - The Skyscraper Edition. Just keep hiding BoSW tower in different locations.
  2. My concern is that misguided modernizations are almost always regretted in retrospect. A perfect example is the "modernization" of buildings on Main Street during the 1960s. Plenty of buildings had new "modern' facades slapped on them - in some cases mainly at street level, and in other instances (Lamar Hotel, West Building, 806 Main) entirely new facades. Without exception the results were horrendous. Just about every one of them has been demolished, whereas if they had kept the original character (Rice Hotel) I think the odds would have been better that they would have survived. The Houston Center redevelopment design strikes me as looking just as slapped-on, and I'd wager that sometime in the near future people will be saying "What were they thinking?".
  3. I hate to quibble, but quibble I must. Had the BoSW Tower been built, it would have been on the block directly behind One Shell, to the south of Two Shell. Otherwise, cool photoshops.
  4. I appreciate what they are trying to do. Four Houston Center has always been fortress-like from the street, in line with the original vision for the complex, so opening it up to the street makes sense. That said, the renovations are so unconnected in style with the original structure that they seem like they were just tacked on the facade. Instead of just trying to look generically modern, I would have made more of an effort to integrate with the building. At a minimum, matching the brick facing would have not made it look like so much of an afterthought.
  5. Agreed. I never had a problem with the existing look of the complex, so I was dubious of the value of trying to update it.
  6. Subdude

    Car Talk

    Put that head-to-head with the Cybertruck.
  7. So if estimated downtown damage from the Harvey flood was $100m, at an estimated cost of $131m it wouldn't take that many potential downtown floods for the North Canal to pay for itself. It is unfortunate the project has been kicked around for so many years.
  8. At one point this block was targeted for hotel. I guess there's more demand for parking. Changed topic title accordingly.
  9. Note duplicate topics for this location merged. I'm leaving the thread title as is since the point is that the property is for sale, not that there currently happens to be a hotel there. Carry on.
  10. Ah, but this is an "RV Resort", so I'm sure it will be appropriately swanky.
  11. Given the time frame I'm guessing Winterland. Here's a topic with a picture. Ring any bells?
  12. OK, gave it a boring ol' address title.
  13. I didn't think the restaurant was particularly good, but I hope the building can be re-purposed. Unfortunately old theaters are hard to remodel to other uses. Bookstop was certainly one of the best theater remodelings.
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