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  1. My guess is that Leon's Lounge etc remain in place, and the build-out just covers the current parking lot behind these structures. The block on the far right in the diagram is slightly smaller than the two on the left, while the actual Dennis-Main-McGowan block is wider than the blocks immediately south, so there is room.
  2. A new book of short stories in and about Houston. I haven't read it yet, but it has received great reviews. Anyone read it? https://aux.avclub.com/bryan-washington-s-stellar-debut-lot-puts-houston-on-1833219706
  3. Years ago, Declan started out at Kenneallys.
  4. No, but I've always wondered about that place. It has that mid-century turquoise thing going.
  5. I hope they replace the cladding on the side. The old granite/marble had been falling off.
  6. Thanks. It's seems a lot faster now.
  7. It would be nice if they could have more of an MCM theme in the decoration, like Le Meridien downtown. Still, I love this building and glad to see it get a new use.
  8. I'm holding out hope. The look they are shooting for seems similar to Union Station / Minute Maid Park.
  9. Subdude

    Car Talk

    Agreed. The black cladding on the rocker panels has the dual effect of making the body seem less tall, while also appearing to sit higher off the ground. I don't hate it exactly, but it does come off as a bit awkward.
  10. Subdude

    Car Talk

    Has anyone seen the 2008 Honda Accord? In pictures it comes off as kind of ugly and loaded with styling cliches. Why have they turned the Accord into such a boat? I guess it is the first law of car manufacturing that for some reason, each generation needs to be bigger than the last.
  11. ------------------- This message has been edited to remove copyrighted material. Please do not post copyrighted photos or articles from newspapers or magazines. We have already received a warning from the Houston Chronicle, and the legal departments of other publications have visited the site. If you would like to discuss a published article, please summarize the article and provide a link to the original source. -------------------
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