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  1. Topic closed, and it should be obvious why.
  2. OK, gave it a boring ol' address title.
  3. I didn't think the restaurant was particularly good, but I hope the building can be re-purposed. Unfortunately old theaters are hard to remodel to other uses. Bookstop was certainly one of the best theater remodelings.
  4. Note that posts used for personal insults will be removed.
  5. The LBJ statue placement comes off as pretty awkward, but I supposed it's an improvement over what's there now.
  6. Before this thread leads to violence, closed.
  7. If that design were built from scratch I wouldn't mind it, but knowing that there's a beautiful structure that lies beneath, I could never warm up to it.
  8. Nothing but. Place looks kind of dire.
  9. Yes, the Buffalo Bayou plan renderings were amazingly optimistic. I don't think many people are going to want new apartments next to the jails. The obvious name for the new island will be "Alcatraz".
  10. I remember reading that the canal project was initially proposed in the 1930s. So there's progress.
  11. Deleted a sidebar conversation. As long as posts are on-topic and don't violate HAIF rules, we've never told members not to post unless they have new information, and we're not planning to start. Likewise, there's no policy about excessive gifs, but recognize that some people find them annoying so I wouldn't overdo it with them.
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